Friday, November 17, 2017

History's Calling

Are you reading this on your phone? In the past two decades, the cell phone has become a ubiquitous part of life. I know only one person who refuses to get one...everyone else has one, I even have two of them, one smart phone and one stupid phone. I can't imagine life without them, especially considering that since my TV died in 2016, I have been watching everything on my even allowed me to get into hockey.

But cell phones were not always the miniature computers they are now.

Like so:
This photo, taken in 1992 and appearing in the 1993 Action Packed set, may be the earliest card to show a cell phone. It's certainly the earliest card I've seen to show one. And, because it's Action Packed, it's also embossed, because that is what they did. The Action Packed cards generally don't scan well, though, because the scanner picks up on the embossedness (yes, I made up a word- if Shakespeare could do it so can I) and puts weird white lines on his chin and nose. Almost like a reverse shadow.

The back of the card even captions the front photo:
1992 would turn out to be Kyle's best Cup season. Under the points system used from 2004-14, he would have won the Cup championship, in fact. He raced until 2008, and is currently a broadcaster for NBC. He still has the same haircut, although now it's kept in a ponytail.And is much grayer.  Felix Sabates still owns a portion of this team, now driven by Kyle Larson, although Chip Ganassi is now the primary owner of the team.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

An upgrade hiding for 14 years in my own collection!

I have not really talked about it too much, but I have a huge stash of duplicate cards sitting in my storage unit. I don't know exactly when I last saw them, but I'm guessing it was in 2003 or 2004. I haven't seen them in years, until last year when we moved to a better storage unit. Yesterday (October 28th, not sure when I'll actually get around to posting this) I went to my storage unit and moved the model kits off them, and started going through them a little bit. There's going to be some loss- the previous storage unit was not climate controlled, so they were essentially exposed to the elements. There is a degree of "brickage" and the weight of the stuff has damaged some. Luckily, they ARE duplicates. At some point I'm going to cart them home and sort them...then compare them to my actual collection to see if there are any upgrades...or possibly variations. I know there will be...because I've found some already!

 The Brickowski from 1988-89 Fleer was one I knew needed an upgrade for a while, and I found a small stack of the set in a box with a receipt from October 2003 in it, and was happy to have one of his cards in there! Believe it or not, I specifically tried to get the flash on the card to show the bends. It has 5 bends, all 4 corners are weak, and it has surface scratches.

The Juwan Howard card was one I didn't know I needed to replace...I had, back in 2004, the last time I had been through my collection, left it next to one of the inserts from Stadium Club from around the same time period. Unfortunately, those cards have gotten sticky and damaged several cards around them, including this Howard card. I found a small stack of 2001-02 Fleer Premium- surely the duplicates from the two boxes I did back when the set was new- and brought them home, because I couldn't remember off the top of my head WHICH card was damaged, just that it was a Maverick. I was in luck! You can see the white spots on the border and on his jersey.

If anyone wants the two damaged cards shown above, I'd be more than happy to send them to you, but I'm not going to spend a lot of money on them, so it will be PWE. It's not like they aren't damaged already, afterall.
Unfortunately, I forgot to look for an upgrade for this Charles Barkley 1989-90 Fleer card. And I had a big stack of 89-90 Fleer in my hands, too...I simply forgot to look. Duh! The cards are easily accessible now, so going and looking would be pretty easy. Since I plan to go through the boxes in their entirety at some point, I probably won't make a special trip, though. This card has no less than 7 bends in it, plus the corners are all bad. I hope this isn't the best (Only) copy of the card I've got, but it shouldn't be too bad if I have to replace it at some point. I don't plan to do that until I am sure I don't have one already, and I'm not going to sort them until I finish scanning my collection...looking at 2021 or later, considering how many new cards I'm getting from friends and family members lately, but that is NOT a complaint!

About the sticking and bricking....
Ugh, that was painful to see. I'm holding two cards here, the rest are all stuck together, and pretty much all of them stuck together are too damaged to put on my tradelist. The cards that are in even stacks are mostly going to be OK...but the ones that slid around and were not even on the top, they are mostly going to be lost. Of course, I can't throw any cards away, so I'll still have them forever...unless I can find somebody who wants them...but once I get them apart, and make sure there are no variations here...I will be putting them in a box, and putting them back in the storage unit, and probably not going to look at them again for 15 more years.
I'm not sure if you can tell, or are familiar with the boxes, but Avon used to send boxes that were a great size for card storage...I prefer to use them for my duplicates, and have for years. (Luckily, my mom was involved in Avon at the time so we got them pretty much every week). There are 7 of them...all full like this one. I don't know how many card each box holds, but 2000, give or take, is my guess.

I didn't photograph them, but I also found replacements for three of the 2003-04 Topps cards that got destroyed in my flood of 2/5/15.

I found some other interesting stuff, in the duplicate stash, as well. 1989-90 Hoops has some errors and variations, but my collection is documented on card number- if my records show I have a number, then any other copies of the card go into the duplicate box. One of the cards in 1989-90 Hoops is such a minuscule variation, the #115 card of Spud Webb was originally issued with the wrong date of his free agent signing. They later corrected it. I had the corrected version all these years, but found one of the error versions in my duplicate box. I also found, in a box mostly filled with empty toploaders, a German Collector's Choice card from 1994-95 and a football card I had no recollection of ever having. Back then, actually until a few months ago, I did not count the International editions of the Collector's Choice cards as part of my collection. Now I do! And anything that wasn't NBA or NASCAR I could care less about, which is how the football card got into a box with duplicates and empty toploaders. Now, I consider them both part of my collection, and even better, the football player was one I didn't have in my collection previously!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Lost and Found: Panels!

Digging in some more boxes, and found some cards! I knew I had some of these, but no idea where...but some were a complete surprise to me, in that I didn't ever remember them existing!

That's 7 SI for Kids panels, 4 Marvel panels and 1 TV & Movie panel. Of these I remembered some of the the SI for Kids panels but not all of them- there's one more I've held back for a future post- the all-Jordan page is from a publication called Sports Illustrated for Kids Extra, a title I had absolutely no memory of whatsoever.

I did not remember having a panel for 1994 Marvel Universe, probably my all-time favorite comic set, and without question my all-time favorite Marvel set. I'm six cards short of completing it- I need to hunt them down.

Back in the day I separated most of the SI For Kids cards, damaging them more often than not. I'm glad I didn't do all of them. These were all still in the magazines except for the top one, which I found a second copy of still in the magazine. I also found another duplicate and a duplicate copy of the Jordan card issue. Not sure how I got duplicates as I had a subscription, which I let lapse in 2000.

I only have vague memories of Reboot but I remember it being pretty good.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Empty pages available

I have a bunch of empty 9-pocket pages available. They are probably a little dusty, but they should be usable...maybe one or two rejects. I used to store my cards in them but I took them all out in the year 2000 and have been storing the pages ever since. So I'd like to offer them up to whoever wants them. Send me something in return if you want to. I collect NBA/NHL/NASCAR/ Some non-Sports. I also owe people some thank yous so if one or more of you wants them, that would not require a return package. I'm also open to an open ended trade where if you don't have anything I want right now, you could always keep your eyes open at future card shows or if you ever come across something interesting in my sports. There's 7 binders worth so quite a few pages. Most are probably Ultra Pro but I didn't take the time to look. 

Binders themselves are NOT included.

They've never been around cigarettes or pets, ever. Never been wet or any other damage.

I'm not going to go nuts shipping them, I plan to do it the cheapest way possible. But, these pages are flexible so they should not be damaged. The USPS has a bag-type shipping method that would be the perfect size and will probably be used. I would ship outside the USA.

I would also be willing to break them up and send some to multiple people.


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Just because! (A mixture of everything)

While most of my posts about my biggest COMC order have covered various specific projects I've been working on, there were some cards I purchased just because...mostly because they were cheap, and I didn't have them. A few of them I purchased for the simple fact that they were the cheapest cards available in hockey...would have done that for NBA and NASCAR as well but I already had the cheapest cards available.

This post will be a mixture of NBA, NHL, NASCAR

...Struggling not to hum the "And the Rest" line from the Gilligan's Island theme...

When I found out in December of 2016 that father/son NBA duo Stan and Kevin Love were actually distant cousins, I had to get the first card shown here, as it shows both of them. While I was at it, I picked up Stan's 1972-73 Topps card, which completes my Topps flagship collection of his...a grand total of 2 cards. He only has one more from his playing career but it's a regional oddball promo and COMC has never even had one for sale, let alone currently available.
2015-16 Upper Deck Foil. Chosen for the picture.

 2007-08 Topps Chrome. Hill had been missing from my collection. This card has been waiting for me since November 2016.
2006-07 Topps Chrome 1996-97 Throwback. A 10 card partial parallel, this is my second. I fully expect to complete the series via COMC at some point in the not too distant future.
I just wanted to see what the blue holofoil looked like in person.

A player I needed for my collection. He actually got a card in the original Bread for Health set, a vintage oddball set not in my collection that I would love to add one day. He passed away at age 87 just three months after this card was issued.

 I thought this would complete my set but I'm still missing Galen Young.
Slowly working on getting all the Action Packed promos. Note that this car appears to be missing the spoiler.
 I had no idea this card, from 1994 Action Packed (perhaps my favorite NASCAR set) existed, until I saw it for sale on COMC. Not many cards depicting a Legends car. It is the only card she ever got.
I had the gold foil version so I had to get the red one too.
 Members Only parallel. Kicking myself for not joining the Topps club back in the day.

 I wanted an NHL refractor, so I bought the cheapest two on COMC.

 Green has always been my favorite color, and I didn't have any of the green parallels from 2011 Element. Now I've got two!
Completed 2013-14 Hoops! Interestingly, I purchased this card on COMC from someone I'm friends with on Facebook.

I really have no idea what this is but I HAD to have it!
I didn't have any of the hobby version of the 2007-08 Ultra set so I got the cheapest one.
This was the next to last card I added to the order, chosen because the Bullets jersey shown here is rare on cards, and I will probably use it for my impending Uniform History post.
Thought this was a neat photo.
This completes the 1996 SI for Kids set.

 Although the above two stickers use the exact same design, they are from two different years. Once again they combine two teams onto one card meaning I can't count this as a Nets card. The Hawks I can due the other sticker being the NBA logo.

 1994-95 Fleer European, my first card from the set.
 First card of Honka, I thought he had a funny name.
 Purchased because it was the cheapest NHL card on COMC.
My first eTopps card of any sort, although the Greg Oden card got posted first. This was the first card out of the COMC order, and coincidentally the last to be posted, and you are stuck with a picture instead of a scan because of that stinking holder Topps has it in. How I loathe them. The 2003 eTopps set was the only set Topps ever did for NASCAR, and I didn't know it existed until I saw it listed on the Trading Card Database. I had to get one. I wanted to get one that had been removed from the holder but Biffle was cheaper so I went that way. The cards, clearly, are printed with Refractor technology. It is not serially numbered. 

And now, finally, the largest COMC order I've ever made has now been fully documented on Cardboard History. It took me a lot longer than I expected...I began posting them in August, and it's now November 1st. My original plan was to post these daily while I was in Lake George, so I could keep the blog going while I was away from my scanner for 11 days. Instead, it took me into 4 months. That means I'm actually going to have to start writing posts again, as I wrote these all in August! I already have 15 cards waiting at COMC for the next order...I may not do such a breakdown like I did here, but then again...I might...because I sure did enjoy this whole process.