Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Blog Bat-A-Round: Cards you once had, no longer do, and regret it.

I have been reading on other blogs, something called a "Bat-A-Round" where multiple bloggers post their thoughts on a particular subject. (You can tell how much of the sports card blogging world is baseball oriented). As I spend much of my life thinking about cards, I rarely find a topic I don't have a thought on, so I thought I would post my take on it.

This Bat-A-Round's topic is cards you once had but no longer do.

For me, this is a small subject but a bit of a painful one.

I am very tight-fisted with my cards. If a card goes into my collection...it stays there. Forever. I will not budge, no matter what. (I even had somebody block me on Facebook because I would not sell a card to him). But back in 1996, when I first started collecting the NBA, I traded away one card...just one...and it's haunted me ever since. The crazy thing is I don't even remember exactly which card it was anymore.

I know it was 1995-96 Upper Deck, the Electric Court Parallel. I know it was David Robinson. But at this late date I don't remember if it was the base card, or one of the Subsets.

I think it was the base player card.

I have the USA subset in it's Electric Court version, but until I get the rest...it will drive me nuts. (The two I don't have, that might be it, are in the Top 10 most wanted list on the right side of every post).

I am still friends with the person I traded it to, all those years ago, but he had a house fire a year or two after we traded...so the opportunity is not there to try and get it back.

The crazy thing is that I could probably get both of the cards for under $5 combined. I have so far refused to do so, hoping against hope that I would get them "naturally"- without having to pay for them/it. So far, no luck.

That is the ONLY card I ever had that I no longer do.

There is more to this story though.

Remember back in February, I had a flood, lost several hundred cards. You can see which ones I lost and some pictures Here. I have already replaced some of them. Less than half, but some. The 2003-04 Topps Factory Set and the two Star Wars promos are going to be hard to replace. While I technically still have them, they are essentially lost to me. Some of them, like the 1991-92 Upper Deck Muggsy Bogues, are permanently fused to the next card they were touching. This is the painful aspect. My cards are my life, and this hurt...still hurts. I have found a few more that were in the box that I thought escaped damage but didn't, that aren't on that list. I have an Excel file of cards damaged that need to be replaced.

I've also had a few cards stolen. The key one was this one-

1995-96 Upper Deck Special Edition #SE147 Shaquille O'Neal.

I made a big trade for one of these, and it was stolen...I am 99.9% sure by my school teacher, at that.
Luckily, at a card show several years later I was able to find a replacement. They scan like crap, by the way, as all mirror foils do. There were other cards I've had stolen but I'm sure I've gotten replacements for them now. I don't really remember what they were. This one was the big deal, and the only one I clearly remembered from the group stolen. Ironically the replacement is probably in much better shape than the one that was stolen, but I only got to see it for maybe 5 minutes before it was stolen, so I can't be sure.

As someone who keeps all his cards, this is a topic that hopefully won't ever grow. Especially as I've learned not to keep my waiting-to-be-scanned box directly under my window. I realize in previewing this post that this will only be my fourth blog entry of June...on June 30th. I really need to post more often. It is a little disheartening when you spend a lot of time, care and effort on a post, and get zero response. I do this pretty much totally for my own piece of mind, and I've not been in a very good place lately...I guess it shows with my lack of posts. I did just get a card I've been chasing for nearly 20 years in the mail today (it's still Monday for me) and a 1/1 in the mail as well so I may post another post tomorrow (the 30th) afternoon...depends on if I get them scanned or not.


  1. Replacing that one you traded will be nice, but it still won't feel the same. You'll always know it's not the original.

  2. that's painful. as an aside, i've lost some cards to theft before - a couple i got back, but they were creased from my neighbor putting them in his pocket. thanks for writing about these memories!

  3. Hopefully you get a chance to reaquire the lost cards

    1. Thanks Mark. Your help earlier this year was MUCH appreciated!