Sunday, April 3, 2016

Hot off the Scanner Tray "Week" 15

HOST is back and this time should last as I have no series or other projects to displace it. Of course I don't have the greatest track record with follow-through so only time will tell I suppose!

I start with some new additions from SportLots...I finally figured out how the site works, for the most part, and I'm having fun with it for sure.

This is my first patch from the Nets in the Brooklyn era! Bonus, it's SN1 of 25, extra bonus, it's also his jersey number!
This was labeled as a patch, but it's not really. I don't dislike manufactured patches, but it shouldn't be marketed as a patch I don't think. Who cares about semantics though, this is a great card no matter what you call it.
This one didn't even have a picture on Sportlots but I didn't care about that. It's my first from 2013-14 Timeless Treasures.

I think my favorite additions from SportLots, though, had to be something from the Non-Sports side. I won two lots of some old tobacco cards, and while I am only sharing one card from each, I got more than one card from each set. Yes, it's true that they are not all in good shape, but for the price I can't argue. (50 cents combined!) Eventually I will need to do a Sets in My Collection post for three of them, one of them already has a post, I think. I can't even remember!
1912 Wills Arms of Foreign Cities, with metallic silver print!

1913 Wills Arms of Companies

1923 Wills Wild Flowers

1929 Player Hidden Beauties- one of the few Tobacco era sets I previously had in my collection,

I bought a full 550 count box for $15 on the Hot Spot Facebook group, and it was a mystery of what was going to be in it. I prefer it that way. I completed 2013-14 Prestige, which is only my second completed set of the Panini era- (2009-10 to current) and interestingly enough both are 2013-14 season issues.
In the box was one new set to my collection, 2015-16 Absolute Basketball. This wasn't my first card, but I had to scan this one...I don't enjoy scanning mirror foils so I set most of them aside for later.

As I was working on my non-sports card duplicates to post to my tradelist on the Database, I realized that I still had some car cards that I had no posted yet, so I got them out and did them.

The Famous Hot Rods set may be the worst designed ever.
ALL the cards have black backgrounds, including the cars that are painted black. They also appear to have been photographed mostly at night.

Even those photographed during the day, like this one below, are photographed with the sun behind the car- terrible for photography. I've taken more than 10,000 car photos and I always try to make sure the sun is not behind the car- it should be over the photographer's shoulder or, ideally, directly above.

This is an example of my automotive photography, for what it's worth-
Note that the car, which is also red, has the sun above and behind it and you can still see all the important details....I don't know what the card company was thinking or doing...but it may be why the cards are labeled as Series 1 and no series 2 ever happened.

Since the last post I made on Cardboard History, I joined the SportsCardForum message board. It's the spiritual successor to Trader Retreat, where I was very active in the early 2000s, even winning Member of the Month on at least two locations. (Sure wish I knew how to use the Print Screen feature back then, so I could have saved an image of my awards). In just about a week's time I have made two trades already, with one of them going all the way to Slovenia! We got talking and are now making the trade into a larger one but it's pretty cool to be trading again. It really makes me wish I could find the majority of my trade stash, though. A lot of it went missing when I was away from the NBA from 2006-12.

I also got Cardboard History to be an affiliate...hopefully that will get me some new readers. It's not easy to attract new readers when you aren't mostly about baseball, that's for sure. (There will be a baseball post later this week, would have been today but I wanted to get HOST going again) You will now find a link to my profile on SportsCardForum on the right side, above the blogroll.

During the month of March I prepped and posted- or at the very least saw that somebody else posted- exactly 3700 cards to the Trading Card Database. That is my new personal record since I started keeping track of what I do in a month, the previous record being 2958 in June 2014. I only began doing it this way in January 2014, where I keep everything I process to the Database in a big file and then upload it to my own website on the 1st of every month, then putting each card image in it's proper album. It's fun for me to do that and somehow I managed to get all 3700 uploaded on the 1st of April. In 2013 I put everything I processed during the entire year into one big album and then uploaded it all on January took me several days to do and I decided to do something differently in 2014, and have kept at it. Sometimes I do a lot, sometimes I do a little, my record low is only 158 cards, in February 2015.
April is going to be big as well, as I'm processing all of the cards I had scanned and not yet posted. My "To be posted" folder had gotten to around 10,000 scans...I decided it was enough that I should start posting. I have it down to 4840 right now....they upload a lot faster than they scan. I'll never be able to get it down to 0 because there are too many cards I just can't find checklists for- some I can't even ID the set on.


  1. Holy Smokes! 10,000 scans! Now I know why you're having to get a new scanner soon.
    Basketball cards came out great.

    1. Some of them have been waiting to be processed since 2013!

  2. That Unseld is stellar. The new tobacco additions are pretty sweet

  3. Thanks! I agree, had to have them.