Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014 brings more Card goodness

As I posted on Christmas Eve, my family always gets me cards for Christmas, and 2014 was no exception. I ended up getting 243 new cards, and the biggest surprise of all was a box of 2014-15 Panini Prestige Premium! I never thought I would ever get that one. I also got a handful of great singles I needed, some random packs, and several blasters. Note the stack of packs on the left hand side of this photo-

For Christmas this year I gave my family a list of people and sets not in my collection, and I got lots of cards of people who it was my 1st card of them!
I got 8 relics, several of which I pulled. Note that several of the cards appear on the 1st list as well.
I got 7 autographs, 4 of which came from the Prestige Premium box. Two of the autographs are also my first card of the person- and the Daniel Suarez card appears on all three groupings! It's only the third autographed relic in my NASCAR card collection.
One thing notable in the above photos- I used two different scanners to get the images. (One scanner cannot handle any amount of depth, which the relics from Press Pass all have- but does most everything else better). Since my settings I used to make these collages is set on "Maintain original size", it makes some of the cards look bigger than they should be. All but two of the cards are standard size- the 1948 Bowman card is smaller, and the 1995 Optima card is the "Tall Boy" style popularized by Topps, although this one is from Press Pass.

I have a hard time picking favorites - I love all my cards- but the Darrell Wallace Jr. auto may be my favorite of the new cards. I've been following his career since he was 16, and I believe he will be a Cup champion someday, if he gets the right opportunity.

Getting a 1948 Bowman card is always special. This is my 7th, and the first one I've ever received as a gift. It was the first basketball set ever released. The NBA hadn't even been formed yet when this card was issued. The green around the edges is the green construction paper I put behind most cards to scan. It was the only card ever issued of Gale Bishop.
Here are the parallels I got from the Prestige Premium box. Two reds, three blues, and one die cut orange. (black construction paper behind that one)

I've created a List on the Trading Card Database documenting all 243 cards I got for Christmas, and you can see it here: Cards I got for Christmas 2014 List unless I am updating it, in which case it is not visible until I finish for that session. I only have 69 of the cards posted so far, so I still have some updating to do. I would have been farther along but I hurt my back badly on the 26th- I have a bad back and have pain 24/7, but I hurt it really bad somehow and have not really been able to do much, including sit at my computer. The crazy thing is that it started hurting when I put my foot down moving a box with only a handful of magazines, and nothing more, off my scanner to start scanning my new additions.

As always, thanks for reading!

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