Sunday, January 19, 2020

10 years to scan, 9 days to post. (Update! Cardboard History won!)

At 7:23 AM on Thursday morning, January 9th, I completed transitioning the sports by season and non-sports by subject over to the Cardboard History Gallery. I started around 2 AM on January 1st, and honestly, it didn't take me as long to do as I expected. I figured it would take me most of January to do, considering how many scans I uploaded. But this is good. I had been storing all my scans on my original Fotki in this format since I began scanning in 2009, and it's how my scans have always been stored in my archive as it was a simple matter to upload them to the new one. Since I launched the Gallery on October 18th, 2018, it has taken up a lot of my time, and it's been taking it up for longer than that- the prep work took me over a year before I was ready to launch.

Now all my card stuff is in one place.*

You can browse sports by person, team, set or season. Non-Sports is available by subject, person (if applicable) and set...automotive by brand...Non-Sports by year is still yet to come. After such a big project I want a little break before I tackle that aspect. For the sports that don't have their own section, they can be browsed by person, season and set...but not by year or team. Not enough to make it worth it.

Please take a look at the Cardboard History Gallery. I've put so much effort into's not just tracking my collection, it's a resource that can be used as well. With 464,934 scans posted...and there will be more by the time you read's my own personal collection database, but I've made it so anyone can see it.

* I have yet to transition the Error Gallery over yet.

I have also put a clickable logo for the Gallery on the right side of my page. It's right below the archive of previous posts. Now it's easier than ever to go and look at what I've done.

Update: Shortly after this post went live, the Trading Card Database awards were revealed, and Cardboard History won Blog of the Year for the 3rd time in the 4 years of the award. I'm shocked, as I consider 2019 to be a down year in Cardboard History's....history.
I also won Most Congenial, for some reason 😉

Thanks to whomever voted for me!

Friday, January 17, 2020

Christmas Part 3: $100 for COMC. 3 off my Top 10 and lots of hockey!

Here's the final Christmas post of 2019, although, yes, we are more than halfway through January 2020. Hey, it takes time to get this stuff shipped, scanned, and posted.

My brother gave me $100 to spend on COMC this Christmas, and I did very well on it...I think I did. Something I hadn't done in a while was check my Top 10 most wanted list...remember that list on the sidebar of Cardboard History that's only had 9 cards on it for a while now because I got one of them and couldn't pick what to replace it? Well, I got three more!!

With this card I am now one away from completing the two Skybox Simpsons sets! There is a copy of the last card I need on COMC, but I'm not spending $3.25 on Jimbo Jones.  I've waited since 1994, as I got most of them when new. I'll continue to wait until I find one at a good price.

The last two cards I needed for 1992 ARCA Flash! I bought a factory sealed factory set way back in 2009, but instead of getting the complete set, I got two duplicates and was shorted two cards. These instantly went to the top of my most wanted list, and have remained there ever since. I don't remember the last time I checked COMC, but since then somebody broke up a set and listed them on COMC. I am thrilled to finally have these! Now I need to restructure my Top 10 most wanted list.

After finding those three, I decided I wanted to get a bunch of hockey cards, because that's what I'm really into now. Those are going to follow below...all of them. I hit the UD Exclusives hard, inspired by pulling one on Christmas day...and I did a search for Refractor under hockey and had some fun there, too. These aren't really sorted...just the order I scanned them in, as I uploaded off the original files, before I renamed them.

 Also my first card of him
 my first card of him too
 The Atomic Refractors are so cool.

 This was the first card out of the box, and it's my first card of him too.
 My first card of Glass.

 My first card from 1999-00 O-Pee-Chee Chrome

 The right half of this card is clear plastic.

 I mentioned this card in the Hitting the Favorites post

 Trevor Carrick is the only minor league player in the post who it's NOT my first card of.

 Tanner Glass scored the first playoff goal I ever saw in the sport's history.

 Both my first card of Bean and of last year's Ultimate Collection
 My first card of last year's Trilogy
 Great photo on this card.

 can you tell I favor the Rangers?

 Six Platinum Medallions from 2014-15 Ultra. I previously had gotten Mike Fisher's card, not bad to have 7 cards from a set with less than 100 copies extant.

 Love the clear green plastic portion here!

 A full page of 2017-18 UD Exclusives!

 The Green parallels in this year's MVP are some of my favorites. Only available through e-pack, which I don't do, I'm picking them off on COMC. I now have 11 of them and 9 more waiting to be shipped.

I ended up finding a run of Justin Williams UD Exclusives...I got his cards from 2016-17 (this one) through 2018-19 in this order.
 Although not the first shown, this was actually my first card from 2019-20 Parkhurst. My local stores didn't bother to stock it so I've essentially missed it for the third year in a row :( I picked off a few cheap inserts on COMC at least.

I like to scan this year's MVP as full pages, and after Christmas day I came up with 5 cards...needing nine, I grabbed 4 in this order. Fabbro and Grundstrom were just cheap cards I needed towards the set, while Lundqvist and Pacioretty represent my favorite teams. Seeing these scanned also means the first asterisk about scanning my Christmas cards is now done!

Three from this year's Parkies insert from Parkhurst. My first Trouba Rangers card. Parkhurst has photos from this season, the first set to do that, I think. Sure wish I could have gotten some.
Finally, the last card before I shipped the order:
Another card in my 3-decade quest to complete the Platinum parallel of 2009 Press Pass. (think about it, I started in 2009, then the 2010s, now the 2020s). I try to add at least one with each COMC order...I'm now up to 29 out of 220, or 13.2% according to the Database. I believe this parallel holds the record for most cards out of a SN parallel of any set in my collection although I'm not 100% sure. It certainly holds the NASCAR record...Update! It occurred to me to check the Database and this is my overall record! It had been tied with 1998-99 SPx Finite Spectrum NBA with 28 cards but now moves past it!

That wasn't all the cards I got, but the rest are for my Cardboard History History of Cardboard that I wrote that all out, I knew what I was missing and targeted them...stay tuned to see them in that series!
This was, interestingly, the first COMC order I've ever made without a single NBA card in it. If there's any more indication needed that I am now in my "NHL era", I'm not sure what would be a better illustration.

A big thanks to my brother for the gift! I was able to stretch the $100 to almost 100 cards, and all are great cards that I'm thrilled to have...of course, that's the whole point in buying them!