Friday, March 31, 2017

March 2017 Trade Recap

March was kind of a slow month for me for trading, but I did get several completed, all of which were with members of the Trading Card Database.

First to arrive was with CluelessJoe, who sent along this Chucky Atkins autograph in exchange for, if you can believe it, a copy of this card. The info card was included in some NBA set- I no longer remember which one- and since he collects the Greats of the Game set extensively he had to have it. I told him I thought that it was a lopsided trade in my favor but he was happy with it.
I think it's the first 2000-01 Autographics card I've added to my collection since 2003 or 2004, so I was certainly happy with the trade!

The second trade was with new member Doe MG, which actually arrived the same time as the Atkins auto but I opened that one first. Doe actually has a blog, Now and Zen, which is a new blog that features the Cubs. She didn't have any basketball but sent along two baseball cards. Fine with me, any sports card I don't have before is always an acceptable trade. (most non-sport too!) One of the cards, which I have not scanned yet, is from 1990 Topps, my all-time favorite baseball design. But since the scanner I have plugged in now doesn't deal well with the old-school brown cardstock, I scanned the 1992 Upper Deck card instead. It's only my third card from the 800 card set.
My third and final trade was with Sahal694. It's not our first trade. He made a post stating that he was looking for rookie cards of three NBA players, which I happened to have two of, and was sure I had the third but I couldn't find it. I sent him off the two I could find, and a small stack of Phoenix Suns cards, and he sent me back three cards from this year's Prizm set and 13 cards from the 2017 Topps baseball set, my first time seeing them.
These were my first additions to this year's Prizm set since I got a blaster on Christmas. I only scanned one of the 2017 Topps cards, as they were all done on the Database already. I scanned the one with the player wearing green and yellow, my two favorite colors.
His Twitter handle is great, too.
 I guess that's actually the Instagram logo...I don't use that format so I am not 100% sure.

9 of the 13 cards were of people not previously in my collection, and two of them were non-player cards, so that's a pretty good blind guess he made, as I didn't tell him who was in my collection. I actually like the design in hand a lot more than I thought I would from seeing it on the blogs. No, it's not perfect, but in hand it "feels right" if that makes any sense.

Overall, I took in 19 cards in trade this month, so while it was light, it was still a good month. I have a few more trades in progress but I don't think they will arrive before April does so they will count then.


  1. Doolittle's Twitter handle is awesome. Right there with Mike Moustakas.

    That's a heck of a trade, getting the Atkins auto for an ad card. But if both sides are happy, that's what matters.

    I've finally sorted through all my hockey and basketball dupes and I'm sending some your way tomorrow. if I had known you collect baseball, I might have had to send a box!

    1. Oops.. that's an Instagram icon, not Twitter. (I dont use that either!)

    2. Thank you! Baseball is no really my "thing" but I will take pretty much anything except garbage pail kids in trade, lol. I'll have to look up the handle of the other guy.

  2. Your want lists and trade bait lists are very comprehensive. Hopefully I'll have time soon to scour them closely and we can get some back and forth started!

    1. That would be great! I'm always up for trading...And I have tons more trade bait not listed anywhere yet 😁