Friday, September 14, 2018

Some early highlights from the collection

I think this may be my favorite card so far. It's not an actual game used net relic, but it is a piece of net embedded in the card. Sort of an early manufactured relic, I guess. With the net being white, I had to scan it with the lid open so it wouldn't just be a white square in the middle.  Here's the back:
This was a really unique concept, especially from 2000-01. I didn't really get to experience Pacific- they didn't have the NBA license, and they only made a couple of promo sets for NASCAR which I didn't get until more than a decade after they were issued. But this is certainly unique!

There were actual relics, too:
My first board relic! There are some others waiting scans too.

 There's not much non-sport yet, but the 1991 Pacific Remember Pearl Harbor set is new to my collection.
 The majority of the collection is NBA, and I'm adding lots of new inserts from the 1990s. That's a very good thing!
 1996-97 Ultra is my all-time favorite set, and this is only my second card from this insert set!
 These Pick-Up Game cards are exceptionally hard to find. There's multiple versions of each player (Upper Deck, like this one, Stadium Club, Metal, and possibly one other I'm forgetting now) and this only my second UD example. I pulled the first when the set was new! This is Benoit Benjamin, by the way.
 This is a promotional sample. I had no idea this one existed, it wasn't even listed on the Database. By the way, that's not overcropped. The top of his head really is not included on the card.
 Refractor! The basic Chrome version was also new to me. Due to my love of the refractor technology, I actually have more of them than the non-refractor basic Season's Best inserts from 1998-99 Topps.

Die cut in the shape of a stop sign.
 The collection seems to trail off during the 2006-07 season, which is coincidentally when I trailed off as well, something I now regret. I'm not adding too many new base cards, but I am adding some. This is from 2005-06 SPx.
 I have a lot of Ron Mercer cards, but I've added two rookies of his already- this one, from Finest, and his Upper Deck flagship base card, which is one of the relatively few I needed from the set.
 I've stated a few times that getting every card from the 1995-96 season is something I'd like to do- it's mostly attainable, other than the Electric Court Gold parallels from Upper Deck which were one per box. I've added a few inserts from 1995-96 including this one from Skybox.
 A die-cut, etched foil insert from 1999-00 Ultra.
 1999-00 was the last year of Metal, a set I always liked. I enjoy etched foil. I completed the base set years ago, this is the Emerald parallel, which fell one per pack, but I still need about 3/4ths of them. I don't remember what year I most recently added one before this, it's been a few.
 An insert from 1996-97 Metal, my 2nd favorite set. I have completed the base set but the inserts are pretty low in my collection. This is I believe only my 4th from the 20 card Cyber-Metal set. Latrell Sprewell has always been a favorite of mine as well. The Cyber-Metal set appears to feature flying robot referees and big metal prongs over the court...for some reason. The flying robot referees may be a good idea, actually...
There are some serially numbered cards popping up as well! This is the lowest level parallel from 1998-99 Black Diamond, Double Diamond, numbered to 3000. A Triple Diamond, numbered to 1500 and featuring a yellow theme, has also shown up but scanned poorly so I didn't post it. It was of Chris Webber.
 An autographed phone card. That's a first! Martin Hohenberger only has 8 cards, and doesn't appear to have made the NHL. I think this is a USA national team jersey but I am not 100% sure on what team this card depicts yet.

That's all I've got scanned right now...there's lots more to come. I have not even finished the first square box yet and I'm already at 478 new cards, and more than a dozen new people for my hockey collection.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

I bought a collection

Cross off one of the bucket list items, that I never even realized WAS a bucket list item, until I did it!
All of these boxes are very full and very heavy- these are the large $18 flat rate boxes, and there's one more that was taken in before I thought to take the picture....I don't know yet how many cards I got in here, but it's a ton. Thousands upon thousands, for sure. I've only gone through a small fraction of them, and it's going to take me some time to go through the rest. There's actually a chance that I will not finish them before the end of 2018!

These all came from an actual collector, a member of the Trading Card Database, who is moving and not lugging their collection along with them. Username Sousafly...she has some football and baseball stuff available as well, and is only asking that you pay the shipping cost. The shipping for all these is about $170 which in my mind was well worth it. I mean, look how much of my brother's car they take up! 8 long flat boxes and one square box on's a ton!

If I wasn't so obsessed with numbers, I would be able to move through them much quicker. But,  I am, and, since they are sorted by player (so far) it's taking me a little longer. That's fine though, I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to give these cards a home...and maybe trade off/COMC off some of the duplicates too, eventually.

I'll be posting some cards out of here in due time...I'm a bit overwhelmed right now because the boxes arrived the morning of our annual trip to Lake George and the Adirondack Nationals, my favorite weekend of the year, which saw me take 1,987 photos in a 4 day span, which I'm still working on processing and uploading to my Fotki.

Friday, September 7, 2018

New People added to my collection in August 2018

This is a pretty small month for new people who don't fall under my three main sports. At least it makes an easy post for me to create!

1940s J.J. Newberry
I had no idea what this set was, but I saw it at my local vintage dealer for cheap and decided to buy it. I thought it was 30s, but apparently is wartime. There is no year known for sure. I had never heard of him, but I decided to take a gamble for $1.
2018 Sports Illustrated for Kids 5 #756

2018 Sports Illustrated for Kids 5 #757

2018 Sports Illustrated for Kids 5 #758

2018 Sports Illustrated for Kids #762
1965 Donruss Spec Sheet #29
This is Jack Williams, who won the points trophy in an un-named drag racing series in 1964. I don't know if it was NHRA, IHRA or some other sanctioning body. I've tagged NHRA just to keep all drag racing posts together, at least.

That's it. I'm happy to have some more female athletes represented, (even if two are college) and any time I can add a new racer is a good day. Based on how sports cards are, it's not going to be often where the new female athletes actually outnumber the male.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

New NHL Players added to my collection in August 2018

August 2018 was a big month for adding new people- I'm beginning the composing stage of this post on August 21st, and I've already got a whopping 69 new people added to my collection during the month- all but 12 of them from the Sports Card Tour contest winnings I got from Chris! Luckily for me, the actual posting process will be pretty easy for me as the vast majority of the cards he sent me were in numerical order within sets. The longest part will be labeling them, I suppose. But before I get to the cards Chris set me, I have the dozen new people who came from the 2018-19 MVP hobby box I had pre-ordered...

2018-19 MVP #237
2018-19 MVP #224
2018-19 MVP #184
2018-19 MVP Silver Script #236
2018-19 MVP NHL Player Credentials #NHL-ET
2018-19 MVP #249
2018-19 MVP #96
2018-19 MVP #244
2018-19 MVP #117
2018-19 MVP #228
2018-19 MVP #22

2018-19 MVP NHL Player Credentials Autographs #NHL-TD
Now begins the players won in Chris's contest...there's a lot of them, so hang on!
2013-14 Score #488
2013-14 Score #227

2013-14 Score #260

2013-14 Score #289
I had just read Rich Clune's story in the Player's Tribune less than week before I got this card, detailing his problems with depression. Worth a read. I tried to find a link to put in but I was not able to.
2013-14 Score #602
2013-14 Score #606

2013-14 Score #610

2013-14 Score #629

2013-14 Score #631

2013-14 Score #641
1990-91 Topps #234
I would swear I had him in my collection already, but good thing I checked. As it turned out I only had Jan Hrdina, not Jiri. I ended up getting my second card of him later that day as well!
1990-91 Upper Deck #81

1990-91 Upper Deck #325
 This "Star Rookie" played exactly 1 career NHL 1995-96, as a member of the Islanders!
1990-91 Upper Deck #333

1990-91 Upper Deck #357

1991-92 Score American #395
1990-91 7th Inning Sketch OHL #93
Although I title this post NHL players, I include minor league hockey players as well, and by minor, I mean anything not NHL, not the capitalized Minor referring to a certain age class.
2013-14 Score Gold #161

2013-14 Score Gold #194

2013-14 Score Gold #215
1991-92 Topps #120

1991-92 Topps #162

1991-92 Topps #357
His name is actually Normand, this is a UER.
1991-92 Upper Deck #22

1991-92 Upper Deck #23
 Yes, International players/cards count as well.
1991-92 Upper Deck #50

1991-92 Upper Deck #332

1991-92 Upper Deck #405

1991-92 Upper Deck #454

1991-92 Upper Deck #455

1991-92 Upper Deck #459

1991-92 Upper Deck #470

1991-92 Upper Deck #475

1991-92 Upper Deck #478

1991-92 Upper Deck #495

1991-92 Upper Deck #496

1992-93 Ultra #252

1992-93 Ultra #254

1992-93 Ultra #260
 Surprisingly, with all the Russians in hockey, this is my first player named Yuri in my collection!
1992-93 Ultra #269

1992-93 Ultra #271
2013-14 Score #637
1995-96 Topps #209

1997-98 Donruss #215
2000-01 Topps #212
 One of the more than 25 hockey players killed in the Lokotmotiv Yaroslavl plane crash in September 2011.
2000-01 Topps #255

2000-01 Topps #272

2000-10 Topps #291

2000-01 Topps #300

2000-01 Upper Deck Vintage #270

2002-03 Topps #301

2002-03 Topps #307

2009-10 Ultra #153

2009-10 Ultra #167

2009-10 Ultra #192
A current Ranger! Although I don't think there are any cards showing McLeod in the Rangers colors.
2000-01 Aurora #143

2010-11 In the Game Heroes and Prospects #63
Also my first card of this set.
2006-07 SPx #201

As always, all the players were shown in the actual order they entered my collection, thanks to OCD.