Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Additions

Whenever there is a gift giving occasion, any holiday, birthdays, even just random, my mom gives me cards. This has been going on for more than 25 years now, and this year is no different. Sometimes it's packs, sometimes it's singles...this year it was the latter and a gift certificate for COMC which will result in it's own post when it arrives.

My mom is a regular reader (and commenter, as Hotrod Mama) and this year she used the "Sets missing from my collection" chart to choose gifts for me...these below are all new sets to my collection!

2009 Showcase, one of only 4 NASCAR sets missing...

2007-08 Topps Triple Threads, the Emerald Parallel. The card has a canvas texture.

2007-08 Bowman Elevation. I'm not sure yet if this is base card, or a parallel. It's not SN so it's probably base...I have more research to do but I love researching cards so that's a good thing.

2005-06 Topps Big Game. I didn't know this set existed until about a month ago! I thought I had all the 2005-06 releases, but then I discovered this one listed on the Database.
2008-09 Radiance. This card is printed on plastic and is all holofoil. It's only my second card of Jamario Moon.

2010 Press Pass Five Star! This was the most expensive NASCAR set ever released, and both years were missing from my collection....not anymore! I am down to only two missing NASCAR sets from my collection, at least until Panini starts issuing them. This card is as thick as a patch relic and SN35 is the base card, NOT a parallel!

2009-10 Rookies & Stars Longevity. It's hard to tell in the scan but the card has a slight mirror foil effect. The 2010-11 set was much easier to tell the Longevity version from the basic but I already have a bunch of them.

In addition to the new sets, I also got ten cards from 1954 Topps Scoop, one of my all-time favorite non-sports sets. All are high number issues, with the lowest #115. Here are all 10. They aren't in numerical order or the order I got them, they are just in whatever order they got scanned.

This depicts an actual event, DeWitt Clinton poured a jug of Lake Erie water into the Atlantic Ocean at the conclusion of the first journey on the Canal.

Where did they get an electric lamp in 1803? :)

This set came out of packs with a black coating on it that you rubbed off with a coin. This card still has some of that, to the left of the caption box and on Napoleon's ear area.

Thanks Mom!

Stay tuned for Part 2, which will happen whenever COMC gets the shipment to's already done and waiting for them, so hopefully it will ship tomorrow.

And, in just a few short minutes, I get to watch my all-time favorite player, Elton Brand and the 76ers, take on the Golden State Warriors, which feature three of my favorite players in the NBA currently, in Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson.