I put a ton of effort into my wantlist...then got burned out and didn't update it. So, I have to start from scratch. My actual wantlist is every single NBA, NASCAR, NHL, Automotive, Olympics, DC Comics and history card I don't already have.

1990-91 Upper Deck Hockey
19 155 200 233 266 286 320 331 332 


  1. Billy - After going through this list, I've got a bunch of basketball cards you need and I'm looking to get rid of, as I don't collect them. I'd rather someone have them that has use for them. Let me know if you'd like them and I'll get them together for you.

    Aaron - suomibear8 on the DB

    1. Aaron, absolutely, thank you! I'll shoot you a message on the Database. Thanks again!

  2. I've been searching for a complete set of the 1992 series one collector's edge thunder motorcycle cards and have only found singles or incomplete sets, ate you or anyone you know able to send me in the right direction, please help.

  3. Hello Billy i'm Chris from greece, i don't know if you're interested but i'm selling these cards.

    NBA Upper Deck (1991-1992) (Italian Version) (Missing seven cards from the set) (Cards in Album)
    NBA Upper Deck (1992-1993) (Portuguese Version) (Complete Set) (Cards in Album)
    NBA Upper Deck (1993-1994) (Portuguese Version) (78 Cards)
    76 Baseball Cards (90-92) (Fleer,Topps,Score,Donruss,Upper Deck)
    14 O Pee Chee NHL Cards 1984