Thursday, June 22, 2017

2017 NBA Draft

I've spoken, in the past, about how much I enjoy the draft and seeing all the new names of players who will hopefully soon enter my collection. This draft was kind of unusual in that there was only a couple of players from the first round who was not from the USA or considered a USA player by attending college here. Last year saw a record number of international players, this year was the least I've seen in many years.

The top few picks were not a surprise...the one surprise I found was Malik Monk slipping to 11th, I had him pegged at 7th through 9th. The biggest surprise is the Jimmy Butler to Minnesota trade.

I don't have too much to say yet, but I will say the 2017-18 NBA season officially started today and that is a great thing...July 7th in Summer League and I will be watching most of that...if I am awake, it will be on, essentially.

Mostly I just want to get the screencap of the Excel chart I made posted up. I'll return to this post at the conclusion of the coming season and see how many of these players make it into my collection....although I probably won't post about it, just for my own personal enjoyment.
Tyler Lydon, who went 24th, is the first player from my home county to be drafted since 1971, so I'll definitely be looking to add cards of him to my collection. He was drafted by the Jazz and traded to the Nuggets tonight.

To keep this somewhat card related, I got a trade in from the Trading Card Database today that completed 1989-90 Hoops for me, I believe. I'll research it more and post a scan in my pending June trade recap. It's been a long road as 1989-90 Hoops was one of the first sets I added to my NBA collection when I discovered the sport in 1996.

Looking at the chart I see that I made at least one spelling some point I will probably transcribe it to paper and store it in my card collecting issue.

Here's a random scan of an NBA card just because I have not posted any in a while. I did happen to scan this one while watching the draft.
1992-93 Upper Deck #107. This was before he switched to Clifford due to confusion with the older player who was also known as Cliff. I just noticed that there is red stains on the jersey...quite probably blood. Nowadays they would make him change it, but back then I think they were a little more lax in jersey regulations.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

And the Vegas Golden Knights are...

I just finished watching the expansion draft for the new Vegas Golden Knights. While the Rangers took the lead as my favorite team, I will forever be indebted to the Golden Knights, because they got me into hockey, which is now a major part of every single day of my life.

On November 22nd, the Golden Knights announced their logo and I wanted to see what it was after the thread talking about it on the Trading Card Database. I tuned into NHL Network and left it took only moments for me to become hooked. Now the NHL is something that has already become part of me, part of my life.

Tonight we learned who would make up the team, and I took notes in Excel as it went along.
Several of the players came out on stage and I thought to take a screencap of Jason Garrison, the second to come on stage (Brayden McNabb was first but I didn't think to screencap). The new uniforms were introduced yesterday, they will be the only team wearing gray.

Now, the wait is on to find out what card will be my first from the Golden Knights. I took my first Bobcats card and, once I had a duplicate, put that first into a toploader (something I usually only use for mailing) and wrote in sharpie on the toploader that it was my first Bobcats card and the date and location I added it from.  I don't get as many cards as I did back then so I doubt I will get a duplicate of my first Golden Knights card, but you can bet I will make a blog post about it, something I was not even aware existed in 2004.

Despite being a sports fan for many years, this is only the second expansion draft I've experienced, after the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats in 2004. (I kept track of the players on paper for that one, a note I just found recently). I like the way the NHL did it, mandating one person from each team. It seems more fair that way. Hopefully the NBA will expand in the near future. I expect another NHL team in the next couple of years as well. I suspect if the Golden Knights are a success the NBA and other leagues will want to move into Vegas before too long. I hope it happens. I want more teams to collect!

I'm definitely going to make the effort to collect the team set of Golden Knights cards from the flagship Upper Deck set in 2017-18. Hopefully I'll be able to pull most of them. Realistically I know I can't because I don't buy enough cards anymore...but I can still hope!

I'm excited for the new season already...October 4th is the start date I believe. July, August and September are always tough months to get through with only NASCAR, but it won't stop me from posting.

Sorry for the lack of cards in this post, but the Golden Knights don't have any yet...

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Blog Bat-A-Round: Player Collecting

Two blog bat-a-rounds in one year...I think that's the most I've seen in my (relatively) short time blogging. This one was posed by P-Town Tom and asks why we collect certain players. I have a hard time answering that, because collecting only one player seems totally bizarre and wrong to me. I've never been one to "focus"...why limit myself, why deny possible enjoyment just because it doesn't fit a "focus"?

So...the reason I collect specific players is because they played in the NBA. Or drove/crewed/owned in NASCAR. Or competed in the Olympics. Now I've added NHL to that.

Everyone...everyone who ever participated in the history of the sports I collect is my player collection. 

Do I have favorites? Yes, of course. But I still collect cards of people I can't stand. I can't tell the history of the sport without them.

It wasn't until recently- late 2015 I think, not totally sure when but after I started Cardboard History- that I conceived the idea to have everyone who ever got an NBA or NASCAR card into my collection. Until the days of the internet I had no real way to know exactly who had cards. Now, with the Trading Card Database, it's easier to find out, and I did...I went through and clicked on every single name that did not appear in my collection. (it took several days). I know it's not perfect- some people didn't have listings yet, some people I marked as missing when I had them and present when they were missing, (I am only human, after all) and some have been added as I have expanded my scope of what counts as a card in my collection, but it's a very good baseline and gives me something to strive for.

Here's a little secret...I've begun collecting images of players who never got cards and plan to make my own...which I will count as part of my collection when/if I ever get them made physically. I don't really have the skills/knowledge of how to do that yet but I will either learn or bring in help.
When I run out of cards of different people to chase, or at least get to the point where I can't find/afford the cards of the people still missing, that will be my next project.

Of course, now that I've added the NHL to my collection, I have 100 years worth of players to chase! That's going to be a project that probably will keep me busy for many years. After all, I've been collecting the NBA for more than 20 years and the list of people missing is still about 400 people long.

Back to my favorites- everybody knows Elton Brand is my all-time favorite NBA player at this point. I began following him when he was in high school and originally began to track him due to the fact that he was local. (My family is from Peekskill, as is he). But he became my all-time favorite because of who he is. Just an all-around good person, one you could point to and tell your kids "this is a good role model, be like him". (Not that I have kids)
Other favorite players, off the top of my head, in somewhat chronological order of them being favorites: Muggsy Bogues, Rik Smits, John Stockton, Karl Malone, John Wallace, Kendall Gill, Tim Duncan, Kenyon Martin, Jason Kidd, pretty much the entire 2002-03 rookie class,(that season is important to me) Klay Thompson, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, Brook Lopez...I know I'm forgetting people but I'm half asleep typing this and planning to schedule it for later. The number of players I dislike in NBA history under 25, although there are a lot of players I never got to see play or died before I was born that I never got to "know" so I suppose it could be more. But I tend to like everybody unless they give me a reason not to.

for NASCAR my all-time favorite is Dale Earnhardt Jr. Unlike most people I didn't jump on his bandwagon when his father was killed, I was a fan of his since 1994 and was not an active fan of his father, although once he was gone I realized that I missed his presence in the sport and I was indeed a fan. Dale Jr. just has a great personality, we like most of the same things although you could not pay me to eat a banana and mayonnaise sandwich, our favorite number is even the same...mine since before I even knew what NASCAR was, #8. We both like plastic models, we both love NASCAR history, we've both had a history of concussion, heck, we both even like blondes. We're pretty much what could describe as kindred spirits, I suppose.

Other favorites: Ernie Irvan, Rick Mast, Ted Musgrave, Jerry Nadeau, Martin Truex Jr. Darrell Wallace Jr.
I have to mention Wendell Scott here as well, even though I never got to see him race. I learned about what he accomplished, and what he went through to accomplish that, and it's inspiring. One of the greatest things I've ever done was create the Facebook group that led the charge that got him into the NASCAR hall of Fame...and also got me connected to his children Wendell Jr. and Sybil and grandson Warrick. I have not accomplished a lot of note in my life, but that...that is something I'm extremely proud of.

For the NHL, it's hard to say. I'm still so new to it. I heard them say on NHL Tonight last night that it was November 22nd, 2016 when the Golden Knights announced their logo, and that is the day I truly became an NHL fan...not even 7 months yet. But it's already become something that is present in every single day of my life, and will be, for the rest of my life. Honestly, it's moved past NASCAR for my #2 sport which seems hard to believe, but NASCAR has regulated itself into nearly irrelevance. I found that I ended up watching more NHL than NBA as the season wore on and that caused quite a lot of internal conflict...I felt guilty watching one over the other, regardless of what I chose to watch, and that is going to be a troublesome quandary for quite a long time, I suppose.
I'm still learning about all the players but Henrik Lundqvist has taken an early lead as favorite. The stoic earnestness just won me over, I suppose.

Other early favorites include Brent Burns, P.K. Subban, Jarome Iginla and Jaromir Jagr, (I get a kick out of the fact that he began playing the year I entered kindergarten and is still going all these years later). Unfortunately for me with the exception of P.K. and possibly Brent the others are all nearing the end of their careers, just as I'm beginning mine.

As I watch and learn more about the NHL, I'm sure I'll figure out more favorites. 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Lions, Tigers and Bears, and Pants, Oh My!

Something that every sports fan knows about is their team's names. But did you ever stop to think about what the teams are named after? I did. For this survey, I am using former names of teams still in existence only if the name changed. For example, the Hawks are counted only once even though they were in four different cities over the years, they were always the Hawks. However, the Kings Franchise has been in 4 cities and used two names, Kings and Royals, the most recent of each is counted.

The NBA, which is what I know best, has 30 current teams and several former teams/names, so I will start with them:

Animals: Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, Chicago Bulls, Memphis Grizzlies, Milwaukee Bucks, Minnesota Timberwolves, New Orelans Pelicans, Toronto Raptors, Chicago Stags, Charlotte Bobcats,

Peoples: Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings, Sheboygan Redskins, Buffalo Braves, Indianapolis Olympians, Cincinnati Royals,

Vehicles: Detroit Pistons, Houston Rockets, Indiana Pacers, Los Angeles Clippers,  Providence Steamrollers, Indianapolis Jets, Washington Bullets, Seattle SuperSonics, St. Louis Bombers.

Pants: New York Knicks

Sporting Equipment: Brooklyn Nets,

Weather: Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder, Phoenix Suns,  Chicago Zephyrs,

Abstract (Everything Else): Dallas Mavericks, Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic, Philadelphia 76ers, Portland Trailblazers, San Antonio Spurs, Utah Jazz, Washington Wizards, Chicago Packers, Syracuse Nationals,

So the totals come up to:
Animals 10
Peoples 9
Vehicles 9
Sporting Equipment 1
Weather 4
Abstract: 11
Pants: 1

Now, to the NHL, with 30 teams...until October.

Animals: Anaheim Ducks/Mighty Ducks, Arizona Coyotes, Boston Bruins, Florida Panthers, Nashville Predators, Pittsburgh Penguins, San Jose Sharks, Atlanta Thrashers, California Golden Seals, Detroit Cougars, Detroit Falcons, Hamilton Tigers, Hartford Whalers, St. Louis Eagles, Quebec Bulldogs,

Peoples: Chicago Blackhawks, Los Angeles Kings, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators, Brooklyn Americans, Cleveland Barons, Pittsburgh Pirates,

Vehicles: Winnipeg Jets,

Weather: Carolina Hurricanes, Tampa Bay Lignting, Colorado Avalanche

Abstract: Buffalo Sabres, Calgary Flames, Columbus Blue Jackets, Dallas Stars, Detroit Red Wings, Edmonton Oilers, Minnesota Wild, New Jersey Devils, New York Islanders, New York Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers, St. Louis Blues, Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, Washington Capitals, Colorado Rockies, Kansas City Scouts, Montreal Maroons, Montreal Wanderers, Quebec Nordiques, Toronto Arenas, Toronto St. Patricks,

NHL's totals being:
Animals 15
Peoples 7
Vehicles 1
Weather 3
Abstract 22

Now, on the MLB, which also has 30 active teams.

Animals: Arizona Diamondbacks, Baltimore Orioles, Chicago Cubs, Detroit Tigers, Miami Marlins, St. Louis Cardinals, Tampa Bay Rays, Toronto Blue Jays, Boston Bees, Brooklyn Robins, Cleveland Spiders,

Peoples: Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Royals, Los Angeles Dodgers, Milwaukee Brewers, New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Pirates, San Diego Padres, Texas Rangers, Boston Americans, Boston Beaneaters, Boston Pilgrims, Brooklyn Grooms, Louisville Colonels, Seattle Pilots, Washington Senators

Abstract: Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox, Cincinnati Reds, Colorado Rockies, Houston Astros, Los Angels Angels, Minnesota Twins, New York Mets, Oakland Athletics, Philadelphia Phillies, San Francisco Giants, Seattle Mariners, Washington Nationals, Boston Rustlers, Brooklyn Superbas, Cleveland Blues, Cleveland Naps,  Houston Colt .45's, Indianpolis Hoosiers, Montreal Expos,New York Highlanders, St. Louis Browns,

Only three categories here.
Animals 11
Peoples 16
Abstract 22

Finally, we move to the NFL, the league I know the least about, but has the most active teams, 32.

Animals: Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, Los Angeles Rams, Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, San Diego Chargers, Seattle Seahawks, Canton Bulldogs,

Peoples: Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs, Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Washington Redskins, Boston Yanks, Brooklyn Dodgers,

Abstract: Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers,  Tennessee Titans, Houston Oilers, Pottsville Maroons,

Vehicles: New York Jets

Animals: 16
Peoples: 12
Abstract 8
Vehicles 1

I took a look at the MLS soccer teams but I can't quite figure them out so I didn't include them. NASCAR teams are a little different in that they are usually named after the person who started them, although animal themed teams do exist there, too- Red Horse Racing just closed up on this past month, in fact. But I stuck with the four leagues profiled above.

Here's a screencap of the excel chart I made up so I didn't have to do any actual math
Interestingly, the MLB's different team lead only comes out to 1, which surprises me because they have been around so long. Maybe my source (The Teams listing on the Trading Card Database) is missing some of the old ones, if they don't have any cards issued. I know there are some early NBA teams that don't have any cards. I remembered one in this list (Sheboygan) but I am probably forgetting some others.

Surprisingly, only one team is named after sports favorite team, the Nets. I didn't see that coming!

What I did suspect, though, is that the New York Knicks ARE the only team named after pants! I've always wondered about that, and now I know.

Animals didn't have as much a lead as I thought they did- although some of the Peoples listing may be a little bit of a stretch. I'm not 100% sure the origins of the team names in baseball and football, so I may have classed some of them wrong. I showed the work so if you see an error feel free to correct me in the comments.

The MLB really needs a team named the Jets! The other three leagues have, or had, one. (The NBA's Jets were a very short lived team in the early day).

At some point perhaps I will expand out this survey to include minor leagues, college teams, former leagues. I nearly included the ABA in this survey but I wanted to keep it to the top league in the sports surveyed, and the ABA had so much change and renaming it would have skewed the numbers. If I do expand it out the ABA is where I will begin though.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Vintage and Serial Numbered local additions

I don't like to do a whole lot of "Hey look at my new stuff" posts, but that's pretty much what you are going to get here...because I got to visit a local dealer that I don't see too often and got to raid his bins, naturally targeting two of my favorite things- vintage and serially numbered cards. It's so rare for me to see this dealer, I was not collecting the NHL the last time I saw him. Here are some highlights...
 My first card from the set and of Mahovlich. 1968-69 Topps.
 1974-75 Fleer Cloth Stickers. These are not too common, and all 4 in my collection have come from this dealer. How can you tell this set is from 1974-75 and not 1973-74? The Jazz were an expansion team debuting in 1974-75. The adhesive has attacked the cloth on these unfortunately, every single example I've ever seen. Each team got two stickers, a logo and a logo over a basketball.
 An SLU oddball? Yes! OK, it's not numbered or vintage, but does date from the 1989-90 season. It does have a slight bend, but for under a dollar I'm not going to complain about that.
 Again not numbered, but not a common insert. From 1995-96 Skybox, one of the first sets I got as an NBA collector and it was new, it is only the second card from this insert in my collection.
 UD Exclusives is the longest running parallel in trading card history, debuting in 1998-99 in both the NBA and NHL and continuing to this day in the NHL, and lasted I believe until the end of the UD license for the NBA in 2009-10. This is my first UD Exclusives NHL card, I have about 15 or 20 from the NBA, but I've not actually counted.
 This is SN but hard to see the number, over the word Authentic.
Green foil? SN to 99? $2? YES!

I also added 9 more of the 1973-74 Topps Sticker insert. These were apparently one per pack and although I would not classify them as "easy" to find, they are not as hard to find as most of the other 1970s inserts. In fact, I even ended up with a couple of duplicates because I didn't remember which ones I had or which ones I picked up that day- ended up buying two of the Knicks/Bulls card the same day. It's slated to go to COMC in my next shipment unless somebody wants to trade for it now. (as usual, I'll take anything offered)
I really wish they had put the team logo and team banner on the same card instead of mix-and-matching them. I have no cards in my collection for the Capital Bullets, and this one will be counted as a multi-subject card as are all in this series.
 I didn't realize this was card #1 when I got it- I knew I didn't have it, and the price was right, so I got it. I like to have #1 cards for sets, for some reason.

This is actually my first card of Tony Esposito, my third from the set.
 I wasn't sure if I needed this card or not- I thought I did, so I took the chance, and it turned out that I was correct- I did need this card! Not anymore! 
 These cards are super thick, and every base card in the set is SN999, not just the rookies. This is only my second card from the set and of Taurean Green.
My third card from the 2009-10 Topps gold parallel. The last Topps NBA set, the cards are generally out of my price range due to the presence of the Steph Curry rookie card in the set.

 My first card of both player and set. 2005-06 Hot Prospects.
My first card of Jessiman, but not of the set. This is the same set as the Emerald Bouwmeester shown above, 2011-12 Artifacts.

There is one other numbered card I have not scanned yet as it's a mirror foil card and they are best done as a page of all foil together. It's a die cut parallel of Xavier Henry. I'll get it scanned at some point.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Forceful Rangers

Back on May 5th I got a surprise package of mostly Rangers from Jedi Jeff out of the blue...I was not expecting them whatsoever! But there was a lot of great stuff in there, and now I'm going to show you some highlights.

First off, I added 22 new people to my collection, and 11 new sets! The package also brought the Rangers to within 3 cards of the lead in my collection, trailing the Tampa Bay Lightning. My friend who sent me almost 3000 cards in January 2015 is a big Lightning collector and fan and sent me his duplicates so they have been in the lead for quite some time now. Wayne Gretzky did pass Vincent Lecavalier for most cards in my NHL collection, with 32 cards. All of these stats come from the tools the Trading Card Database provides.

Ok, now some random or not so random scans.
 The 1993-94 Ultra design is great in the NBA...but the NHL version, with the gray border instead of tan, may be even nicer!

 I think this card, from 1995-96 Collector's Choice, may be my favorite image in the bunch. As someone with pretty severe OCD the fact that the sticks are lined up by style really makes me happy.
 I can't identify that logo on the uniform. It's CHL. I know that much.

 This is one of the 800 card sets I mentioned in the It Begins post.

 I had to share the back of this one...from 2008-09, it speculated that 2007-08 would be Jagr's last year. Far from it, he's still playing...he entered the NHL the year I entered kindergarten, and he's still going!
 I really like the 2009-10 UD design.
 My first card from this set, I really like it. I picked up a cheap autograph from the set on the COMC sale so it will show up again in the not too distant future.

 The first two cards I saw out of the package were the patch I showed on the day they arrived and then this one! I knew it was going to be a good package when it led off with two SN cards.
 My first card from 2012-13 Rookie Anthology.
 By 2013-14, Ultra had been relegated to an insert in Fleer Showcase. Bring back a freestanding Ultra!

 These Rainbow parallels do not scan anywhere near as nice as they look in hand. They are Upper Deck's version of a Refractor.

 The package contained cards from as far back as 1988-89...
...all the way up to 2016-17!
Thank you again Jeff, this was very, very appreciated!

Edit to add: While this is not a gift from Jeff, it did arrive the day I had scheduled this post for! My first non-card NHL memorabilia...

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Goodguys East Coast Nationals 2017

This is going to be mostly an-off topic post, but there is one card down in the post! 

You may remember from my post last September when I returned to Lake George, I love going to car be honest, I love old cars and car shows even more than I love cards. But my health causes me to miss almost all of them. Yesterday, I surprised myself by being able to get to a car show I thought was lost to me forever. The Goodguys East Coast Nationals has been held at Rhinebeck for a long time...this was the 25th Anniversary of the show but not all have been held at Rhinebeck. My earliest photos of the show are from 1997. I was there before then, I think as well, and for a while in the late 2000s I would go all three days as my model club ran the model show there. But once they moved it to June, from September, even though I would go it was really really bad for me healthwise. I couldn't go anymore after 2010, and for a couple of years they moved it to Massachusetts and I wasn't able to go to them either. In June in the Hudson Valley it's usually high 90s and humid, which causes me an immense amount of trouble. This year has been far cooler than normal- last week we actually had to wear jackets to go out as it got into the 40s at night- but it's been cool. The heat is here now- as I type this on Sunday afternoon it's 88 and humid. I could not do the show today. I could, but I would be really sick from it. Yesterday, it was supposed to get up to 84- about 9 degrees more than I can usually stand. It ended up getting to 89, but I was able to do the show anyway! I decided to risk it and though it got hotter than expected, there was a nice breeze and plenty of shade I could hide in for a while. I was able to do almost all of it, which surprised me the most. I covered parts of the show that I know have been there all these years, but never walked on foot before. The only time I ever saw them was the year I rented a power scooter, and I might have yesterday had they not been $70 for the day.

I'm in a bit of rough shape today and I expected that...but it was so worth it. I am probably not going to be able to walk well for a while, and I need help to get up off the couch for example. But I don't care. I actually got to enjoy a day yesterday, and I don't regret it.

Now, some highlights from the show:

 The El Caminos were down from usual, but there were a few. I picked up the nickname El Camino Billy many years ago and I dream of someday owning one. This is a 1967.
 This was taken up on the hill when you first go in the main entrance. (Check out some of the show in the background). This hill is the area I've never covered on foot in this show before. This time, since we were not going to the model show first (it no longer exists) we didn't have to take our stuff there so we did the hill first.

 Man, you don't see many 50s Mopars at shows. And it's a 4-door, which I prefer, to boot!
 One of my favorites at the show, a 56 Ford. I tend to favor pickups.

1949 Pontiac Sedan Delivery in the car corral. I love old Pontiacs, and check out the bumper- you can see the reflection of my brother and I!
 Only $6500 for this Rambler. There are some classic cars that are still in reach of the common man, giving me new hope that someday I could have a classic car, a lifelong dream.
 A 1969 El Camino in the car corral.
 This is a 1941 Buffalo, and started life as a fire truck. I'd never seen a Buffalo before yesterday.

 An indoor car show was new. As a nice touch, it had some air conditioning.
 Neon signs for sale. A photo of me standing in front of them is now my profile picture on Facebook.
 A Dodge Daytona! My favorite Mopar ever. These were created specifically to race in NASCAR and are pretty rare...I took more than one photo of this one.

 This car traveled to the show- in upstate New York- from Nevada. The Goodguys shows are a nationwide tour and you can accumulate points from each show. There are people who travel from show to show and I bet this is one of them. Also, the guy in the bright green shirt with blue backpack is my brother, who photographed rows of cars that I physically couldn't get to.
 You never know what will be here at these shows.

 The metallic sparkle in this paint was great. The only car video I took was of this one, but it came out so good I wish I had taken more.
 I have a fondness for sedan deliveries too.
 Not sure how this one snuck in, as it's a 1987 El Camino...the newest cars allowed by the show are 1972, with some leeway in the car corral. This was parked under a tree in the vendor area. I'm not going to complain, and I spent a bit of time on the benches back there watching the cars go by...and staring at the El Camino.

If you look closely at this picture my brother took, I'm hiding in the shade under the tree on the left. I was pretty much at my exhaustion point by then, although after sitting on a "bench" for a while I was able to cover some more of the show. It wasn't really a bench- the top of a stone wall- but close enough for me. I ended up sitting there watch the cars and people go by for probably 45 minutes.

One cool thing about this show is the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome is just a few miles north and there are usually bi-planes flying overhead most of the day. This was actually the second photo I took on the day!
There's a little bit of blur because my camera is kind of crappy, but it has a good zoom. Most of the photos in this post were actually taken with my smart phone.

I have all 430+ photos I took, plus the pictures my brother took, on my website HERE. They are still uploading as I publish this, though.

This was my only purchase on the day, from 1967.
It's got some water damage, but when you are paying $10 for a 50 year old program I'm not expecting perfection.

And now, the promised card: When we arrived home, waiting for me was a rare Ebay win. I don't go on ebay too often, because I don't want to spend all kinds of money that I should be using on something more important, but I saw this one...somehow...and bid on it. I was, amazingly, the only bidder and got it for the opening $5 bid.
That's a pretty unique glove relic, and a two color patch easily picked out from the Bass Pro Shops logo, for $5...won just days after his first career Cup win...I got lucky there! The rubber from the glove actually sticks out from the card, and mushes on the scanner tray...all the parts on the left are actually sort of reminds me of the undersea worms on the old GI Joe cartoon actually. It's totally unique in my collection.