Sunday, December 30, 2018

In Memorium 2018

Time for the annual tribute to the people who appear in my collection who died throughout the year. It is 45 people this year, which is the largest total to date, but that's more due to the fact I have more people scanned now than I used to. There are still people who appear in my collection but do not have any scans yet.

Presented in alphabetical order.
 Eric Anderson 1970-2018
 Tim Bassett 1951-2018
 Alan Bean 1932-2018
 Barbara Bush 1925-2018
 George Bush 1924-2018
 Rasual Butler 1979-2018
 Floyd Carter 1922-2018
 Len Chappell 1941-2018
 Daedra Charles 1968-2018
 Roy Clark 1933-2018
Jim Davis 1941-2018
 Ray Emery 1982-2018
 DeWayne Felkel 1964-2018
 Alton Ford 1981-2018
 Oscar Gamble 1949-2018
 Billy Graham 1918-2018
 Mike Green 1951-2018
 Hal Greer 1936-2018
 Dan Gurney 1931-2018
Freddie Hart 1926-2018
 Tom Higgins 1937-2018
 Greg Hodnett 1969-2018
 Tyler Honeycutt 1990-2018
 Mel Hutchins 1928-2018
 James Hylton 1934-2018
 Art Krebs 1927-2018
 Dick LaHaie 1942-2018
 Stan Lee 1922-2018
 John McCain 1936-2018
 Tom McEwen 1937-2018
 Stan Mikita 1940-2018
 Willie Naulls 1934-2018
 Larry Owen 1955-2018
 Mauro Panaggio 1928-2018
 David Pearson 1934-2018
 Greg Polis 1950-2018
 Frank Ramsey 1931-2018
 Craig Raymond 1945-2018
 Clifford Rozier 1972-2018
 Frankie Schneider 1926-2018
 Lonnie Shelton 1955-2018
 Irena Szewinska 1946-2018
 Ron Thomas 1950-2018
 Jo Jo White 1946-2018
 Art Williams 1939-2018
Henry Williams 1970-2018


  1. This is a cool project. Makes you appreciate both the person and the card.

  2. too many of these folks are my age and younger! thanks for sharing them, Billy. I hope 2019 brings good health and hobby joy!

  3. Somehow I'd missed that Jo Jo White had passed. Sorry to read that. I vaguely remember when he played at KU. Always too many that seem to be gone too soon.

  4. Very nice tribute Billy. Jojo and Artie Williams two Celts I remember from my youth

  5. It's nice that you do this tribute every year. It makes me particularly sad to see that some of them were very young.

  6. Every year I read these lists and I'm totally caught off guard by some of these names. Maybe I knew about Jo Jo White and Stan Mikita... but it didn't sink into my brain. Plus some of these folks are so young. Although very sad... this was a nice tribute post.

  7. Thank you for the comments. It is a nice way of remembering those lost. Some of the young guys are particularly troubling...Ray Emery drowned, Alton Ford had cancer, Tyler Honeycutt committed suicide.

    Every year I hope the list is smaller than the last.