Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Surprise with a Bonus Surprise

Back during the NBA Finals, and I don't remember which game, I was watching with my mom and mentioned that there were only two players in the finals who were not represented in my collection - Justin Holiday and surprise star Matthew Dellavedova.

Flash forward to today...she got me this!
That's a big surprise to me, I was not expecting that at all! At first, I only saw the back of the card and didn't even realize it was autographed.

The reason I didn't see the front, is because the seller she ordered it from had used a small stack of 2007-08 Upper Deck cards as filler/packaging material. 7 of them to be exact! 2007-08 UD was the last flagship set missing from my collection! A Bonus surprise! They taped the front card with 4 pieces of tape- but I was able to remove them with no ill affects. That was a bit of a hair-raising experience but as the card was fine, and they were free, after all- I can't complain.
This is the card that was taped, and the last Flagship set I needed-
 I was afraid that it was going to lift off some of the foil printing of his name, (silver foil, scans black most of the time) but it didn't.

Here is the scan of all of them- unedited, and with two 1992 Classic 4-Sport cards I got over the weekend to fill the page-
So, I was surprised to get any of them and she was surprised there was a bonus in there!

Knowing her, there is probably a Justin Holiday card on it's way to me as well, lol. Thanks Mom!


  1. Nice autographed card.

    I have tons of those Upper Deck cards, I really don't know why. I guess I was hoping it would rekindle my passion for the NBA, but it didn't. I watch sporadically but still prefer HS and college more.

    1. I'd be glad to give them a new home if you don't want them...