Friday, May 20, 2022

CrazieJoe corrects a mistake I made circa 1996

 I was a very different person back in 1996. (I'm sure that's true for everyone, actually). When I first began collecting the NBA, I was a bit more rigid than I am now- back then, everything had to be defined before I would consider it part of my collection, and, this is the important part for this post, it had to be standard sized. Anything that was not standard sized was not considered part of my collection, with the exception of the so-called "Tall boys". 

So, when I got the current season Fleer/Z-Force promo, and two year old Emotion promo, which were two standard sized cards attached to a center strip with perforations...I separated them. Although I didn't think much of it at the time, I came to regret it, and I've been regretting it now since the late 1990s. I have not come across replacements for either yet...

until Joeseph sent me a package recently, and the very first thing I see in the box is a copy of the Emotion panel! In perfect, unperforated form! 

Amazing to see it in one piece again, for the first time in circa 25 years. Here they are in all their singular unit glory! 

That wasn't all, though. 

He also included the panel for the NHL set, which, despite using the same design and being released in the same year, is actually from a different season, with NBA being 1994-95 and NHL being 1995-96. I had never actually even seen the NHL card before!  

These two panels will NEVER be separated, I can assure you of that! 

That wasn't all Joseph sent but this, to me, is definitely the highlight. 

Just because, here's the back. 

Thank you again Joseph, and sorry for how long it took me to get this post published. Looking over at the right side of the dashboard, I see that I started composing it on December 8th, 2021...

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Collecting on purpose

 While I collect by opportunity most of the time, I will also search out specific cards. 

These two cards got all the Topps NHL sets into my collection. Although the 1958-59 was purchased second, the 1961-62 came out of the box last so it was the last set I needed to get at least one of each. 

I will periodically search for Racing Champions cards I don't have, or need to upgrade, and found two here that I needed...sort of. I have a copy of the Moroso card, but it's sealed in the package with the car where I can't access it. 

I will also look for 1997 Pinnacle Trophy Collection cards from time to time, and found these two this time. 

Another Racing Champions find, this one I actually spent $15 on, which is a lot for me. 
I had been wanting to get a card from this set for a while, and I ended up getting Sarah Fisher, who I was always a fan of.
Joel Lundqvist is the twin brother to my all-time favorite NHL player, so I figured I needed a card of him too. He doesn't have as many available since much of his career has been in Europe. 
I've shown the Chrysler Building many times with pictures I've taken, so when I found this card of it I had to get it.
My best friend and I were talking about my NHL collection and what teams I had a relic from and still needed. I didn't have anything for the Nordiques so when I saw this one I had to get it. 
Hershel McGriff holds, I believe, the record for longest professional sports career in history, as his career lasted from 1950 to 2018. At 94 years old, he was just inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Hailing from Washington state, he famously drove his family car cross-country, raced it in the first Southern 500 at Darlington in 1950 (in South Carolina), and then drove it home. 

The 2017 Tools of the Trade insert is one of my favorite series of relic cards Panini has done. I get as many of them as I can. There are about a dozen different versions to chase, including autographs, so I doubt I'll ever complete it- but I will have fun adding as many as I can. 

Kelsey Plum is a WNBA player who played on the Women's 3x3 tournament in the last Olympics. I became a fan then and had to see if she had any cards I could afford and that showed her face, and this was pretty much the only option.
Igor has taken the reigns as Rangers goalie and is fast becoming a superstar. There were even people saying he was in the running NHL MVP this year, and not just people biased for the Rangers, which I totally am. This is his card from the 2018-19 KHL season, his last before coming to New York. It's my first card from the entire league. 

I'm sure you can guess why I got these cards! I don't believe either are related but I don't care about that at all. 

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Collecting by Opportunity

I consider myself a collector by opportunity. I have so many sets I'm working on, so many concepts I'm working on, that there is ALWAYS something to collect. So I like to sort by lowest price and pick off as many cards as I can before I run out of money.  

This card is from 1948-49 Bowman, and is the only card Howie Dallmar ever got. 
From 1953-54 Parkhurst, my 3rd oldest hockey card.

1994-95 Service Line, an NBA set I didn't know existed. The fact that it was only available in Europe is no excuse! 
A standalone inset from 1995 Upper Deck
I've always rooted for Bobby Dotter...mostly because he was car #08. So when I saw this autograph I had to get it.
One of the earliest relic cards ever made. This single card insert is from 1996 Pinnacle. 
Searching by SN -> lowest price is one of my favorite things to do so you will see a lot of them in this post, and they will appear in chronological order of release. 
Autographs are usually more expensive so I don't get as many of them but I still will when I can. 

This is a parallel of an insert, an Emerald Proof, with green foil. Each driver in the insert got three cards, and you could fit them together to make a larger image. 
I have no idea where this card came from.
The other side has a tire from Harvick.

I probably could have put the eTopps cards in the promo thread.
Red flag! 

My favorite autograph insert ever. I would really love to complete this set of any other, but I don't think it will ever happen. I lack some of the biggest names, like Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart, still. I pulled the Dale Jr. from this set from a single pack purchase, still my favorite pull ever. 

I had no idea this was going to look so cool when I got it. The relic piece appeared black on COMC, but it's actually shiny chrome. 
A fairly generic insert card, which I got because it's one of only 2 Chicago Stags cards ever released. 
Raced used, SN and shows the car...doesn't get much better than that. 
When I was searching SN by lowest price, this card of Damir Markota came up, and since I knew he was somebody missing from my collection, it was an easy choice to add this one to my account. 
I really like how the background for the material is black, which shows off the holes in the jersey better. Believe it or not but this is a base card from this set.
I liked this card so much I bought two copies! 
Loved the Platinum parallels in Press Pass. 
It's hard to see but this card is numbered to 25 copies. Look on his left sleeve.
I really like the 2013-14 Contenders set.
I now have two of the many parallels of this card. I guess I'm building a rainbow. Being more than happy to collect cards of prospects that didn't "make it" opens up some nice cards. 
Green Flag prizm parallel, this is both race used and numbered. 
I wish Compendium was actually available to buy in packs.
Not the greatest photo, but a 29 cent addition to my set build.
I am working on this set slowly but surely. 
This is a Fast Break parallel. 
This is a Fast Break Parallel  of the Retro Series insert. It's kind of jarring to see this technology used on a Buffalo Braves card, but that's actually what drew me to it in the first place.
When I got this card, I thought it was my first of him, but I was mistaken. 
This card, besides being SN 01/25, holds a little more meaning than that. When I began collecting hockey officially, it was the end of the 2016-17 season. 2017-18 was my first full season, and the very first card I pulled out of the first pack of my first season was the base version of this card. 
I don't remember how much I paid for this but knowing me it wasn't much. Nice patch. 
Green parallel and SN5, and a car photo. Win all around!
Two big pieces of sheet metal here. 
My only card of him.
Erik Jones must not be too popular because his relics are not too expensive.
Never been a huge fan of Wally's but a great shot of the 1997 car there. 
Super sparkly, the scan doesn't do it justice.
My love of the UD Exclusives parallel is well known. I'll get any that I can afford.
Action Packed should be embossed...not just a photo with a filter run over it. 
I was inspired to add a card of her to my collection after hearing how she was helping to free a man wrongly convicted for murder.
My only hat headband relic
When I first got into the sport Rusty was a favorite of mine and I am glad to add this autograph to my collection.
and finally my first card of Cody Ware.