Sunday, January 31, 2021

Fun with Screencaps - MVP Parallels

 A couple weeks back I traded for 12 cards from this year's MVP set. I normally don't trade for current year stuff, figuring it'll just end up being a duplicate, but with cards so rare right now I did it. Just for the heck of it, after I scanned the first 9 of them, I pulled out the Blue factory set parallels that were awaiting scans. Luckily, I hadn't done any of the Blues of these nine cards yet, so I did them back to back. 

I don't recall ever doing anything like that before, and I thought it would be fun to screencap it. 

I have not labeled them yet, if I had done that they wouldn't have been stacked like this. As you can see I also did some pages of 1990-91 Pro Set, one of my favorite NHL sets. I hadn't cropped three of the Pro Set scans yet when I took the screencap. 

I think I actually like the Blue parallel better than the basic card, which is tan in color. I have not yet seen any of the other parallels. Last year my favorite was the Green, which was epack exclusive and which I was picking up on COMC. I never saw the Blue parallel from last year unfortunately. 

These are the first two Brady Skjei Hurricanes cards in my collection. That makes me sad, he should still be a Ranger, but our clueless GM decided to trade him. Defense was our weakest point and he was the best Defender we had, which made it even worse. At least we actually got a player back this time, unlike when he traded Mats Zuccarello for magic beans. 

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Fun with screencaps

 While I no longer type in each card after each scanning wave (something I actually miss now) I do still update each person's total. That will never change. A recent change however is that now I screencap the leaderboards after each wave, something I started doing with the 14th wave and something I now wish I had been doing since day 1. These are a lot of fun to look at! The NBA and NASCAR charts don't show much change...I started screencapping them too late for that, everyone is pretty much already established where they are going to be, although there is some movement depending on if I scan a batch of somebody. 

Where it's really fun is the NHL chart...since I'm still fairly new to the sport, and the scanning is still very much in process, not nearing the end like my other two sports, there is some massive fluctuation. 

Today the idea hit me to open them all up and take a look at them compared to each other. Naturally, I screencapped that, too.

as you can see (and I recommend clicking on it to make it bigger) Henrik Lundqvist has been leading since I began screencapping, although it's probably inevitable that Wayne Gretzky will pass him some day. That won't be any time soon. But let's take a look at the progression of 3 of my other favorite players:

Mats Zuccarello starts at 12th in the 14th wave, before jumping to 8th in the 15th wave, then moving up to 2nd in the 16th wave! He dropped back to 4th in the 17th wave. My favorite skater in the league, he simply doesn't get enough cards to maintain a top 5 ranking for very long. I only have 2 more awaiting scans, one of which I got as a gift after I finished the most recent typing wave. He didn't have even a single card scanned in the 17th wave, which I completed typing in last week. 

P.K. Subban was 24th in the 14th wave, but jumps all the way up to 6th in the 15th wave, thanks to my winning a contest on the Trading Card Database where the prize was a pack of P.K. cards. He dropped a spot to 7th in the 16th wave, thanks to Mats moving past him. He's now in a tie for 8th with Marc-Andre Fleury, but Marc-Andre will pass him soon, as I have more cards of Marc-Andre awaiting scans, including 3 I got just this week. 

Brent Burns started out 26th, fell to 28th, then jumped back up to 23rd and now 20th. For being a favorite player he certainly isn't leading the way in card collection rate, but hopefully I can get him into the top 10 at some point. 

Another player I like to keep an eye on is Vincent Lecavalier. My friend who gave me over 2000 hockey cards back in 2015, that's his favorite player, and when I began collecting the sport officially in 2017, Lecavalier was 1st in my NHL collection, as my friend Ricky gave me all his duplicates. If I had thought to start screencapping when I began collecting, you would have seen Lecavalier in the #1 spot. By the 14th wave, he was 21st, before jumping up to 18th (on the strength of the cards Ricky sent me getting scanned, I have only gotten 1 or 2 new ones of him since then). By the 16th wave he had dropped down to 30th, and now in the 17th wave, he doesn't make the leaderboard at all! I didn't scan any cards of him in the 17th wave. 

Interestingly, only one player has held the same position in all 4 waves I've screencapped, and that is Henrik in first. 

I normally do two waves a year. I typed wave 17 from January 16th through 27th. Because I spent the second half of last year working solely on models, not scanning hardly anything at all (only working on cards when it was raining out and I couldn't work on models, and it was a drought, so maybe 3 days from August to November) I only did one wave in all of 2020. I probably don't have enough time to do another wave before the modeling season starts again but I can't build in the summer, it's too hot to open the windows...remember I have trouble breathing in the heat. What I am trying to say is that I hope it's not another 11 months between waves like it was between wave 16 and wave 17. 

I made one other change in this wave, something I knew I would always end up doing, I just hadn't done yet. While I'm not typing the standard size cards into the chart, I AM typing the oversized cards in. Since they can't be stored in the boxes with the other cards that I label if they are scanned or not, I type them ambiguity of "have I or haven't I?" there. I added in columns for when the card was typed in, which I am debating whether or not to continue to maintain. That's mostly to help me sort them to when I left off because I sometimes have them sorted otherwise. The column I knew would eventually be created is the date I added the card to my collection. It's always been the plan since I created the Overall charts and I finally decided to add it in now. Eventually I will fill in the info on ALL of my charts- well, all that I can, I don't have that information for every card- and that is something I'm looking forward to. For 2013 and older, the date I got the card is stored only in one place- in my hand written paper listings. Beginning in 2014 I've tracked it on Excel. Even so, I only started keeping track of the dates in 1999 and I have not always maintained it very well, with many NASCAR dates before 2007 not recorded, no Non-Sport before 2010, and vast swaths of the NBA, especially from 2000-02 and 2004-06 not recorded. Since I began collecting in 1988, that's a lot of info I don't have...although I do have a few random dates before that, mainly special events like Birthday and Christmas where I just KNOW the date because it was such an important event in my life. The earliest dates I know for sure are Christmas 1992. When it's all said and done- and that won't be this decade, most likely- I will be able to sort my collection by date added to my collection, and for some reason, I'm really looking forward to that...but like I said, it's a long way off. Based on some calculations I did today, I still have some 46,000 cards awaiting scans, and they are arriving faster than I'm getting them scanned. I'm now under 20,000 NBA cards awaiting scans, but my hockey collection vs. percentage scanned dipped from 50 to roughly 40% or less, since I didn't scan for months. That's just a guess on percentages, no hard numbers, and I have I would guess 90% of baseball and football still awaiting scans. I've got no idea what percentage I'm at for NASCAR and Non-Sports. Instead of worrying about trying to figure that stuff out, (or playing Angry Birds, which I've been doing most of the day instead of anything actually productive) I should be working on scanning.

Willie O'Ree was the first sports card I typed the date I got it in, but I did the Non-Sports chart first. I didn't remember what year a promo card I had gotten was, so I had to pull up my Card Collection Acquisition Chart. Since I had the info in front of me, I figured I might as well include it. Some day it'll all be there....although I have no idea when. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

What does it take to get onto Page 1 for each NHL Team?

 Back in June of 2019, I wrote a post documenting the oldest card I had scanned for each team. While that is cool and all, what I really  enjoy is seeing what it takes to get on page 1. 

On the Cardboard History Gallery, I have each album set up to display 120 images, the most that Fotki allows. As I mentioned in the original post, I really enjoy seeing what makes it onto page 1, what it takes to be old enough to make it. Since I'm still fairly new to the NHL...only 4 years actively collecting this month!'s still very much in flux, unlike the NBA which is almost all 1991-92 or older. 

To make this post, I will list the last card on page 1 at the conclusion of 2020, meaning anything older than that will automatically make page 1. It is set up to automatically place each card in chronological order and then numerical order by set. Seasons with more than one set (which is most of them!) the sets are alphabetical. I'm going to show each card as well, just so this post is fun to look at...both for you now, and me when I return to it in the future. For teams with only one page, I will show the most recent card, again, for my enjoyment when I look at this post in the future.

Let's begin....we see right away that not every team even has a page 2. Remember, these numbers are NOT what's in my collection...JUST what I've gotten scanned so far.

All-Star team...with 92 cards scanned, any All-Star card will make the first page.

2020-21 Tim Horton's All-Star Standouts #AS-13

Anaheim Ducks have 167 cards scanned. Name changes are reflected accurately so the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim have their own listing.

2018-19 MVP Factory Set #117

Arizona Coyotes have 126 cards scanned. With being the second newest name combination (only the Vegas Golden Knights are newer) it's not surprising they are low, barely cracking the second page.

2019-20 Upper Deck #160

The Atlanta Flames have only 25 cards scanned...any card will make the first page. In fact, I would be surprised if the Atlanta version of the Flames ever gets to a page 2.
2011-12 Parkhurst Champions #97

The Atlanta Thrashers, despite being active from the 1990s to the 2010s, have very few cards in my collection, with only 62 scanned, barely half a page. Unlike most of the defunct teams, all my scanned Thrashers cards were issued while the team was active.
2010-11 Zenith #96

The Boston Bruins finally bring us to a long running team, one of the Original 6 in fact. With 410 cards scanned Boston is actually ranked 2nd in number of cards scanned and one of only two teams to clear the 400 marker. 

1994-95 Topps Premier #419

The Buffalo Sabres are one of 3 teams from my home state, and as such I support them, however, it's interesting to note that I could get to 4 teams in other states faster than I could get to Buffalo. They currently have 316 cards scanned.

1999-00 Wayne Gretzky Hockey #22

The Calgary Flames have 330 cards scanned, one of many teams that are in the mid-300s as you'll see. Their last card on page 1 is kind of a mismatch of several teams, but I classed it as a Flames card. It's a Flames photo, labeled as a Sabre, but I'm pretty sure the material is Coyotes. In something like this I went with the photo! 

2002-03 Upper Deck Classic Portraits Starring Cast

The California Golden Seals were another short term team, and with only 18 cards presently scanned, hitting a page 2 seems unlikely.

1975-76 Topps #48

The Carolina Hurricanes were the last team I saw play live (on TV), not counting the Golden Knights who didn't exist yet. I wish they were still in Hartford, but they moved to Carolina in 1997. Since they have a lesser amount of history in both places, they have only 210 Carolina cards scanned.

2017-18 Panini Stickers #43

The Chicago Blackhawks are the only team where I have two name versions combined- because I don't know when they switched from Black Hawks to Blackhawks. It's entirely possible I don't have any cards from the name change, considering they've been around almost 100 years. As it stands now, they have 358 cards scanned, but I would break that out if I could figure out where to do it. Interestingly, the last card on page 1 is one that I recovered and uploaded in the December upload.

1998-99 SP Top Prospects #10. I assure you Doug Gilmour's name IS on the card, it just doesn't show up in a scan, 

The Colorado Avalanche have only existed since 1995, formerly the Quebec Nordiques. They have 263 cards scanned, I seem to pull more of them from packs than I do Hurricanes.

2015-16 Upper Deck #304

The Colorado Rockies, formerly the Kansas City Scouts and currently the New Jersey Devils, are one of the smallest teams represented in my collection, with only 7 cards scanned. It's a team card, which is something I really like. 

1981-82 Topps #50

The Columbus Blue Jackets were only formed in 2000, and they have 211 cards scanned. I know they were one of the last teams if not THE last to hit 100 cards in my collection, although they have been catching up a bit lately.

2017-18 Upper Deck #52

The Dallas Stars have been around since 1993-94 and although they wear my favorite color I have a hard time warming up to the team. They have 263 cards scanned. We've had two inserts show up in this project already but this is the first parallel.

2014-15 Artifacts Red #59

The Detroit Red Wings had been the lowest ranked Original 6 team, but they moved past the Blackhawks in December, currently with 361 cards scanned. Their last card on page 1 is not a hockey card, but a multi-sport card.

1996 Sports Illustrated for Kids 2 #474

The Edmonton Oilers have had a huge amount of superstars on their team, and it shows with 325 cards scanned...I'd say at least a quarter of all Oilers cards are one of 4 people- Gretzky, Messier, McDavid and Draisaitl. 

2002-03 Topps #150

The Florida Panthers are not the first team I think of when I think of hockey, let's put it that way...yet they still have crossed my scanner tray 262 times. The last card on the first page is a terrible photo of who is probably my favorite player in franchise history, a card I got in the first NHL box I opened. 

2016-17 Fleer Showcase #44

The Hartford Whalers have only 95 cards scanned, so they are getting closer to a page 2. I expect they will hit it in 2020 but only time will tell.

2015-16 O-Pee-Chee Platinum Team Logos #T-32

The Kansas City Scouts are a rarer team, only in operation for two years before moving to Colorado and eventually New Jersey. Only 7 cards have been scanned for the team, and I would be surprised if a page 2 is ever hit with this team, as well. 

1976-77 Topps #92

with 377 cards scanned, the Los Angeles Kings are pretty high up in the rankings- 5th, to be exact, but only three cards ahead of 6th place Vancouver.
1996-97 Collector's Choice Meet the Star Trivia Challenge. This oversize card was only available as a prize in the Meet the Stars contest...I got it at a card show if my memory is correct. It's die cut although that doesn't show well as I scanned it with the lid open. 

The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim have only 76 cards scanned, so they are only on one page. Eventually they will get onto a second page.

2005-06 Upper Deck #246

The Minnesota North Stars have 106 cards scanned, and are closing in on a second page. I suspect they too will hit that mark in 2021. 

1992-93 Ultra #321

The Minnesota Wild debuted in 2000, but since they are still active and getting a lot of cards, they have already surpassed the North Stars. The Wild have 170 cards scanned.
2018-19 MVP #237. Interestingly enough this was the first rookie card out of the first and only box of MVP I've opened so far.

With 387 cards scanned, the Montreal Canadiens hold third place in the scan rankings. They had held 2nd place for a year but Boston passed them recently.
1994-95 Donruss #146. This set only has the player's name in foil on the front, and it's very hard to read in hand...much easier to read in scans.

The Nashville Predators went to the first Stanley Cup finals I ever saw, and are getting close to smashing the 200 card barrier, with 195 currently scanned. 

2017-18 Upper Deck #359. 17-18 Upper Deck becomes the first set to appear as more than one team's last card on page 1. I don't know if it's a coincidence or not that the 17-18 set was the flagship I chased the most. 

The New Jersey Devils begin a streak of three localish teams to me, all between 1 to 2 hours away from home. With 338 cards, the Devils have gotten a bit of a bump from several Devils themed "Welcome to the NHL" packages I received from fellow collectors.
2000-01 Upper Deck Vintage #211. Fitting that the best player in franchise history represents the team here. 

I know as a Rangers fan I'm supposed to hate the Islanders...but I don't. In fact, I consider them my second favorite Eastern team and third favorite overall. I do need to increase my collection for them, I'm only at 382 cards scanned, good enough for 4th place on the list. 

1995-96 Emotion #108. Got to love the fisherman design. However, I don't think "Slap" is an emotion. 

The New York Rangers are my favorite team, a position they took during the latter half of 2016-17 season, the first I watched. I lucked into finding a huge stash of Rangers cards, and it shows- 
with 1978-79 Topps #235 being at spot #120. The Rangers currently stand at 988 cards scanned, and will become the first NHL team to cross the 1000 barrier when I do my monthly upload of all the cards I scanned in January, on February 1st.. According to the stats on the Trading Card Database (which are inflated because they count cards that shouldn't be counted towards a team) no other team has even hit the 1000 cards in my collection barrier yet, although 4 of the other Original 6 teams have cleared 800 cards, and Toronto is at 770, so getting closer. 

The second Ottawa Senators have my favorite logo in the league, due in no small part to my obsession with ancient Rome. They have 244 cards scanned.
2016-17 Fleer Showcase #56. The first set I ever opened a box of makes it's second appearence.

The Philadelphia Flyers are the most orange team in history, but the greatest Flyer ever, Gritty, does not yet appear in my collection. 

1997-98 Leaf Banner Season #7. A die cut, serially numbered insert. It's actually cut to the shape of a banner. 

The Phoenix Coyotes used to be the first Winnipeg Jets, now they are the Arizona Coyotes. I really wish they had updated the uniform when they changed the name from Phoenix to Arizona, because I constantly have to double check to make sure I'm putting them in the right album. With 112 cards scanned, this version of the team is very close to a second page.

2020 National Hockey Card Day USA #NCHD-11. Nobody local took part in this program so a fellow collector helped me out.

The Pittsburgh Penguins won the first Stanley Cup I ever saw. They have 355 cards scanned.

1996-97 Metal Universe #128. This is a fairly tame card from this bizarre set's options. 

Coincidentally, the Quebec Nordiques also have exactly 76 cards scanned. They will get to a second page at some point. It may not be 2021 but it will happen.
2018-19 SP #96

The San Jose Sharks are my second favorite Western team, 4th overall, due in large part to Brent Burns (in my top 5 favorite players) and their great uniforms.
They have 292 cards scanned. 

2013-14 Score #424

I have only seen 4 Stanley Cups being raised, but 2 of them were teams that had never won before. The Blues did it when they won the 2018-19 Championship. I have scanned 338 cards of them.

1998-99 Bowman's Best #18. A set that scans absolutely terribly.

Back in 2015, a friend of mine sent me thousands of hockey cards- literally over 2000. He thought I would enjoy it. He was sure right! That now forms the backbone of my collection. Since he is a Tampa Bay Lightning fanatic, I got a lot of Lightning cards, which had been his duplicates. While a lot of them still await scans, the Lightning have 335 scanned.

2007-08 Artifacts #24

Of the Original 6 teams, the Maple Leafs rank last in both cards scanned and cards present in my collection, with 351 scanned.

2000-01 Topps #78

With 374 cards scanned, the Vancouver Canucks have quietly taken the 6th spot in number of cards scanned, but could pass Los Angeles easily, trailing only by three cards. I suspect they will go back and forth for a while, always fun for me to pay attention to when I do my monthly uploads.

2000-01 Aurora #143

I am an NHL fan because of the Vegas Golden Knights! There was a thread on the Trading Card Database talking about but not showing their logo, and I decided to put on NHL Network to see what it was. I got hooked! By the end of that showing of On the Fly, repeating the next morning, I was an NHL Fan for life. It has been a part of every single day of my life ever since, and always will be. (Not just NHL- all hockey!). I am a big Knights fan and probably always will be because of that, but in the short portion of the 16-17 season I watched before they existed, the Rangers became "my team". The Knights are my #2 team, and I want them to win every game- unless they are playing the Rangers. 
I hit 200 Knights cards scanned in December, and I would say of all the full time teams, they likely have the highest percentage of cards in my collection vs. scanned. with 209. The Database says I have 255, but again, those numbers are inflated because they include checklists, multi-player cards, League leaders, etc. 

2018-19 O-Pee-Chee Platinum The Future is Now #FN-4

The Washington Capitals have 308 cards scanned, and were the first team I ever saw win their first Stanley Cup. 

2007-08 MVP #81

The first Winnipeg Jets became the Coyotes, and they changed their team name twice, so all three versions have lower numbers. The Winnipeg Jets 1 have 83 cards scanned. I expect they will hit a page 2, but not likely this year.

2012-13 In the Game Between the Pipes #99. This set should have stuck with the minor league players, but there are some airbrushed or closely cropped NHL cards in the set as well. It was not licensed by the NHL, so they couldn't show the uniforms. Even so, I'm a big fan of the set. This is the only post-existence Jets 1 card in my collection. 

The Winnipeg Jets 2 started out as the Atlanta Thrashers before moving north in 2011. Despite a relatively short existence, they have already made it to a page 2, with 156 cards scanned. 

2018-19 Upper Deck #448. Little was with the team it's entire time in Winnipeg but was hit in the head by a puck, which ruptured his ear drum, essentially ending his career. I happened to be watching that game and it made you cringe just watching. 

In addition to the teams shown, there is also one card for the Quebec Bulldogs, an NHL team that lasted only 1 season- 1919-20. They cannot possibly get a second page, and I had only one card of them when I began this post...2 by time I was done writing it. Stay tuned for "The NHL's Forgotten Franchises", an in-depth history piece I am working on that I hope to publish in a week or two, that will have more information on that team and several others that were not in my collection...but now are. 

Friday, January 15, 2021

I love it when a major project turns out to be easier than I expected

 I may have mentioned recently that I wanted to get my "People in my collection" back to being accurate...this is the guide I use to know who I have in my collection, and inversely who I need. This is essential stuff for somebody who's main goal is to get everyone who ever had a card- in three major sports- documented. 

I had let the project lapse, and I thought I had let it lapse back in 2019, when I was facing major burnout on the hobby.

That turned out not to be true...I actually maintained it as late as April 12th, 2020! I know that was the case because that is the last date listed. Recently, I began to expand it. Instead of just listing the people in my collection, I began to document the day they joined the collection (on October 18th, 2018) and in 2019, I began to add in the card that was the first for them as well. The last date listed was the 12th of last April. I suspect I was too busy with models or something and said "I'll go back to it later" but of course I never did...until this week, when I was pleased to see I didn't have as much work ahead of me as I thought I did. 

Even though most of the later half of 2020 was spent on models, I still brought in a ton of cards last year- 9011, not 9009 as I originally reported. As such there were a lot of new names, and I added a handful of baseball cards from one of the boxes that Shane sent me, which were mostly all new, and I was able to trade for a bunch of WNBA cards, which I previously didn't have access to. 

But most of the people I added were NHL players, which isn't much of a surprise since that's where I spend most of my attention now. 

So, since I last updated the list, I added 

  • 1 drag racer
  • 2 Other racing
  • 3 NBA players
  • 4 Non-Sport people
  • 7 NASCAR drivers
  • 5 football players
  • 6 college basketball players (who will hopefully be upgraded to NBA/WNBA at some point)
  • 52 WNBA players
  • 67 baseball players
  • 77 Other sport people
  • 173 NHL/Hockey players (30 of which were already added in 2021!)
for a grand total of 397 new people, and brings me to 15,191 different people in my collection. 

I really wish that I hadn't let that trail off, because I'd love to know who the 15000th different person was in my collection. Edit: Actually, I was able to figure it out. I wrote the people into the chart in the exact order I got them, so I was able use Excel to sort them by date. I just had to copy and paste them to a worksheet where they were all together, instead of separated by sport. Super easy! No thinking and no math required. It was Erik Westrum, a minor league hockey player I added to my collection on June 1st! Since I have been so busy with other stuff, I have not gotten his card scanned yet. Now that I know that he was a pretty big milestone I will be pulling his card up in the scanning order. And edit 2: I knew exactly where it was (a rarity when my entire collection is stored in identical boxes) so here it is. 

He did get into 27 NHL games in his career and got two NHL cards but this is the only card I have of him at this time.

Of course, that's assuming I didn't make any mistakes, which is highly possible. I'm dealing with a lot of lines of Excel and I may have made a mistake. If I spelled somebody's name wrong it would also not come up with a search so people may be listed more than once. As much effort as I put into it, I'm still only human. I usually find a few people I missed entering every time I type in a scanning wave. (which I'm getting close to doing again) But since this is believed to be accurate, I'm just going to go with it and consider him #15,000. 

I'm sure whenever I hit 20,000 people that will get a post as well. But I am not even going to guess when that will be. It could be this week if I went through all the baseball cards Shane has sent me right away, but I'm not going to do that right now, don't want to get too overwhelmed. It'll happen at some point, and you'll hear about it then. 

Sunday, January 10, 2021

First Adventure of 2021!

 Our opportunities for adventures have been slim with everything that's been going on. Yesterday, my brother and I went on our first of 2021. It was a small adventure but it had a pretty big impact!

I'm just going to lead off with the best photo. We went to Cronomer Hill Park, in Newburgh NY. It's a hidden gem, really.

this tiny little sign is all that lets you know it's there. We've been passing it on a near monthly basis en route to the Town of Newburgh Model Car Club meetings. 
Driving up in, it's a little bit desolate. 
When you get to the top, at the end of the road, you see an old Fire Tower, which was once used to spot forest fires, but is now open to the public, with a spectacular view of the Hudson River and the Hudson Valley. 
Looking south down the Hudson, towards Peekskill.
The Newburgh-Beacon Bridge. To give you some scale, the bridge is more than 2 miles long and 135 feet high. 
I84 going off eastwards towards Connecticut.
Looking north
looking west
a closeup of the snow on the mountain. There were some snow flurries coming down while we were up there.
a closeup of the bridge
Cropping down the first image I showed, you can see that the island is Bannerman's Island, with the castle clearly visible in the photo! The island is in Cold Spring NY. You can also see the tunnels on Breakneck Mountain that allows the Amtrak trains and Route 52 to pass below the mountain. 
This is looking west and I think may show Stewart International Airport. Wish I had known about this place in 2019 when the Blue Angels were flying around this area! 
A panorama. I highly suggest clicking this image to see it much larger.

After that, we took a ride out through Caldwell Manor and up to Maybrook, where we stopped and saw the Caboose. 

We finished up with a trip to Roy Rogers, which we ate in the car. Our only local Roy Rogers are in rest areas on the New York State Thruway so it's not something we get very often. 

I only took 202 photos, which are all posted here: Cronomer Valley Park & Maybrook Caboose. I now put the GPS on when I go on trips so you can see pretty close to all the places we were- the GPS on my phone is not entirely accurate, it's off by a few feet. But you can figure it out by looking at the photos.

I also added 5 new places to my "Places I've Been" project, which is good. All are places I've been before, but didn't have photographed yet. 

No cards in this post, I do have some card posts in progress, but had a bit of a gut punch as I lost two good friends last week and didn't feel like writing about cards.