Monday, October 10, 2016

Lost & Found: 11 year old artwork

Been going through stuff again...and finding stuff of course. This particular find I forgot I ever had, and it's something I did...although not all that well. However, I was 11 years old when I did this so maybe it's not so bad.

I have tried to draw in the past..many times...but I never really succeeded. My brother is the artist, me, I'm the collector. But...apparently, in 1996, I tried to do some drawing.

I had no recollection of doing this, but when I found my long-lost box of Becketts, there they were.

Drawn on blue paper- I no longer know now if it was so I could use the white colored pencil in the Nets logo and the Celtics jersey, or if it was just because I had it- never can tell with me- these were all done on said blue paper with pencil, both standard and color.

The Nets logo isn't all that bad...the Pervis Ellison one is based on a card...I think the photo may have been inspired by 1994-95 Fleer, but maybe not. The Rodman may be my favorite. It's so bad it's great, you know what I mean? I also like the fact that I only bothered to color in his hair and nothing else, even though I could easily have colored his jersey in like I did on the Ellison one.

I apparently planned to make a whole series of them, because on the back I numbered the Rodman 144 and the Ellison 101. The Nets are numbered 02. Not 2, 02. Even back then my affinity for the Nets was high. As far as I know, these were the only three I ever did. But I had no recollection of these whatsoever so there may be more waiting to be rediscovered.

I also found the first of the missing 8x10 Hoops cards- these were gigantic, and the majority of my oversize cards are still among the missing. Unfortunately, it was also in the box with my Becketts so the top was bent back pretty badly, it's somewhat visible in the scan but it's very visible in hand. I think I had all of them, or most of them, so hopefully when I find the others, they will be in better shape. I am not too hopeful of that though. There was a lot more water leakage in my storage units that I knew about, unfortunately.


  1. I think these are cool....signs of a carefree childhood; although, I did notice Rodman does not have a nose. LOL

  2. Pretty cool. The Rodman is ten times better than what I could do

  3. That Rodman hair jumped out at me as the only part that got any colorizing. And is that a slip of the pencil or one of his many face piercings just below his lips?

    1. I think...maybe...that is supposed to be his chin..Maybe?