Friday, November 16, 2018

What I accomplished this week

on the new Cardboard History website. It's quite a lot. When I revealed my secret project last week, I had the majority of the basketball teams posted and nothing more.

Since then, I have uploaded:
  • all Hockey teams
  • Hockey peripherals (Checklists, multi-subject, specific games or series, etc)
  • Hockey team cards
  • all baseball teams
  • all football teams
  • the International basketball teams, which I did not have ready to go when I did the rest of the basketball. 
  • come up with a better name than "new Cardboard History website". From this moment on, it shall be called the "Cardboard History Gallery" whenever I refer to it. The link shall not change.
That's already a lot of images posted. 

One thing I did was research when each team was in operation, and put that info into the caption for each team. For the NBA, I pretty much knew it already. For the other sports, even some non-NBA basketball, and especially football and baseball, it required me to do actual research and all of it was new to me. I also tracked the team's name changes, and make note of a what a team was before and after using that name in the caption for the album. A lot of fun for me. 

Now I have a little dilemma. I have no more team stuff ready to go. I have hockey, baseball and football by player ready to go, and basketball letters A through R done and ready. Should I start uploading them, or hold off for now? I need to decide, because I've used up 54% of my storage capacity and I still have not even touched the second largest part of my collection- racing. I know that eventually I'm going to have to pay for more storage capacity, but, since I had to buy a computer this month, combined with the not-insignificant cost of the new car in the driveway and my medical expenses, I don't know when that will be. I also have a couple other things I want to do with the site that I have not even mentioned yet, so an upgrade is a definite...I just don't know when. 

My two options are, work on uploading what I have ready to go until I get close to running out of space (leaving enough room for updating the teams on the 1st of each month, or beginning to anyway) 


Work on finishing prepping the letters. I still have most of S-Z for basketball, and I have not even started racing, non-sports or other sports yet. I won't be doing teams for the latter three topics, at least not yet (I will do NASCAR eventually) This is a very time consuming project. Each large letter in basketball is taking me on average 3 days to do, S is huge and will probably take me more, as will W. I'm not sure what the average for NASCAR will be yet. Other sports and non-sports are fairly small and I should be able to knock each out in a day or two.

I also have a third option but that's not too likely- not do either and just work on scanning more. 

I can't do all three at the same time. Sorting letters takes my full attention. I can't do anything else but that when I do it. I CAN scan and upload at the same time. 

I'm open to input. In all reality I'll probably do a little of each option. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A change (in collecting habits) did me good

I don't like college cards. I never have. I likely never will. (not as long as the NCAA is around) I view college cards as the dregs of my collection, and nearly every one I have- more than 2000 - have come from repacks. I view them as filler, that every one of them I get is one less real card I didn't get.

For many years, I simply tossed them into a box. Or boxes, as I didn't care enough to organize them or even keep track of the boxes. (That's how one got left on the basement floor accidentally, and severely damaged in a flood). I didn't sort and organize them fully until 2014, 18 years after I began accumulating them, and then I only did it because it was a necessary evil if I wanted to find out exactly how many cards I had in my collection. Truth be told I probably didn't find them all. But I went with what I found as an official number. Even then, when I was making paper listings of them, I didn't really look at them, beyond the number and to see who the card depicted.

Flash forward to the last few months. In all of this time, I was putting off the college cards. I was saving them for later, because I had a ton of real cards to do. That was my intention all along- only worry about scanning them when I had nothing better to do. But, now that I've been working on my no-longer secret project, it's forced me to change my plans. Instead of doing them last, I'm now working on doing them first.

Each letter folder shows two images of the files inside it as a preview. I noticed that it's ALMOST always the two most recent scans. There's a couple instances of it choosing some random scan, but I would say something like 98.5% of the time, it's the two most recent. I realized that if I put off the college cards to the end, they would be what showed up as the images for every player with college cards. That wouldn't do!

I had to dig them out of my stash, one of the things I accomplished when I was trying to get my computer repaired before giving up and buying a new one.

Now that I have the new computer, I'm working on getting them all scanned. It's going to take a while- I have, as I said, more than 2000. And I've only scanned 699 of them according to my scan file. It's not going to be pleasant to do this, but I will power through and get it done (and then probably never look at them again)

I sorted them to make it easier to scan- some sets scan better with other cards of the same set. I mostly went through and picked out the mirror foil scans, the ones that are the hardest and least fun to do. (I finished them already, thankfully there were not that many). Next up I came to the 1992 Wild Card set- one of the largest stacks, and also one I wanted to not put off because they feature black borders (more work to edit the scans) and a lot of them are water damaged. (even though I dislike college cards immensely, the water damage still bothers me). So I theorized that I'll do the harder stuff first, and work towards the easier scans to make. Also, I will learn the ins and outs of editing on my new computer on college cards, not real cards, so if it's not 100%, I'm not going to really care.

But here's where it helps. Since I didn't really care about them, and didn't look at them all that closely, I never realized that about half the cards in the set are NOT college cards- they're international cards!

Of the four main stick and ball sports, basketball is the least well represented on cards. The sets are the smallest in size. The history is the least well documented. Minor leagues are just barely on cards, and most of them are not- even the NBA's wholly-owned minor league has appeared on exactly one card set in it's 17 year history. European leagues generally get nothing, occasionally a rare promo, but nothing overall.

This set, sort of, did that. NONE of the European teams are named. All the stats on the back, despite some of the players having graduated more than a decade before, are all college. But the cards are definitely European leagues.

Take a look:
 CAI Zaragoza is a Spanish team
 Saint-Quentin Basket-Ball is a French team and it's not even a top of the line team. This team played in the second level of professional basketball in France!
 Racing Paris is a top French team. It's most famous alumni is Tony Parker.
Levallois Sporting Club is a major sports effort in France- the club has teams in 83 different sports, according to Wikipedia! (Their basketball team merged with Racing Paris about a decade ago)
 Taugres is a Spanish team
 Breeze Milano appears to be an Italian team. (It does not have a Wikipedia entry) This is NBA veteran Danny Vranes, not Wranes, as published on the card. He is one of the players missing from my NBA collection, and remains so, as this is not an NBA card.
 Estudiantas Caja Postal is a Spanish club. Ricky Winslow is the father of Miami Heat center Justise Winslow, which I was unaware of until researching this card to figure out the team!
I don't even know which team this is! Perry McDonald does not have a Wikipedia page.

These are all excellent cards. Professional teams in Europe are so rare to see on cards. My knowledge of them is fairly limited, so I've been using Wikipedia to look them all up. What I've been doing is typing the player into Wikipedia, and then seeing what team he played for in 1991-92. So far they all match to that season, but I still have more needing research than done. When a player or team does not have an entry, that makes it quite a challenge for me.  As the last card here shows, I am not always being successful. But it's given me a much bigger appreciation of the 1992 Wild Card set than I ever have before, and I've been accumulating these since 1996! 

Unfortunately, that flood I mentioned? It hit this set the hardest. I've got a stack of 18 of them that are too damaged to scan. Some others are damaged but I decided to scan them anyway. Two of them actually stuck to each other so badly that I have them both in a sleeve and when I scan them, I will be scanning the front of one card and the back of a duplicate! Whatever gets the job done....but from now on, if/when I ever start being able to buy repacks again, I won't be totally disappointed as soon as I see this set. If it's a European player, then I will be happy! 

I'm looking forward to being able to create a European teams folder on my new scan website as well. That will be something I will be doing on or shortly after December 1st, when I do my monthly uploading. I expect to finish scanning all of the ones I have, that aren't too damaged, within 24 hours. I may have to make an "Unknown" album and ask for help on some of them! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Card of the Day: October 2018

October was a month with both highs and lows. Two big highs- I got to go to the Fordham Museum of Greek, Etruscan and Roman Art, and I won my first ever 1st place at my local scale model show- although I was the only entrant in class.
The bad news is that my computer died, and I had to get a new one...which means I can't partake in this year's Black Friday sales on COMC or Dave & Adam's. I also made a mistake with my Card of the Day project but I didn't miss a on.

October 1st:
2017-18 Panini Threads #28
My local dollar store has been stocking these, and I've been hitting them. This set appears four times in this month of the project!

October 2nd:
2003-04 Bowman Signature #94
Another from the box I got from COMC in December 2017. I think I might actually be able to complete this set someday, although I still have LeBron ahead of me, thankfully for me he was with UD so no auto or jersey, but still, a LeBron rookie.

October 3rd:
2017-18 Upper Deck #329
That was the first day of the NHL regular season, and to celebrate I opened everything left of the hobby box that I bought back in June. I later found a blaster of Series 2 that I had also bought in June and forgot about, which I'm still working through.

October 4th:

No scan!

Here is the mistake I made. October 4th's card of the day is 1996-97 Fleer #171, Chris Gatling, which I pulled from the Sousafly collection. But I didn't scan it right away. I was more concerned with my then-secret project and wasn't doing a whole lot of scanning. Then, when my computer died and I went through the frustrating 2 week saga of trying to get it repaired, I went through some card boxes of stuff waiting to be scanned. A lot of least a dozen. I had forgotten that this was Card of the Day and I put it into one of those boxes...but I don't know which one. I looked through the ones I have on hand, but it must be in another. You can see it HERE on the Trading Card Database if you are so inclined.

October 5th:
2003-04 Topps Chrome #5
Another set from 2003-04 that I think I can complete someday. Luckily, I pulled the LeBron when new because I could not afford to buy one now. It's considered his best Topps rookie card.

October 6th:
2013 Total Memorabilia #43
That was an unusual day, in that my brother and I went to TWO Wal-Marts! I usually hit Wal-Mart on average twice in an entire year, and the Newburgh Wal-Mart, where this one came from, I had not been in since the mid-2000s. They had a NASCAR repack, which was unusual, but most of the packs were from sets I had already completed. Later that night we went to the Fishkill Wal-Mart, which is my local store, and I bought a pack of cards that I would open the next day, giving me the COTD for

October 7th:
2017-18 Prestige #83
I became a fan of Sean Kilpatrick when he was on the Nets. He was the second best player on the team. but, typical Nets, they cut him to save money, despite the fact that he had the highest scoring game as a Net in a while last year (38 points). He ended up with the Bucks last year but they eventually cut him as well. I'm surprised Panini bothered to give him a card considering they didn't give him a single one for the first 3 years of his career. Later in the pack was the Justin Holiday card I already posted about.

October 8th:
2017-18 Panini Threads #1
Hitting this set again, here is card #1.

October 9th:
1992 Traks Prototype
This card, and two other Prototypes from the same set, came to be as a gift from a Trading Card Database member in England!

October 10th:
2018 Donruss #50
When I was in Lake George for my cousin's wedding in June, I bought a blaster of Donruss...and it looks like that's all I'm going to get from the set this year. I'm still slowly working through it- I think I'm down to one or two packs left. I was hoping to get a Dale Earnhardt Jr. card on his birthday, like I got an Elton Brand card for his birthday back in March, and I did- but unfortunately it was not the Card of the Day.

October 11th:
2017-18 Prestige #28
Gallinari missed about half of the 2017-18 season with a sprained butt. Seriously. First, I didn't know that was possible, and secondly, how do you do that? On second thought, I don't think I want to know.

October 12th:
2017-18 O-Pee-Chee #604
This is the day I found the blaster I had forgotten about, apparently, as it's the first time it appears in the month. Actually, it's the only time it appears in the month, but I did pull from it on other days.

October 13th:
1994-95 Select #186
I no longer remember where I got this one. It may have come from Shoebox Legends, Bevans on the Trading Card Database, or the store collated repack I've been pulling from since September 2017.

October 14th:
1997-98 Score New York Rangers #1
My mom went shopping for my birthday on the 14th, and the local dealer, finding out what she was doing, gave me this entire team set as a birthday present! I didn't have a single one previously!

October 15th:
2016-17 Upper Deck UD Canvas #C138
From my pack stash. Is that the best photo they could have chosen?

October 16th:
2013-14 Totally Certified #94
This card is mirror foil and scans terribly. It's from the store collated repack I've been saving since 2014 for this project. It's almost empty...I plan to save it and finish the box out on December 31st.

October 17th:
2017-18 Upper Deck #205
A rare purchase off the Database. (I would MUCH rather trade). Ho-Sang is being really terribly handled by the Islanders. I hope he gets a chance to move to another team, because I think he's got what it takes to make it in the NHL...if only he would get the chance.

October 18th:
2017-18 Panini Threads #29
My 34th birthday! I am totally OK with the fact that the majority of my present this year came from the dollar store.

October 19th:
1993 Craftsman Motorsports #8
Funny story about this one...Way back in January, my friend Chuck, aka C2Cigars on the Database, had sent me an envelope with some foreign stamps on them (stamps are another hobby of mine). Well, I took it totally at face value...meaning, I just put it with my stamp collection, totally happy with that. In October, he sent me a message and asked if everything was OK because he didn't see this card as marked in my collection. I didn't even look in the envelope! Luckily, I knew right where it was and pulled out the card! Although this is clearly a NASCAR card, this is actually an insert from a Non-Sports set.

October 20th:
2017-18 Upper Deck #113
I got this in trade with Database member DCDeacon. With that trade, I now have every veteran player card from 17-18 series 1! I still need a ton of Young Guns though.

October 21st:
1964-65 Topps #49
October 21st was the best day of the year. It's the day we visited the museum! On the way home, we stopped at the local dealer who had given me the birthday present a week previously so I could thank him. While I was there, I decided to get some vintage hockey cards, my first cards from this set, as well as 1959-60 and 1962-63.

October 22nd:
2017-18 Panini Threads #32
The last day of normalcy. I spend most of the day working on my pictures from the Museum, and luckily, I backed them up.

October 23rd:
1993 DC Comics Bloodlines #79
This is the day my computer fan died, which would kick off a two-week mess of trying to get it fixed and lots and lots of frustration that would see me eventually just give up and buy a new one on November 7th. The 23rd is also the anniversary of the day my brother read me my first comic book, kicking off the first hobby for me. I've been in the comic hobby every day since then...I had purchased this pack at the Albany Comic Con on June 3rd and held it specifically for this date. I have no other DC cards in my stash to pull from.

October 24th:
1986-69 Jack in the Box San Diego Rockets
I should have been really excited to get this, because it's my first card from this season, but I was too depressed with what was going on with my computer. I pulled from the COMC box that day and the next.

October 25th:
2004-05 Topps Black #208
Cheap SN. My kryptonite.

October 26th:
2018 Sports Illustrated for Kids 5 #773
I actually got two issues of SI for Kids in October, which is odd. I had already done the Card of the Day for the first one. This issue was better as there were only two college cards.

October 27th:
2004 Wheels American Thunder #26
I got this in trade with Database member 18germainB. It's the only set of 2004 I never did a box of, so I still have a lengthy wantlist. His name is barely visible, as it's black on foil. It's Rusty Wallace for anyone who doesn't know and cares. October 27th was the day of my model club show, which is where I won my first career first place award.

October 28th:
2005-06 SP Authentic #103
From the COMC box. This has a lot going for it- my favorite team, one of my favorite players, and it's SN! It's actually my first numbered Jagr card, I believe.

October 29th:
2010-11 Totally Certified #94
Hitting the COMC box again. Without my computer I wanted to be sure what I was adding was new so the COMC box played a big role in that- everything in there is guaranteed to be new.

October 30th:
2001-02 Vanguard #5
I finished my paper hockey listing that day, so I figured, what better way to celebrate then putting it through it's paces? I opened up several of the team bags from the large box sent to me by Shane of Shoebox Legends in September, and I ended up adding about 250 cards to my collection that day.

October 31st:
2016-17 Hoops Swat Team #4
I was digging through some of my boxes and found a pack of this set yet unopened. I have completed the base set. I was hoping for a parallel but had to settle for an insert.

And that's the end of that month. It took me a long time to get this posted due to the computer problems and looking for the missing cards. I didn't get the cards I was able to find fully scanned and labeled until November 12th.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Secret Project Revealed

I've been teasing my big mystery project for some time now...I began working on it in August, and other than the two weeks I did not have my computer, and one week spent on the Sousafly collection, I've been working on it almost every waking hour since then. I wasn't going to reveal quite yet, but I had to get some help, so I revealed what it was  on the Database today, and I had to reveal it here as well.

Here's the basic gist of it- whenever I wanted to post something, I'd have to go hunting for it. When I wanted to do a grand overview post- like a Uniform History post, or an Encyclopedia post, I'd have to spend hours trying to find what I needed to post- the Uniform History posts took me 7 hours each to compose.

So, I decided I would create folders for each team and each person, and copy and paste my entire scan collection so I would be able to see anything at any time. If I wanted to see all my Elton Brand cards, for example, I would go to NBA by Player > B > Brand, Elton. That's three clicks to see it all. If I wanted to see how my New York Rangers collection is progressing, I would go to NHL by Team > New York Rangers.  I would still be able to go to the overall listing and see everything sorted by set, in numerical order, as my scan collection has been sorted since 2009 when I began the process of scanning everything.

My collection is pretty large- I've scanned more than 122,000 cards. (all topics combined). I started sorting with NHL, because my collection is still small enough that I can run new project ideas through it and see how it would really look, and I loved it. I knocked off football and baseball in a night each. But the NBA...that's where I got slowed down. Well over 50% of my entire collection is NBA. (91,000 out of 160,000 cards) I've been working on the NBA for quite a while now. I finished the teams but only got as far as letter R before my computer died. (I've since finished R and begun S).

But I still have to do all of T-Z and the majority of S. I have not even begun NASCAR and other racing, or the other sports or Non-Sports. The final two will not have teams to worry about. While there are teams in other sports, I don't really have enough of them to worry about. Other sports will be all the Olympic cards, and the random other sports that have entered my collection. A pack here or there doesn't add much, but years of SI For Kids multi-sport cards sure does. Everything not in the Big 5 sports will be mixed together, sorted into albums for each person.

NASCAR will be a lot of work for me, because my scan collection is in a bit of flux. I did NASCAR first, but due to a combination of being clueless and maybe a little bit of lack of technology- I didn't have PhotoScape for most of that time- the scans are not great. All of them need to be corrected, some of them need to be remade from scratch, because back then I was OK with "close enough". I'm not now.

I'm going to do what I can for NASCAR for now, and do the rest when I scan the backs- I still have mostly only the fronts done for NASCAR.

But wait, there's more. While I am doing this all on my Seagate remote hard drive...I'm also putting it online. I've launched a new website, which you can see here: New Cardboard History Website

I'm still  in the upload process. I have only gotten the basketball teams posted, so far. I still have so much more to do, but at least now it's far enough along that I can share the link.

I am running into a small problem...I am not sure I can afford the storage capacity to display everything as I want to. I have maintained my main Fotki account since 2004, and I have so much stuff on there that it costs me $96 a year. The card site should cost less than that, but it might be more than I can do. The basketball by team used up 51% of my storage capacity as I currently have it. I still want to post it two more times, (by person and by set) plus I have not even started to upload the hockey, racing, or anything else. While it shouldn't cost me $96, it will have to go up each year. Having to pay for medicine, and the car, and the computer- both of the latter two will be paying for until 2020 at least, and the medicine the rest of my life...I just don't know. I already know that I will probably not be able to take part in this year's COMC or Dave and Adams Black Friday sales. (having to buy a new computer ensured that)

Even if I can't upload it to the website, at least I will be able to see it on my own hard drive, and it will sure make things easier for me to create posts for this Cardboard History.

I do plan to keep up with the basketball teams I've already uploaded. On the 1st of each month I upload what I've done in the previous month to my main website, which already has my cards by set. After I finish that upload I will work on the new Cardboard History Fotki.

While I realize this is probably only a big deal to me, this is a project I've wanted to do a long time, and I'm happy to be able to do it. If the maintaining of the new site means it takes me longer to finish scanning my entire collection, I actually view that as a good thing.

I've already seen how the maintaining will work, as I had finished the NBA and NHL teams before November 1st, so I got to put the cards I scanned in October into place.

I really love being able to see the entire history of the team all in one place. This is exactly what I've always wanted to do, but didn't have the capability to do so before.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

New computer

Well, that didn't last long. Wednesday morning I went to go on my computer, and the exact same thing would not come on. Ugh, totally frustrated...I gave up. A trip to Best Buy resulted and a new computer was purchased. It's something new to me...not a laptop, but not a typical computer either. It's something called and All-In-One, meaning it has a separate screen and keyboard, but instead of having a tower, all the parts that make it run are on the back of the monitor.

It's going to take some time to get used to. For one, it's huge. The screen is 21 and a half inches from corner to corner, a full five inches larger than my previous lap top. From top to bottom is 10 and a half inches, which is a huge difference! I need to get used to the new size.

It runs Windows 10, which I have heard nothing good about. But, it's not as bad as I expected. I did have to "reinvent the wheel" a little bit in how I do things, but that's not too horrible. It's certainly easy enough that I figured it out in a matter of moments, only.

I've already downloaded PhotoScape, the first thing I did. I had to download the driver for the main scanner I use, which changed it a little. Now the button on the scanner doesn't work anymore, but I have a one click icon in the task bar that makes it scan. The scans themselves are also better- it didn't try to auto-crop and make me have to rescan in the admittedly small sample size I am working off so far. It scanned the full glass, which is nice- what I always wanted it to do. I can't tell you the number of times that I've had to rescan something because the scanner was trying to think for me and auto crop. Usually every day...sometimes 5 or 6 times before it would  get it right. I don't want to get my hopes up because I've only done three scans, but it's already better than it was. The colors are better as well. Instead of having to adjust 20/30, now I have to only correct 10/10.

I have not gotten Excel going on it yet- I'm going to try and do that after I finish creating this post. I have no doubt I will be able to, because...a first for me...I set it up all by myself. Normally, my brother does all the set up. But I was too anxious to wait for him to get here, so I did it myself, and I did fine.

The actual keyboard is going to take some time to get used to. I've been using a laptop exclusively since 2003 so I'm not really familiar with a keyboard anymore. It might take some time. I made about 3 dozen typos creating this post, that I am aware of, including one just in this sentence. (I actually typoed the word typo!)

Since I'm so fanatical about backing things up, I only lost one document on the last computer. And it was just my scale model club's monthly newsletter, so I can easily get another copy.
One thing weird...both computer #2 and #3 died on the night of the club's meetings. #1 died before I joined the club. Hopefully #4 will last me a very, very long time.

One of my plans for Wednesday was to write up the post for the October Card of the Day. It's now 2 AM on Thursday as I'm typing this and I have not even begun to tackle it yet, but at least I have a brand new computer to do it on.

2018 has been an interesting year that has seen a lot of things new enter. In February I got a new TV (my last one having died sometime in 2016) and we got a new fridge (our old one was built in 1982!), in July we got a new car, replacing our 1994 Jeep that last ran in 2015, and now in November I got a new computer. (the old one dates to 2012). None of those have been planned, or particularly wanted changes, but the first three have all been improvements on life. I suspect this one will be as well, although I've only been working on it for about 3 hours now. (I actually went to the model club meeting tonight- where I was given 8 free models and 6 free books! And I won a gold in our club quarterly competition. A good day)

Finally, to show the size of the new's a picture of me holding a full size ruler up in front of it. Yes, it really is that big!

Monday, November 5, 2018

Computer problems

Well, that was an annoying two weeks. On October 23rd, the fan in my computer died. It's done it before, the design must be fairly weak. So, I took it to Staples, which had replaced it in 2015. They gave me all kinds of attitude about never having done that work- and got even more sarcastic when I pointed out that the sticker from when they fixed it last time was still on the lid. So, there was no way I was leaving it there.

Found a local shop that was highly recommended, and took it there on the 25th of October. He replaced the fan, and I got it back Sunday, the 28th. Only, it would not connect to the internet. As I'm trying everything to work on the connection problem, I tried to restart it. Only, it wouldn't come on! I hadn't saved the scanning I did that day, which was not good. My brother, who knows more about computers than I do, thought to hook a different monitor up to it and using that I was able to get my scans and some Excel work I had done onto my remote hard drive. The computer went back to the shop the very next morning, one week ago today. Then I didn't hear anything. On Friday, we called the shop to get an update and he said that he replaced the hard drive. He said it would be ready the next day.

Now, I'm starting to panic because even though I got the most important stuff off it, I would lose some programs if I lost everything, most notably Excel and Word, and PhotoScape. I use Excel and PhotoScape every single day of the year. Literally. Word, not so much, but I do use it to track my comic collection so I do need it.

After not hearing anything on Saturday, or Sunday, we called Sunday afternoon and said we were coming to pick it up on Monday, even if it's not working. After all, they had it for 12 days. Miraculously, it was done this morning. I finally got it back. The guy who does the work does appear to know what he's doing, but is WAY overextended. It's working just fine now, although I'm still not sure how much I'm willing to trust it. I feel like I did with the Jeep, where it worked...but I didn't really trust it.

For now, though, it works, and I'm trying to catch up on what I wasn't able to do without Excel for a week.

I didn't lose anything, thankfully!

It wasn't totally lost time, though. I still had my Tablet, which means I could still check the Database. A while back I had begun writing my paper listing for the NHL, but I had to set it aside and go back to it later because all that writing was making my hand hurt. Well, that Later was Now. During the down time I finished writing out all the NHL base cards and parallels that are in my collection. From now on, when I add new cards to a set already present in my collection, I won't have to stop to create a listing-it'll already exist. (with the exception of a couple I need to have in hand because I'm not sure which version I have).

I previously had the entirety of my collection ONLY on the Database. If my internet went out, or my computer died, I would have no way to know what cards are new or not. That's unacceptable, so I fixed it. Now, I will always know what's new or not, at least for hockey. Baseball*, Football and other sports still are documented only on the Database but I don't add to them very's not that big a concern. I could always push off checking until I got the internet back, it's never been down for more than a few hours. 

I also took notes on the sets that were NOT in my collection, and will be getting a post out of that in the not too distant future, I hope. (I've already added a few from the last box Shane of Shoebox Legends sent me, which I have not fully gone through yet...but did some of while I was without my computer.) It's more than I would have guessed, and the breakdown on the years was somewhat surprising to me. I'll talk more about that in the dedicated post.

I made paper listings for the NBA Panini Stickers of 2014-15 and 2015-16, which I previously didn't have, as I didn't consider them part of my collection until after they were already gone from store shelves.

*Finally, I made my first ever baseball paper listing. 1990 Topps, I love that design. The one everybody hates, I love. I've got about 70 of them now, and I know I have more in my unopened stash. One of them was Card of the Day this week.

Although I have been without my computer, the Card of the Day Project has gone that I have my computer back, and can scan again, I will be getting the October Card of the Day post up as soon as I can, but it will probably be a few more days still. I have a LOT to catch up on!

While I was able to publish my last two posts via the tablet, it's really not conducive to typing out a post, and with no way to scan, I have not written a post for two weeks, to the day. I exhausted my "ready to go" posts in the queue with those two, so if I want to keep my "not-spoken but kind of a thing" thing where I publish at least ten posts a month this year, I need to get busy writing! 

Finally, on a good note, the first thing I saw when I got my computer set back up and running, was the announcement of this year's Blogger Secret Santa, now being run by Jon of A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts since Matt of Bob Walk the Plank has retired. I took part the past two years, and it was a LOT of fun. Both years also introduced me to new blogs...all 4 blogs- both that I sent to and both that sent to me- were blogs I had never seen before, and all are now on my regular reading list. (Baseball Every Day, The Collector, Scribbled Ink and John's Big League Baseball are the four that I learned about via this program, in case anyone wonders. That's to me and sent by me for both years in order. Ahh, without my computer and Excel I have not been able to exercise my OCD!) If you aren't reading Jon's posts yet, make sure to give him a follow. He posts some interesting stuff, and collects most every topic so there's always something interesting to read there. The link in this paragraph takes you right to the Secret Santa post.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Yet more highlights from the collection I bought

It's been a while since I shared some of the good stuff from that collection I bought in September...I've been so busy with my mystery project that I have not really done a whole lot of scanning this month. Only what needed to get posted to the Database. Fighting a little burnout on the mystery project got me scanning again, so here's some more highlights....
This set, from 1994-95 Hoops, is one of the earliest parallels of an insert. I've been wanting an example of this set since I began collecting and heard about them, but it took me until this collection to get my first. I've now got two!

 The Ultra Power insert from 1994-95 Ultra is a good one. I'm close to completing it now. It has large metallic sparkles in the clearcoat on the card.
 This just scanned well. Was well received when I posted it on Twitter so here it is again.
 There were several cards from 1993-94 Panini Stickers. I find that it's very rare to find stickers in the wild- this is the first time I've ever gotten any mixed in with other cards. There were a handful of examples of this set. I wish they showed up in repacks.
 I added a bunch of the Z-Cling parallels from 1996-97 Z-Force. Unfortunately they were only in series 1. It sets off my OCD when a parallel is only in one series, and Fleer did that several times in this era.
 Another from the Z-Cling. My all time NBA jersey design.
Another super sparkly Kemp. The lightning bolts are embossed. This is a 10 card insert out of 1998-99 Fleer Tradition, but I believe this is my first from it.

 Genuine Article is a one-year only college release that was pretty much run out of the hobby. This is an autograph, but it's probably not DeJuan Wheat's autograph. They were known for having autographs with the player's name mis-spelled!
 This looks great in a scan, but it looks even better in person. My second of this insert, I pulled the Garnett when new.
A cool insert with a textured front. It's also SN, and my copy is SN444/1000!