Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hot off the Scanner Tray Week 17

This week's HOST is a short one- several days were spent away from home at the NNL East, the world's largest scale model car show, in Wayne, New Jersey, and two days were spent working on the new 2015-16 Panini Threads set. Then, for the entire week after the NNL, I didn't scan a single card.

But I did manage to get some scanning done the week before the NNL which I will post now...
Here is Kevin Garnett's base card from 2015-16 Donruss. (#159). I saw this image happen! I was watching the game on League Pass, and I said to my mom, also watching, that this would make a great card image. KG may be in his 21st season but he can still run a fast break, leading to a dunk and a free throw. Opened up a pack of Donruss and there it was!

This season I did something different also...I kept an Excel chart of each NBA game I watched during the season. I listed each game, keeping it in columns as to which team was at home and on the road. I watched all 4 T-Wolves/Nuggets games, but since this was in Denver, this photo had to be taken either October 30th or December 2nd, 2015. I don't remember which game it was, but this is now the first time I have ever been able to match up a card image to a game listed on my Excel chart. OCD can be really helpful sometimes :) I mainly created the chart for two reasons- one, so that I could look up and see if games referenced on cards were ones I watched, and 2- I have never had any idea how many games I've watched in a season. I wanted to know that (it serves no practical purpose, but..OCD!)

As I type this, on Wednesday afternoon (the final day of the regular season) I've watched exactly 250 regular season games, and 283 overall, the overall total counting pre-season, D-League and the All-Star game. By the time this gets posted on Sunday, I'll have watched at least two more regular season games and at least one Playoff game. For me to include a game on the list, I had to have either seen 1 whole quarter, or if I only saw the end, at least 5 minutes worth of playing time. If I only saw that I marked it with a P, for partial. If I saw the entire second half and some of the first half, I didn't mark it with a P, but if I saw the entire first half and only some of the second, I DID mark it with a P. Weird, but, it works for me. I prefer to watch whole games but sometimes it just didn't work out, schedule wise or TV working wise (my TV doesn't always work). (Update: I didn't post this on the 17th as I expected, so I did in fact watch two more regular season games, and I've since watched a bunch of Playoff games, too)

Also of note....Joffrey Lauvergne (possibly spelled wrong), #77 on the Nuggets...Panini has not bothered to give him a card, so this background shot is his only appearance to date. 

I mentioned in my Threads review that I hadn't gotten the Team Threads insert scanned yet when I made the post. Now I have, and here it is.

Yes, I decided to post a back scan. Not something I do too often in a HOST. These are die cut in the shape of the jersey. There are 100 of them in the set, 60 veterans and 40 rookies (numbered separately). I wish they were more common. I really like them. Last year the rookie ones were part of the base set.

Just a cool Corey Maggette card. He follows me on Twitter! This set is one i always liked. They always smelled like Vick's Vapo-Rub to me. Not sure if that is a regional product or not but if you know what it is, you will know the smell.
The lines through the picture and across his skin were added by my scanner, by the way. It has some issues with some sets. This is one of them. You need to be careful with the set as well, because the silver can come off if you handle it too much.

As I mentioned above, I didn't scan any cards during the week of getting home on the 17th through today, the 24th, I did scan all the comics that have arrived to me in 2016, which is not all that many as I don't read too many titles anymore...and I have only read one of the months that arrived this year so I'm behind in reading them as well as scanning them. (I've been off on a kick reading books from the local library, mostly about WWII and Ancient Rome).
Here's just one which has a cool wraparound cover, which I combined into one image with PhotoScape.
 Hopefully I will get back into scanning and will have more to show in the next HOST.

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  1. What the heck....your cards smell like Vicks?!?!? Okay that is really weird. And by the way, OCD is one of the best illnesses for some helps them stay organized.