Thursday, February 24, 2022

Black History Month Spotlight: Anthony Duclair

 The Florida Panthers have been on fire this season, and one of the big reasons is their free-agent signing of Anthony Duclair before the 2020-21 season. He had shown signs of brilliance in the past, but was never put in the right situation, or the previous coaches tried to make him into something he wasn't. Not the case in Sunrise and honestly, I would not be surprised to see his name on the Stanley Cup in a few months with the way they have been playing. 

I have only one card of him from the Panthers, from the 2020-21 Upper Deck 3rd series. However, it's not his only card in that series...
he also has an All-Star card from his time with the Ottawa Senators. 

He started his career with the Rangers, but they gave up on him after just one year and shipped him off to Arizona.

From there, he went to Chicago...

and briefly Columbus, but I don't have any cards from there even though he played 30 more games for them than Chicago.

He was traded mid-season to the Ottawa Senators and really became a star while there, and becoming an All-Star for the first time as seen above.

He's on pace to have his best career season this year. His best season points wise was 44, back in 2015-16, and that was in 81 games. He's already got 32 this year in only 43 games. 

I have 16 cards of him in my collection, 13 of which have been scanned. I have 1 insert, 1 promo (both of which shown in this post) and 3 parallels in my collection, with the remainder base cards. I do not have any hits or Serially numbered cards of him.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Poops guardian de buts

 I saw this card posted on one of the other blogs as a "card of the day" and I absolutely had to have could I not get a card with Poops on it multiple times? 

I laughed hysterically when I learned his name was pronounced "Poopa" but this was even better. 

And of course goaltender being "guardian de buts" in French makes it all even better! 

I just got it in the mail from ebay and scanned it right much fun. I think this may be my "card of the month" for February in fact.

Friday, February 18, 2022

Black History Month: Updates on P.K. Subban and Jarome Iginla collections

 Last year I posted two Black History Month Spotlights, one on P.K. Subban and one on Jarome Iginla. I mentioned doing updates on their collection and I didn't quite plan on how the rest of the year would go, not expecting to both reinjure my arm AND bring in less cards in 2021 than I have in all of the time I've written Cardboard History. So, I don't have a single new scan to show for either player. 

What I DID do was figure out exactly what I have in my collection for the entire sport of hockey, since I could type when I couldn't, for the first time, I know exactly what I have for each person. 

So, I know now that I have 38 P.K. Subban cards, of which 32 have been scanned. My oldest of him is the 2011-12 Score card that appears in his original Black History Month Spotlight last year. 

Of the 38 cards, 23 are base, 6 are parallels, 2 are inserts, 3 are parallels of inserts, 2 are promos, and 2 are promo inserts. 2 of the above cards are Serially Numbered. I do not have any "hits" for him yet. 

This is an insert parallel, from the Flair Showcase insert from Fleer Showcase. This card looks MUCH nicer in hand.
Here's a base card from 2015-16 Upper Deck Portfolio.
This card is a parallel of an insert, the standard insert features silver foil, not red.
Here's a parallel, an O-Pee-Chee Retro card from 2016-17.
And here's a promo, from 2020-21 Tim Horton's. 
This card is a promo insert, from the 2018-19 O-Pee-Chee Coast to Coast set, which was only available at Canadian Tire stores in Canada.

Moving to Jarome Iginla, I now know that I have 40 cards of him, but only 22 have been scanned. A couple of them are in the "Damaged - to replace" box which I don't plan to scan until I can replace them. Of the 40, the oldest is a 3-way tie from the 1997-98 season, none of which have been scanned, one of which I got at Christmas. The newest is from 2016-17. 26 are base cards, 3 are parallels, 1 is a second-level parallel, 6 are inserts and 4 are promos. 4 of the above cards are serially numbered. Like P.K. I do not have a "hit" for him, either. 

Here's a base card, from 2002-03 Heads Up
an insert from 2002-03 Topps
a promo, from 2015-16 Tim Horton's
and a parallel, from 2016-16 Trilogy. 

The second-level parallel is shown in his original post, the Red Prism from 2016-17 O-Pee-Chee Platinum. 

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for a new Spotlight in the coming days. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

West Point Museum Part 2

 On January 23rd, my brother and I returned to West Point to finish the areas I couldn't see when my back gave out the previous week. 

Regimental flag from Civil War

Arrows used in the Battle of Little Bighorn
Geronimo's rifle
WWI French cannon, with a German Krupp cannon captured during the Boxer Rebellion in front of it, and the small cannon on the right is a British piece that was surrendered at the Battle of Saratoga in the Revolution.

Civil War cannon on original carriage!
Confederate cannon on reproduction carriage.
1700s Chinese cannon
This large eagle once hung in the German 107th infantry regiment HQ and was captured at the end of WWII, and was gifted to the museum by George S. Patton himself.

The large tube on the very top right is the prototype for the bazooka.

One of two large murals painted by an actual participant on D-Day.

Replica of Fat Man
WWI French tank which served in US service
1916 Dodge staff car
These large displays were actually made by the bullet companies to show what they had to offer

a Spanish mace from the 16th century and an English Morning Star from the 18th century. Melee weapons like these are my favorites. 

Persian sword from circa 2500 BC.
Traditional European Knight's sword
Wall guns. Called as such because they were usually mounted on the walls of forts and were generally a last line of defense.

Pikes and spears, which were very hard to photograph due to their length. The second one down in the forefront is actually called a "bill" so it's one of my favorites as well. 

My brother makes an appearance in the background, I didn't see him when I was taking the picture! 

Pistols once owned by Napoleon. Believed to come from his wife according to the info sheet, since it has her relatives carved into the butts. He actually sold these to raise funds at one point, which is how they eventually ended up in the museum.

Me with the melee weapons
The outside of the museum. It's an incredible place...they have so many amazing and rare things there, which you have seen only a small portion of if you read both posts...I took over 2000 photos at the museum over the two days I was there. It is very truly spectacular and if you can get there, I suggest you do. 
This cannon was cast at West Point's foundry in 1864.
After we left, we headed back to Arby's, which is a tradition when we do adventures on that side of the river. We stopped at a scenic overlook on Route 6 looking over the lower Hudson Valley
This is I-87, the New York State Thruway, just north of the Woodbury Commons mall. 

The Hudson River is frozen over pretty well. 

There is snow on the ground so it looks nice in the area for the ride pictures. 

I highly suggest looking at my album of all the pictures. Not only did I photograph the artifacts, I also photographed the info cards for each, so there's quite a bit to read, too.