Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What was I thinking?

If any of you have spent any time scanning your collection, you know that scanning Topps' Finest/Chrome cards is not much fun...with about the only less fun kind of card to scan being mirror foils. (and by scan, I mean the full process of editing to make the scan match the card in hand)

So why the heck did I just scan 5 consecutive pages of Chrome cards and top it off with a page of mirror foils, too?

I don't know. But I do know I'm NOT going to sort the next box before I start scanning it, putting off the Chromes and foils to the end. I still have lots of mirror foils waiting...but they will continue to wait.

As I progress through scanning the box, each time I hit 9 Chrome/Finest/Bowman's Best cards I will do a page of them. At least, that's the theory. Knowing me, I may not actually stick to that. 

Well, at least I do know why I did the page of mirror foils. I received a RAOK in the mail that included several of the 1998-99 Stadium Club Transactions subset cards and I wanted to get them scanned so I could post them to the Database when I add them to my collection listing on there. So at least there's a reason for some of it! 

Here is a screen cap of the cards I just scanned and edited. It was made somewhat better by the fact that I did a page and a half before I went to bed, and did the rest later. Not much better...but somewhat. 
I was originally going to lead off with this screencap, but to fit everything onto one screen, they are barely visible at all.

Can you spot the error I made in labeling? Hint: It's been corrected by time I screencapped the above image.

Remember, you can click on images to see them larger.

As you might be able to tell, this box I was working on was heavy on Michael Jordan, Richard Hamilton, Kobe Bryant and Nick Van Exel. My collection is sorted somewhat by player at the moment, although I kind of tried to mix it up some when I sorted the entire collection (or at least what I was able to find at the time) in December 2013.

Now that I've moved past these, I am working on scanning the non-foil 1998-99 Stadium Club cards that I also got in the mail, back to editing!


  1. Wow Billy you put in a lot of work... I'm so old school. I still use notebooks. Must be pretty gratifying when your all done

    1. I imagine it will be but also somewhat dissapointing because I love doing my card stuff, and don't want to have nothing left to do. Some day I will do a post about my listing. I keep my listing on looseleaf, it takes 5 binders to cover them all.