Monday, December 30, 2019

In Memoriam 2019

Time for the annual look back at the people who appear in my collection that have died during the current year. I am happy to report that the list is smaller this year, with only 37 people present, down from last year's 45. However, like last year, there are some people who appear in my collection but have not been scanned yet.
 Sam Bass 1961-2019
 Al Bianchi 1932-2019
 Arnie Brown 1942-2019
 Bob Burrow 1934-2019

 Ben Coleman 1961-2019
 John Coughlin 1985-2019 (please note that my including him here is just because he is in my collection, not that I'm condoning what he did)
 A.G. Dillard 1939-2019
 Andre Emmett 1982-2019
 Doyle Ford 1933-2019
 J.D. Gibbs 1969-2019
 Jim Glaser 1936-2019
 Danny Grant 1945-2019
 Anthony Grundy 1979-2019
 John Havlicek 1940-2019
 Carl Hill Birthdate unknown-2019
 Jim Holt 1944-2019
 Harry Howell 1932-2019
 Greg Johnson 1971-2019
 Junior Johnson 1931-2019
 Vaughan Johnson 1962-2019
 Red Kelly 1927-2019
 Lewis Lloyd 1959-2019
 John MacLeod 1937-2019
 Johnny Neumann 1950-2019
 Matti Nykanen 1963-2019
 Ross Perot 1930-2019
 Dean Prentice 1932-2019
 Jim Reed 1926-2019
 Frank Robinson 1935-2019
 Bob Rule 1944-2019
 Bart Starr 1934-2019
 Mike Stefanik 1958-2019
 Red Sullivan 1929-2019
 Bruce VanderLaan 1952-2019
 Rick Wetzel 1956-2019
Glen Wood 1925-2019


  1. Dang, great tribute post. I want to know how you track all that information!

    Didn’t realize Ross Perot died. Crazy, I am getting old.

    1. It comes from the Trading Card Database In Memoriam page...except for Carl Hill, who they included in the memorial section on the NASCAR awards banquet. I wasn't able to find an obituary for him. That's also how I found out about Rick Wetzel but I found his obit and entered the info into the Database.

  2. You got the wrong Mike Cofer,the one that died was a linebacker for the Lions in the late 80s,he had a hand full of Topps cards.

    1. Thanks for the catch. I don't really know Football but I knew I had scanned someone with that name. I will remove this person.

  3. I appreciate this each year, even if I don't know half the folks. Thanks.

    1. Thank you. I'm glad my efforts are appreciated. I obviously don't know everyone either!

  4. It's really nice that you do this every year. Racing took a hit. I forgot about our hometown driver.

    1. It was cancer that got him...I didn't find out about it until later. Very little coverage.

  5. Man, looking over the list at TCDB, there was a lot of shockers in there this year. Jevan Snead really shocked me. Dude was only 32 and I got some stuff signed from him a few years ago. Wrestling took a big hit as always. I'm gonna have to hook you up with cardboard of some of those.

    1. 32 is way too young! I have very little wrestling cards...only soccer has less in my collection. Wait, unless you count MMA. I have only one pack's worth of that that I purchased specifically so I could contribute to every category on the Database.

    2. I literally have multiple monster boxes full of duplicate wrestling. I was a completist for a long time with the wrestling genre.

  6. Great tribute Billy! I only recognized a handful of guys on this list... but they were biggies. I didn't realize Perot passed away. I remember my buddy going all in on him back in 1992 and trying to convince everyone to vote for him. Good times.

    1. I'm pretty sure the Wild Card card company did...I believe they made a set just for him.

  7. Good tribute. Definitely a few I didn't know that had passed including Lewis Lloyd. Thanks.