Sunday, February 17, 2019

My second Rainbow completed

I completed my second NASCAR rainbow this month, with some help from a friend. Now, you might be saying "Second, what's the first?" and I will get to that in time...for years I've been trying to figure out which one of my scans corrupted. I knew I had lost exactly one scan to corruption but I didn't know which one. Well, I found out...when I went looking for it to post in a thread I began composing in August 2018. I knew which set it was, and, low and behold, it happens to be the one I completed the rainbow on. <audible sigh>. So, eventually, you will get to see my first completed NASCAR rainbow.

For now, you get to see my 2nd completed NASCAR rainbow, and one that I completed sort of by accident.

In COMC's 2018 Spring Cleaning event, I was just scrolling through the Serial Numbered NASCAR cards, and happened to come across the two you see in this thread- I actually purchased the lower numbered example first, then went back and got the higher numbered card. I thought to myself, hey, I can complete this rainbow- I had gotten the base card when the set was new. So I go to purchase the one-per-pack unnumbered parallel...and there are none for sale on COMC. I check Ebay, something I don't do too often...none there either. Disappointed, I thought to myself, "maybe someday" and that's the end of the action until January 2019.

It was during that month that I was finally able to get back onto NUTS- the NASCAR Underground Trading Society- the all-NASCAR card forum that I was active on from 2009 to whenever my laptop decided to not let me in to it. For several years now, my laptop that died in November would not let me log in. I would enter my username and password, it would let me see the home page, but click on any thread and it went straight back to the log in page, and entering the same password, it would just kick back to the log in page. I don't know what caused it, but on my new computer, I entered in the exact same username and password, and it worked the first time and has continued working ever since.

Anyway, I thought to put up a thread looking for a copy of the card, and within 24 hours I had one in the mail coming to me, with nothing asked for in return, because that's just how the NUTS members are. Showing up in the mail on February 5th, my second NASCAR rainbow was complete!

This is 2000 MVP #69- Base, Silver Script (the card that just arrived), Gold Script and Super Script, my first Super from NASCAR, which is numbered to the driver's car number.

Today Darrell Waltrip is mostly known as a goofball broadcaster, but people forget that he was, at the time of his retirement, the 4th-winningest driver ever, and still ranks 5th all time, with 84 wins. (behind only Richard Petty's 200, David Pearson's 105, Jeff Gordon's 92 and Bobby Allison's 85). 2000 was his final season, and the final season where NASCAR did not have an exclusive license. (Beginning in 2001, only Press Pass was allowed to make NASCAR cards). The photo, however, was taken in 1999, as all photos in the 2000 MVP set were. I know for a fact I watched every single race of the 1999 season, but unfortunately I don't really remember too much of the season.

It really is awesome to complete a NASCAR rainbow, and it's not very often I get a level 2 parallel, let alone a level 3 parallel, yet I did here. The first rainbow I completed only goes two levels of parallel.

Fun fact- these cards were scanned using two different scanners, on three different computers!

Big thanks to NUTS member Redwire for sending me the Silver Script!

The NASCAR season starts 27th season watching the sport. I have been anxiously awaiting it's return since as soon as it ended in November.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

NBA Encyclopedia #5: Allen to Alston

Today, February 14th, is my 23rd anniversary of becoming an NBA fan. I've covered this before, but a brief recap- my mom, who worked in my school, saw that lots of kids collected cards but I was the only one collecting NASCAR and Non-Sports. Everybody else collected NBA. So, she gave me a pack of 1995-96 Fleer Series 2 for Valentine's Day, I found the Knicks-Hornets game on MSG that night, and I was hooked. 23 years later, I'm still collecting. So, to celebrate, it's time for another installment of the NBA Encyclopedia!

#41 Jerome Allen
1995-96 Fleer #281
 Philadelphia native Jerome Allen had a very brief NBA career- a total of 117 games over two seasons. While all his professional cards are with the T-Wolves, he actually played more games for Indiana in 1996-97, suiting up for 51 games as opposed to 41 with the Wolves as a rookie. He also got into 25 games with the Nuggets in 1996-97. After his brief NBA stint, he went to Europe and played until 2009, playing with teams in France, Turkey, Italy, Spain and Greece. He stepped into coaching immediately after his playing career, and is currently an assistant with the Celtics.

#42. Lavoy Allen
2016-17 Complete #235
 Sticking with Pennsylvania natives, Lavoy Allen hails from Morrisville, and began his NBA career with the Philadelphia 76ers in the lockout shortened 2011-12 season. He played his first two and a half years with the Sixers, before being traded to the Pacers. He would play with them from mid-2013-14 through 2016-17. That was the extent of his NBA career to date, but he has played in the D/G-League ever since, currently a member of the Capital City Go-Go, the Wizards' affiliate. He appeared in 388 NBA games.

#43 Lucius Allen
1975-76 Topps #52
 Kansas City native Lucius Allen had an impressive 10 year NBA career, from 1969-70 to 1978-79. He played for the SuperSonics, Bucks, Lakers, and Kansas City Kings. He appeared in 702 NBA games, and won a Championship with the Bucks in only his second season. He did not play any more basketball after he retired. He is the only player in NBA history to spell his first name this way.

#44 Malik Allen
2002-03 Hoops Stars #79
 Malik Allen was another player with a 10-year NBA career. He was not selected in the 2000 NBA Draft, and began his professional career with the ABA (second version), before catching on with the Heat in 2001-02. He would stay with the Heat from 2001 to 2005, before being traded to the Charlotte Bobcats, where he had a very short stay. (22 games). He then joined the Chicago Bulls, and then the New Jersey Nets, as a free agent, but his time with the Nets was short- he was traded to the Dallas Mavericks after only 48 games. He finished the 2007-08 season with the Mavs, then joined the Milwaukee Bucks, who traded him to the Denver Nuggets after one season. He played one final year with the Orlando Magic then retired, a veteran of 428 NBA games, including 125 starts. He is currently an assistant coach on the Minnesota Timberwolves, after previously being an assistant coach on the Detroit Pistons. Allen hails from Willingboro, New Jersey.

#45 Myron Allen
2005-06 Topps Chrome #251
I can find very, very little about Myron Allen online. He played 76 games for the Arkansas Rimrockers of the D-League across 2005-06 and 2006-07, and scored 803 points. The back of this card- it, and it's parallels, being the only cards he ever got- mentions that he is a native of Houston and played in the USBL, the 2nd ABA, the WBA and in Mexico, before joining the D-League. I do not know where, if any, he has played after 2006-07. He does not even have a Wikipedia page. This is my only card of him.

#46 Randy Allen
1990-91 Hoops #254
 Randy Allen had a very short NBA career, with it being already over by time his only non-promo cards were released. He played 70 games with the Kings in 1988-89 and 1989-90, and his two cards both came in 1990-91. (He does have a regional promo from 1989-90 and a card from Italy from 1994). He also played in the CBA and in Europe, playing in Italy, Spain and France. His last active season appears to be 1995-96. I do not know what he has done since his NBA career ended. One of his sons played minor league baseball in the Giants system, but does not appear to have gotten any cards. He is from Milton, Florida.

#47 Ray Allen
1999-00 Fleer Tradition #26
 Ray Allen is a legend. I suspect anyone who knows about the NBA likely doesn't need me to tell you this, but I will anyway. Allen is a Hall-of-Famer, class of 2018, 10-time All-Star, 2-time NBA champion, is the NBA's all-time leader in 3-pointers both made and attempted, ranks 22nd in games played and 24th all-time in points. In addition, he holds the record for most consecutive games played for the Bucks, at exactly 400. In all, he appeared in exactly 1300 games, (1149 starts), putting up 24,505 points. Part of the incredible 1996 draft class, he played for the Bucks, SuperSonics, Celtics and Heat, winning NBA Championships with the final 2 teams. Although he last took the court in 2013-14 many teams were pursuing him to keep playing, he officially retired in 2016. Oh, by the way, he also found time to win an Olympic Gold medal as well as turn in critically acclaimed acting roles!   After basketball, Allen has enjoyed retirement, including raising his children- one of whom was born Type1 Diabetic, a cause Allen has worked to bring attention to. Ray's parents were career military and he was born at an Air Force base in Merced, California.

#48 Tony Allen
2014-15 Hoops #168
 Nicknamed "The Grindfather", Tony Allen is a defensive specialist, called by Kobe Bryant "the toughest defender I've ever faced". Drafted by the Celtics in 2004, he played in Boston through 2009-10, winning the title in 2008 (as a teammate to Ray Allen, who is not related). He then joined the Memphis Grizzlies as a free agent and that is where his defense really shined- much of the success the Grizzlies achieved during the "Grit and Grind Era" is directly attributed to him. The Grizzlies decided not to bring him back and he played a partial season with the New Orleans Pelicans, before being traded to his hometown Chicago Bulls, who released him without ever playing a game for them. He has not played since then (this occurred last season) but he is not retired- he's hoping to get back to the NBA. He was named to the All-Defensive Team six times. He has appeared in 820 games to date. Eventually I plan to rescan this card as I got it before I had a scanner capable of doing Panini cards properly.

#49 Morris Almond
2006-07 Finest Silver Refractor #125
 Morris Almond is a player who's career was entirely while I was away from the game from 2006-12. (now considered one of my biggest regrets). He only got a chance to play in 38 NBA games- 34 with the Jazz in 07-08 and 08-09 and 4 with the Wizards in 2011-12. He spent much more time in the D-League, including at one point holding the record for highest scoring game, though it has since been surpassed. He led the D-League in scoring percentage in 2007-08 as a rookie. He also played in Spain, Italy, Ukraine and Serbia before finishing his career back in the D-League in 2013-14. He started a Non-Profit organization but the last post on their social media account was in 2013. I have only two cards of him. This card was actually issued as a redemption before he was even drafted.

#50 Derrick Alston
1995-96 Stadium Club #271
Bronx native Derrick Alston had only a brief NBA career- 149 games over the three seasons of 1994-95 through 1996-97, all but the final 2 games coming with the 76ers, those last two with the Hawks- but had an extensive career overseas, playing in Turkey, Spain, France, Russia, New Zealand and Argentina, with long stints in Spain (1997-98 through 2004-05) and Argentina (2008-12). As soon as he retired, he stepped into coaching, first as an assistant with the Rockets, currently as an assistant with the Westchester Knicks of the G-League.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

January 2019 Trade Recap

I was pretty active in trading in January, pulling off 7 trades that netted me exactly 200 cards...from a certain point of view.

One of the only things that even came close to a goal for me in 2019 was learning how to propose a trade on the Trading Card Database. I did that, proposing 4, and all were completely successful.

The first to arrive was from Database member BeChristensen and yielded 13 cards, of which I was only expecting 10.
Included was also the last two cards I needed to complete the 1990-91 Fleer All-Stars insert, and my 92,000th NBA card.

Miller was #92,000.

The second trade to arrive was also with a Database member, Karsal, and that reached me on January 13th- we actually began talking the trade on December 31st, but since the cards arrived to me in January (slowed down by Customs as he is in Canada) it counts for January. This was 6 cards.

The third trade to arrive was the first one I proposed- both Karsal's and BeChristensen's were proposed to me. It was also a large trade, as I took in 27 cards from AirPete, who, by the way, has joined the world of blogging (Pete's Card Habit) I specifically targeted cards I needed, and I was able to add 4 new sets and 5 new people to my collection. Once again, I traded for or bought a new card, and it came back to bite me- less than a week after the trade arrived, I bought a single pack of 2018-19 Donruss and got both the Nets rookies I had traded for. I make it a habit to not buy or trade for brand new stuff, but I did it here because  I didn't expect to get to the store and get any Donruss. Then, my brother treated me to a mall trip, and I got one pack (granted, a fatpack) and got the same two cards. It's almost laughable. That's not on Pete, our trade was excellent. I'm just chiding myself for doing something I said I would not do anymore. I ended up taking every Nets card I needed that Pete had available, and I think every Knicks card as well.
 My first sticker from the 1996-97 set! I bought quite a few stickers in 1995-96, but then didn't get any more after that. Something I now regret...but since 2016-17 I have been collecting them and counting them as part of my collection. The 1996-97 season is my favorite in NBA history, and this was the only set from the season I didn't have in my collection.
I did not get any of the 2017-18 Ascension set until I traded for a bunch from Pete.

The two Nets I mentioned above.

The fourth trade was with Shawn Norris, and gave me 2 cards. Shawn and I have an agreement where he sends me cards in ones or twos and I eventually send him a bubble mailer full. Shawn does not mind taking imperfect cards so I am happy to have someone to send the damaged cards I sometimes end up with who appreciates them. This two-card package from Shawn actually showed up unannounced, as sometimes happens when trading with him. Both this trade and the one with AirPete arrived January 14th.

The 5th trade was another one I proposed, with Database member IfbBirdsCards , and yielded 6 cards, even though I only asked for 4. Ian is, I believe, the youngest member of the Database. It was my first trade with him. The trade arrived January 22nd.

The 6th and final trade was not really a trade in the traditional sense. If you remember back a year or so ago, I gave away a bunch of pages. Well, some of them went to Matthew Prigge, who is a blogger and a Database member, (Summer of '74)  Well, he sent me a large box of cards and since they were a direct result of something I sent to him, I considered it a trade, even though it was more like mutual gifting. Semantics, really. I ended up getting 144 new cards from the box he sent me, here are just a couple samples. It arrived January 23rd.
Two cards from the 1996-97 Ultra set, my favorite NBA set ever. Besides this Gold Medallion there was a base card of Jazz starting center Greg Ostertag. 
 This SN parallel of Dirk is now the lowest condition SN card in my collection, all four corners are rough. He mentioned that most of what he sent me were Goodwill finds so who knows what kind of life it's led? It's got a good home now.
Even some multi-Sport cards, two from the 4th series of SO for Kids cards, both from 2009.

The final trade of the month was the smallest, with Soldan. I was able to complete his 2018 Donruss NASCAR set, but he only had two cards I needed. I was happy to get them, my first two cards from 2018 Allen & Ginter. He had gotten injured and was in the hospital when I sent the request so his trade was the last to arrive, on January 25th.

I've already completed a couple trades in February and have more in progress. I think 2019 might turn out to be my biggest year of trading in a long while. I can't say ever because I've never kept records, and I did so many back in the old Trader Retreat days that I was voted member of the month one time, but this feels like a lot by this time of the year. I only did 27 in all of 2018 and I've already completed 11 in 2019.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Pooped a Winner!

A few weeks back Paul over at Scribbled Ink ran a contest, and I the most unique way possible! Make sure you watch the video to see exactly what I'm talking about...I've never been pooped a winner before, nor have I ever won any poop, in this case, I did. Dinosaur poop! Literally!
(borrowing Paul's picture here)
That is, by far, the most unique thing I've ever won. I mean that. Ever, in my life!

It wasn't all coprolite, there were cards as well. Lots and lots of cards! The first thing I saw when I opened the box was some really, really large hockey cards-

Two each from the Oilers and Flames team sets, and three of the postcard sized Canadiens set. The Flames cards are now the tallest cards in my collection, I think- they come in at 8  & 1/2 inches tall by 3 & 3/4th inches wide! The Oilers cards are also quite large but "only" 6 & 3/4ths by 3 & 3/4ths. I don't know the year they are from, unfortunately.

Standard sized cards were plenty as well, and covered a little bit of everything. All 5 major sports, plus soccer, are represented, although not a lot of the NBA was stuff I needed- there were some. Non-Sports probably saw the biggest boost for me, with 168 of 341 total new cards being of the Non-Sport variety, some of the sets I have not added to in many years- Several cards from the Topps Batman Returns set were in the box, and I had not gotten a new one of them since the set was new- 1992! That's 27 years between additions to a set, which I believe is a new record for me, not counting sets I've completed of course, because for them there's nothing more to add. The Spider-Man 30th Anniversary and Wolverine From then 'til Now II Set also had not seen any additions in many years- both sets were issued in 1992 but I'm not sure if I got them then. I did not begin to keep records of when I got any cards until 1998, and those were long present by then, so I would guess they were new when I got them.

The Comic Images Ghost Rider set was totally new to my collection, I now have 59 of 80 cards, or 73.8%!
I added a bunch of new sets to my collection, in addition to the three promos above:
  1. 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Decade of Supermodels (Non-Sport)
  2. 2010 Topps National Chicle (Baseball)
  3. 2018 Panini The National (Multi-Sport)
  4. 2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition (baseball)
  5. 2005 Reflections (Football)
  6. 2002-03 Upper Deck Vintage (NHL)
  7. 1992 Ghost Rider II (Non-Sports) 
  8. 1993 The Valiant Era (Non-Sports)
  9. 1992 Savage Dragon (Non-Sports)
  10. 1993 WildC.A.T.S. (Non-Sports)
  11. 1993 Comics Future Stars (Non-Sports)
  12. 1994 Upper Deck World Cup '94 (Soccer)
  13. 1994 Coca Cola Monsters of the Gridiron (Football)
  14. 1993 The Lion King (Non-Sports) [how did I not have any from this set? It came out in the time period where non-sports was my main focus, and I saw the movie several times when new, but not in years now]
  15. 1995 Upper Deck Gridiron Fantasy Football (a trading card game)
  16. 2002 Topps American Pie (non-Sport, some people list as baseball)
  17. 2018 Certified (Football)
Did I mention there were some hits, too?

Here's just some random cool cards I happened to get scanned before I felt guilty for not posting this fast enough and just published as is...I told Paul I would get this published in January, and you see what day it is now, so...
 These O-Pee-Chee 25th Anniversary Series reprints from 1992-93 are cool. I am not sure what they are celebrating, as O-Pee-Chee was well over 25 years old at that point, but I'm not going to complain.
 I've been collecting these 1995 AMT cards since 1999 and he managed to find one I didn't have!
 This came with a diecast that looked a whole lot like the image.
A hockey insert that needed a scan on the Database. It's holofoil.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Tribute to Wes

Recently, legendary blogger Wes Moore- aka JBF- retired from blogging. I missed most of Wes's heyday as I didn't discover card blog's existence until late 2014. Well, Matt of Sports Card Collectors suggested a Blog Bat-A-Round in honor of Wes and his legendary generosity, and I can absolutely do that!

I don't remember everything I've gotten from Wes, but I have been on the receiving end of his generosity, as I think most bloggers have been.

While I don't have any pictures because I can't remember which people they were, at one point Wes also sent me a large batch of people missing from my collection, which is very much appreciated even if I didn't yet keep track of who sent them to me.

The first card I really distinctly remember getting from Wes was from a Christmas trade-a-thon he ran in 2016. It was an interesting time for me. At that point, I was watching the NHL but had not committed to collecting the cards on a regular basis. Although I was already watching as much as I could, I was still keeping it a secret, to make sure I was truly a fan, and I didn't want to start spreading my limited hobby funds to a sport if it was just a passing fancy. Well, we obviously know how that turned out. So, technically this card from Wes is the first hockey card I added to my collection after becoming a fan of the sport.
I wrote a post about it and the other cards I got from him HERE.

In 2017, I got a huge package of cards from Wes's World Cup of Trading. Seriously, check it out. The key card from me was this towel card of Doug McDermott:
Another card that stands out is the football patch card I didn't even realize I was claiming, but is the coolest card in my football collection.

Finally, in 2018, I took part in Wes's Mega Break and claimed the Knicks, Nets, Rangers and took a couple random slots, if I recall. The cards I won are making their Cardboard History debut right here and now! I am saving the best for last.

I got two college autographs

a Serial Numbered Rusty Wallace insert from 1997 Road to the Cup...
That was followed up with three Rangers relics, this Brendan Shanahan from 2006-07 Black Diamond,
 This Rico Fata from 2001-02 Private stock.
(Interestingly enough, neither material is from a Rangers uniform. Brendan Shanahan's piece is from Detroit and Rico Fata's is from Calgary)

But the biggest card in the bunch...
My first numbered relic of my favorite player in the entire sport! It's from the green parallel of 2015-16 Trilogy.

Thank you Wes, for the generosity over the years!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Cardboard History Goes to a card show!

I have not been to a card show since 2005. I've said that many times, but I can say that no longer! Yesterday morning, my Mom and I made the 2 hour drive to Enfield, Connecticut to attend their monthly card show, and let me tell was WELL worth it! I had a really great time, it was everything I could have hoped for, and then some. The last card show I went to, at the Holiday Inn in Taunton, Massachusetts, back in had nothing for me. That's a 4 hour ride one way and I didn't get a single card. This show...this show in Enfield had EVERYTHING represented, and as you will see in the photos below, I added to my three main sports and even baseball.

Everyone at the show was friendly, knowledgeable and I don't feel like a single dealer judged me based on how I look- something that actually surprised me, because I'm so used to it. I never felt like anyone was trying to pressure me into buying anything either- although it's a given that every dealer wants to make a sale, none of them felt pushy to me. Two of the dealers, who I had never met before yesterday- gave me cards.

I saw some really awesome cards, including a Bill Russell autograph (who I consider the greatest of all time) and also the most spectacular patch I've ever seen- the entire Chevrolet logo from Jimmie Johnson's firesuit. It took up most of the card! (It was a 1/1). Unfortunately, I was a bit out of it- being surrounded by that much cardboard can do that- and I didn't think to ask if I could take a picture of it! In fact, my plan was to ask dealers if I could take pictures of their stuff to post on here, and I totally zoned out on that. I took one photo when I first got there-
and I didn't take any other pictures of the show. Duh!

While I didn't take any more pictures, I was IN two pictures. I had put up a thread on the Trading Card Database about the show, and two of my fellow members mentioned that they would be there. I made sure to get a photo with each of them, which will surely appear in the 2019 edition of the C2Cigars Trading Card Database set!
 Myself and Jimetal
Suomibear and I

As you can see in both photos, I'm holding cards in hand. I'll get back to the cards shortly.

One thing that was interesting, is that the show was noticeably Boston- themed. Aside from the fact that most everyone there was wearing Boston gear, there were more Celtics cards available than any other team. The Bruins were well represented, but I would say hockey was pretty evenly available. Every dealer with each sport had some of the Boston teams. I don't remember there being such a Boston-theme to the shows when I attended in Taunton, but it's fine with me- I will be happy to have a place I know I can go to when I need to find some cards from these teams. (I actually have a trade I'm putting together that requires me to send out 50 Celtics'd think I would have bought some. I already had all the 90s era Celtics I saw but I didn't think to get any for my trade partner. I realized I had made that mistake this morning, unfortunately.).  It's too bad I both can't find and got too fat to fit into the Antoine Walker jersey I bought in 1996. I'd wear it to that show for sure. When we used to have shows here in the Hudson Valley, I don't remember them being NY themed, but it's been so long since we had any, my memory could be faulty. It was 17 years ago today since we had a card show locally.

The cards that were there was an interesting mix. TONS of vintage- I would say there was more vintage there than anything else, from all 4 of the sports Topps produced back then. Naturally, I can't say much about baseball or football, but I saw stacks and binders full of early 60s baseball. I saw high quality vintage NBA but decided to go in a different direction with my purchases. Modern stuff was also well represented. I would say that the show was about 50% all vintage, 25% modern (last 5 years) and the rest was a mixture. 1990s were well represented, the era between the two NBA lockouts was not (1998-2011), which is not to say they were not there, just not there much. NASCAR was much more well represented than I expected (NASCAR does have a rich history in Connecticut) and I was thrilled with that. I was actually able to pick up cards of two of the NASCAR people I was missing for my project of getting at least one of every person to get one.

Now, I'm sure you want to see some cards, we go!
OK, the pictures kind of stink. Since the flash died on my camera the pictures have not been great, but it will take me forever to scan all these. These were the first two cards I bought- my first game used net card, and a game used patch from Nash.

More hockey from the same dealer...My first Goalie Pad relic, from Fleury to boot...SN to 15!

My two biggest purchases of the day. My mom talked me into buying the Roenick. That card caught my eye the instant I saw it but it was more than I usually spend. I'm glad I got it though. It's game worn, the Bennett is Rookie Photo Shoot worn.
 The one NASCAR dealer had a stack of Bubbas. I had to get this one- you all know how I am with SN cards. Purple foil for a purple car, it works well!
 Some cards out of 2017 Absolute. Majeski is one of the two people I needed. I just pulled the SN 8/10 Gold of the Newman so recently I have not even scanned it yet.
More NASCAR. The Slugger Labbe autograph is the other person I needed. My first Terry autograph, and the JJ Yeley is a base card from that year's American Thunder. Although the card is SN to 350, based on my searches for that card and the others from the subset, it's significantly rarer than the number would have you believe. I've been looking for that specific card since it was new (2006) and I've never even seen one for sale before.

 One dealer had 4 cards I needed from the 1965 Donruss Spec Sheet set, my favorite of which being the top right one. As a model builder, that speaks to me.
The same dealer also had a stack of Bee Hives, this is my first...and for about 45 minutes, was  (probably) my oldest hockey card. (Howell played for the Rangers from 1952-68, but the Beehives can't be dated properly.)
 All these cards came from a quarter box. I didn't think too hard about them, so some may be duplicates. It will be fun to see how well I remember my own collection. One of the cards I got for a Database member who I owe a thank you to. Those two Lundqvist cards and the one Zuccarello card were the only ones I saw in the show. Since I needed them, it was no thoughts needed to add them to my stack. I'm 99% sure I actually found a player I needed for the NBA names project as well- can't remember and have not yet bothered to check if I had already found an Erazem Lorbek yet before yesterday.
There was some unopened material to be had, but this was the only example I bought. This was the last Ultra set issues of my favorite brand for sports cards.

 My last purchase of the day- also one I had to be talked into buying, I'm such a cheapskate- brings me my oldest hockey cards to date. The card on the left is clearly from 1951-52, but I'm not sure when the card on the right is from- I will check on the Database shortly- Milt Schmidt was the first NHL player who died after I began watching the sport- at age 98. Both players are new to my collection, and since my oldest card was previously from 1957-58, I know that one of these is my oldest now. Also, my first original Parkhurst cards!

Right after we got there- before I had even seen every table- my mom won the door prize! That was pretty cool. Each winner got to pick three prizes, but all but one of the prizes were baseball. I chose the one hockey prize...
And I decided on a baseball prize as well. I have commented on numerous blogs that the 1990 Topps baseball design is one of my favorites in all of cardboard history, and I basically just got the entire set for 33 cents- the cost of entry into the show, which gave us the ticket that led to three prizes!
 Since there was nothing else for me, I gave the third prize to my friend Jim from the Database. Afterall, the first time I meet him, and he handed me this box below!
I have not gone through it all yet, but it's a mix of hockey and NBA. All the curved cards on the right side appear to be 2017-18 Essentials Retail, a set I don't have much of- and one that has several people I do not yet have a card of. Hopefully they will be there, but I have not had a chance to check yet.

After the show, instead of coming back home through Hartford, we decided to go north, into Massachusetts, and came across I-90 to Albany and down. That was a wise choice, because...

 We drove right past the Basketball Hall of Fame! The sport was invented in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1891. We will be making a family trip to the Hall some time this year, knowing it's less than three hours from home, there's really no excuse anymore for not going.

Saw some really nice vistas on the ride home as well. I love the Northeast.

Today was another busy day. I went to a coin show in Parsippany, NJ, a show that I had been wanting to get to for quite some time- around 2009 or 2010- but just never got the chance to get there. Either it conflicted with something, or I didn't have any money saved up, or I simply didn't feel good enough. I've kind of drifted out of that hobby over the past few years, but I still wanted to do it. And I'm glad I did! Because I ended up coming home with a bunch of vintage cards, including one of my most wanted non-sports sets!
1933 Goudey Sky Birds! I've wanted this set for a long time, and now, finally, I have one. The dealer also had the key card in the set- Baron von Richthofen, AKA, the Red Baron. But, it was in poor shape and more money than I wanted to spend on a card in that condition.

 That wasn't all I got from that dealer, though. These 50s Topps cards come from the 1957 Isolation Booth set, which I did not have previously.
 These two cards come from the same set, and I believe also date to the 1930s. I need to do more research on them.

I also got 4 cards that are quite a mystery to me, but I can't post them here- they are naked ladies, from Cuba. Pre-Casto, probably pre-War, but I'm not sure. I'm not even sure where to research them.

As we were leaving, my mom spotted a card vending machine- something I had not seen since 1996, and they actually had something I needed! It got stuck coming out, so I had to bang on the side of the machine with my fists. It didn't work, so I had to get help from a woman who worked there- and she was rocking the machine back and forth, until finally it fell. I was having images of the Simpsons episode where Homer is trying to get chocolate out of a vending machine and the machine falls on him. Luckily that didn't happen, but it gave us a good laugh.

Both shows are held monthly, but I don't plan to go every month to either of them- the card show, I would LOVE to be able to go to every month, but it's just a little too far to do that. 2 hours one way, it's a bit of a haul. I am hoping to go 3 or 4 times a year. The coin show, honestly, that hobby is just not as important in my life as it once was, and I can see myself only going once or twice a year at this stage of my life. I enjoy seeing the stuff, but most of it is out of my price range, or stuff I'm just not interested in. Honestly, I most likely will not go even that often. The card show, that one I want to do a lot more.

Since it's relevant for the day- I saw this sign on the outskirts of Hartford.

I took a whole bunch of pictures (and even a video) of the trips, and you can see them all HERE on my website.