Thursday, December 31, 2015

In Memoriam 2015

On award shows, the only part I usually watch for is when they show a small tribute to people in the field who have passed away during the year since the last award show.

I thought I would adapt that concept and post a scan of all the people in my collection who passed away during 2015. There are a couple who I have not scanned any cards of yet, and there are others who are in these fields who I don't have cards of.

2015 was a pretty bad year for NBA people- more former NBA players died in 2015 than any other year in history, more than 30 people. NASCAR also lost several dozen, although not all of them have cards. The only non-sports person in my collection who passed away during 2015 was BB King, but I have not scanned my only card of him as yet.

Buddy Baker 1941-2015

Ron Bouchard 1948-2015

Bill Bridges 1941-2015

Ticky Burden 1953-2015

Mike Colabucci 1962-2015

Jimmy Cox 1935-2015
Lloyd Dane 1925-2015
Mel Daniels 1944-2015
Darryl Dawkins 1957-2015
Harry Gallatin 1927-2015
Jack Haley 1964-2015
Nate Huffman 1975-2015
Bob Kauffman 1946-2015
Jerome Kersey 1962-2015
Meadowlark Lemon 1932-2015
Earl Lloyd 1928-2015
Jim Loscutoff 1930-2015
Moses Malone 1955-2015
Anthony Mason 1966-2015
Dave Meyers 1953-2015
Dan Press 1949-2015
Flip Saunders 1955-2015
Dolph Schayes 1928-2015
Mary Scott 1923-2015
Dean Smith 1932-2015
Jerry Tarkanian 1930-2015
Roy Tarpley 1964-2015
Jabe Thomas 1930-2015
Lou Tsioropoulos 1930-2015
Jim Vandiver 1939-2015
Jackson Vroman 1981-2015
Neal Walk 1948-2015
Christian Welp 1964-2015
John "Hot Rod" Williams 1962-2015
Michael Wright 1980-2015
Rest In Peace, all.

Edit to add: After I posted this this post, NASCAR legend Marvin Panch died at age 89. I was actually friends with him on Facebook, although for a few years now his daughter was posting pictures for him.


  1. That was a very nice tribute blog. I can't believe how many basketball players died this year. Makes me sad.

  2. Nice post. Always like paying respects through cardboard.

    1. Thanks. Hope to make a much smaller post in 2016.

  3. I enjoyed this column. Of course now it has me looking for the colabucci and press 1/64 diecast cars for my memorial lane. I added the panch diecast yesterday. since i had extra. I do not have all of marvins cards but I am close. i placed him in the Asheville Area Racers collection because he lived near asheville for half the year in a rv park for years. I need to get one of his 1/24 autographed cars also but am betting the price goes up for awhile

    1. I have not been able to hunt down the Press in 1/64 myself. The card shown here is the one that came with the 1/144th truck. Those late issue trucks were always so hard to find. Defying odds, both of Mike Colabucci's trucks got issued...he made 3 starts in his entire career.