Thursday, July 2, 2015

Throwback Thursday: An Explosive return

I have not done a Throwback Thursday in a while. Follow through is not my strong suite.

Here's an explosive post- downright radioactive, in fact!

From 1954 comes Topps Scoop, a set of various historical subjects done up as newspaper clippings. All cards feature drawings on the front, a couple have actual photos on the back. Originally the card fronts had some sort of black covering over the top of them, but I am not real sure how that works/worked.

This copy of the card, that I added to my collection in June, is slightly misprinted on the back. You can see the black stripe from another card at the top and part of the black stripe from this card is missing.

By the way....those boats there are actually full size battleships! The test was to determine the effects a nuclear bomb would have on battleships. (it devastated them)

It also gave it's name to the Bikini. The outfit was named after the island the test was held at. This card comes from 2011's Topps American Pie, the most recent historical subject set Topps has produced, although some of their choices best. I actually pulled this card from my first retail pack. The Scoop card above is slightly smaller than standard size; in the mid 1950s a standard size hadn't been chosen yet.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Very cool card. Scoop is definitely on my radar for vintage non-sports sets. So far I haven't hit on the right condition/price combo but I haven't been looking more than sporadically.

    1. I got lucky...found a dealer who had a bunch he got when they were new. I have them now :)

  2. Super post. Love the Bikini and oh the original Scoop card. At first glance I thought it was one of the "Horrors of War" cards. Got to put this set on my RADAR.

    1. Thanks...I still need to hunt down some Horrors of War. Honestly I've never even seen one in person. When I found my 1942 War Gum cards from Gum Inc, I originally thought those were Horrors of War. I had never even heard of the set they were actually from.