Friday, December 31, 2021

In Memorium 2021

 I said in last year's post that I hoped this year's would be smaller, and it is...although only because I don't have cards of a lot of people that died, or not scanned. This year started rough for me as the 2019 president of my model club died of Covid on January 2nd, and by summer I knew or knew through a friend 10 people who the pandemic claimed this year, after not personally knowing anyone last year who didn't survive. 

With that said, there are 43 people who are present in my collection and have been scanned who died in 2021. Here they are in alphabetical order. 

Lou Angotti 1938-2021
Ralph Backstrom 1937-2021
Elgin Baylor 1934-2021
Charlie Burns 1936-2021
Sam Cunningham 1950-2021
Bob Dole 1923-2021
Mark Eaton 1957-2021
Tony Esposito 1943-2021
Rod Gilbert 1941-2021
Charlie Glotzbach 1938-2021
Shaler Halimon 1945-2021
Jimmy Hayes 1989-2021
Jack Ingram 1936-2021
Bob Jenkins 1947-2021
Leroy Jones 1950-2021
Bob Keselowski 1951-2021
Matiss Kivlenieks 1996-2021
Don Kojis 1939-2021
Tom Kurvers 1962-2021
Bobby "Slick" Leonard 1932-2021
Gene Littles 1943-2021
Bernie Madoff 1938-2021
Jackie Mason 1928-2021
Eric McClure 1978-2021
Stan McKenzie 1944-2021
Eric Mobley 1970-2021
John Muckler 1934-2021
Mark Pavelich 1958-2021
Bob Plager 1943-2021
Colin Powell 1937-2021
Carlos Reutemann 1942-2021 (in car)
Andre Ribeiro 1966-2021
Fred Stanfield 1944-2021
Ramo Stott 1934-2021
Kerry Teague 1961-2021
John Wes Townley 1989-2021
Al Unser 1939-2021
Bobby Unser 1934-2021
Granville Waiters 1961-2021
Bryan Watson 1942-2021
Paul Westphal 1950-2021
Harthorne Wingo 1947-2021
Galen Young 1975-2021

I say this every year but I hope 2022 is smaller still. 

Update: Man, today was tough, losing Betty White. Everybody loved Betty White! She does have cards but I don't have any. Today we also lost NBA Hall of Famer Sam Jones, who does appear in my collection:

Sam Jones 1933-2021

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas! cards under the tree surprise me!

 I hope everyone has had an excellent Christmas. I sure have, my family continues their long history of awesomeness. I hope everyone is safe and healthy and happy.

I have so much I want to write about, and show you all, but for now I will show you the amazing amount of cards I got today. I expected none considering how hard it is to find cards these days, but I was wrong. 

It's going to take me a long time to list these all in my paper listing (especially as I'm several months backlogged since I use the same table to model as I do write!) but it sure does feel nice to have cards to do again! 

Merry Christmas all! 

Monday, December 20, 2021

My first trip to Staten Island, and 4 of the 5 boroughs of NYC in one day!

 December 12th was an awesome trip for me and my brother. We set out to Staten Island, NY, which was the only borough neither of us had ever been to. We had to fix that! Just a heads up, this is a longer post, because we did a TON of stuff!

We started by going down into New Jersey, and heading to Staten Island that way, it's actually the easiest.
Seeing the Manhattan skyline in the distance. Not knowing yet we'd be there later that day...
A foul smelling swamp in New Jersey.
The Meadowlands off in the distance.
The new American Dream mall at the Meadowlands
Newark, NJ. Pretty sure the round building bisected by the pole is where the Devils play.
A plane coming in to land at Newark airport

A different plane taking off from Newark
crossing the Goethals bridge, which connects New Jersey to Staten Island
The GPS had a little problem with the bridge
Now on Staten Island for the first time! When people think of New York City, I'm guessing this is not the first thing that comes to mind. 
We saw the World's Largest Hummel figure, which is about 7 feet tall.
Driving around in Staten Island
Every time I've been to NYC, I've seen old cars.

We stopped at a muffler shop that has sculptures made out of old car parts. Their website said they were open on Sundays but it wasn't. 
Just on the other side of the fence is a canal and boat storage
Spotted a NASCAR ad, which I didn't expect! And got our Edge's reflection as well. 
And now we're at New York Harbor! Also there is the National Lighthouse Museum, which will get it's own post. We're actually in their parking lot at this time.
The Staten Island Ferry
BIG ship with Brooklyn behind it
Actually, not ship. Ships, plural! 

the Verrazano Narrows bridge and Brooklyn

I know I'm posting a lot of pictures of this but it's just so impressive.
Note the scale of the 18 wheeler on the bridge compared to the ships. 
This building dates to the 1860s and was originally part of the lighthouse depot complex. 

After we finished at the Lighthouse Museum I got the idea to maybe drive by Rockefeller Center and see the Christmas Tree. There's a small window when you are on 5th Avenue where you can see it without getting out of the we typed it into the GPS and off we went.
Christmas decorations on Staten Island
come comic themed art on the side of a grocery store
another old car!
We ended up going across the Verrazano Narrows Bridge into Brooklyn! Kind of unexpected but good because I did not have Brooklyn on my Places I've Been Project. (When we were there before we had my brother's car, no GPS screen to photograph)
And there's the open Atlantic Ocean! 
Now in Brooklyn. 

You can just feel the despair radiating out of Brooklyn. 

Driving that big limo around must not be fun with the tight turns you encounter in NYC!
Neat old vehicle ad.
And we ended up going through the Battery Tunnel, which goes under the Hudson River and into Manhattan!
In the tunnel. Hard to take pictures because of the lighting.
First view of Manhattan after coming out of the tunnel.
After taking the Battery Tunnel, we made a sharp turn and took the Battery Park underpass, which goes under the Battery Tunnel (I think) and puts you out on FDR Drive, which goes up the east side of Manhattan Island. Confusing! 

Yes, there are trees in Manhattan. A lot of them actually.
Empire State Building
Looking across the East River at Brooklyn
I like the large Pepsi Cola sign on the far left
That big square building is the United Nations
And we went up 42nd street. Manhattan was packed, and a lot of roads were closed. You can see the Chrysler Building here.

two pictures of Grand Central Station decorated
Technically also Grand Central
now in Times Square
Looking out the roof of the car
Giannis Antetokounmpo sign in Greek!

Why are there cones on the top of the cars? LOL!
a pear sculpture I didn't even see until I looked at my photos on my computer the next day.
You can see how many roads are closed or blocked. There was just too much traffic and too  many roads closed so we decided not to try and circle back to get to the tree, it just wasn't worth it...not to mention the fact that I have to take my medicine on a schedule and was already going to be 2 hours late.
The required photo of the Enterprise
No comment needed. 

Not sure what this is, it runs a long way in Manhattan but I've never seen any cars or people on it.
George Washington Bridge

Interesting architecture
I have no idea what this building is but I love it. It looks like it might be abandoned. It's in Tryon park.
Now in the Bronx, you can barely see the Tappan Zee bridge off in the distance.
The GPS sent us to the Taconic, for some reason. Did see a deer, with Antlers, and get a few new places I didn't have photo documented, so it wasn't all bad.
famous bridge over Croton river
back in the Hudson Valley
We ended up at KFC for dinner

I ended up adding 9 towns in New Jersey and 17 in New York to my Places I've Been project, bringing me up to 599 total places. Not bad considering I only hit 500 on September 11th. 

All in all, I shot 1683 photos, the second most I've ever shot in a single day. After taking the Lighthouse Museum out for it's own album, and removing the blurry ones and other rejects, I ended up with 1278 photos in the album, which you can see HERE if you want to see the rest. Thanks for reading!