Saturday, June 25, 2016

COMC Bonanza Part 2: Relics, Autos and SNs

OK, I went with the title for this post. It just fits, and it's what this series is going to be called now.

While I mostly went after sets that were close to completion, I didn't JUST go after sets that were close. I went after other stuff too...including some autos, relics and SN...some of which will be saved for part 3 of the series. Looks like this is going to get me 4 posts based on the Bonanza and contribute to some other posts later on down the line. It's amazing what one little package and one big sale can do!

I know I am one of those people that gripe about the hobby being "hit" driven...yes, I have been in the hobby since before there were autographs, relics, serial numbering, even parallels, and it was better before all that stuff. (Well, maybe not parallels, which I love, but...) But I still love to get those kinds of cards, and I rarely turn them down, especially when they are under $1.00 as several of these were.

So now, here's a look at some of the autographed, relic and serial numbered cards I got from the COMC Bonanza.

 I honestly have no idea what this card is. I never saw it before, but it came up in a search of SN NASCAR, and it looks incredible, so I got it. I think it was a single-card insert in 1995 Finish Line, but I'm not 100% sure on that. Here's the back. Of all 144 cards I got, this one is the most visually stunning. Scans don't do it justice. The entire card, both front and back, is gold foil and embossed.

My second 1997-98 Ultra Platinum Medallion. The Platinums are my second favorite parallel concept after only Refractors. I did not have a single 1997-98 Platinum when 2016 began but earlier this year I added Kevin Willis, now Zwikker. He is alphabetically the last person to receive NBA cards, but he never played an NBA game, cut during the pre-season (when this photo was taken). He made it into several sets, it was somewhat of a surprise that he didn't make the team.

1999-00 Autographics is my favorite Autographics set, it's also the easiest one to find. I have more than 30 of them already, including Shaquille O'Neal, one of the big ones in the set. (It was Shaq's first NBA autograph). I dream of someday completing this set, but I know I still have some big ones ahead of me- Charles Barkley, Chris Webber, Allen Iverson, Scottie Pippen all sell for more than I am comfortable paying for a single card. I got 5 more from the COMC sale, and the weird blotch on the Stepania card is actually part of the card, not something on it. (printing flaw)

Some serially numbered Eltons...
 1999-00 Bowman's Best is one of my least favorite sets to scan, but when it's a refractor, it's spectacular!

I am now very close to having all of Elton's rookie cards. Without checking, off the top of my head, I need only Fleer Force, Fleer Mystique, Ultimate Victory and Upper Deck Encore, and I might even have the UV, I would need to check. I know I have A version of it, but it might be a parallel. I don't remember.

Two Jerry Nadeau relics. Jerry is a local driver who I always rooted for.

This is my 4th Under Cover card, and it was only a 12 card set. I might be able to complete this one.

 I never turn down a relic for under $1.
 This guy jumped onto the train tracks to rescue somebody, when a train was in sight. He was successful, I remember seeing his story when it happened. Cool that Topps included him in their 2009 American Heritage Heroes Edition set. He is a true hero, because without his action - at extreme risk to himself- the person would have been killed by the train.
 A cool family photo of the Flocks from 2009 Legends, Bob Tim and Fonty l-r. Their sister Ethel Mobley also raced in NASCAR.

When I was searching for the basic version of this card to complete my set, the Gold and red parallels were also available for about a dollar each, so I got them.

Platinum Medallions from 1999-00 and 2000-01 Ultra! I didn't have a single Platinum from either year. Both are SN to 50.
Now I just need to get one from the two Upper Deck years to have at least one Platinum from each year of issue. For some reason it appears they did not produce Platinums in 2001-02 or 2002-03.

 My first card from this parallel, which is SN 531 of 1199. The green effect on his name looks much nicer in person.
This RadioActive parallel from 2009 Element features glow in the dark printing.
 I love the throwback jersey concept, and this jersey design made my Top 20. This is my first pinstripe relic from this jersey design.
 This one didn't scan well on scanner #3, I plan to rescan it on scanner #4 which wouldn't have the lines on it, but I don't know when I will get that scanner out again and I didn't want to hold up the post. This is the first scan I've posted to Cardboard History that I didn't save- a year and a half in!
I was a big fan of American Gladiators when the show was new. The back of the card says it ran from 1989-96 but I don't think I watched it at the end. I don't know when I stopped watching it but I would guess it was around the time I discovered NASCAR. I didn't know they did a card set until recently when I saw them on the Database. (I am 2 or 3 away from completing it, now) This card comes from 2013 Topps 75th Anniversary, which is one of my favorite non-sport sets. This is my third autograph from the set, and the first one of somebody I've seen doing his thing. (The other two are 1 actor and 1 actress, neither of which I've ever seen in anything, as I rarely watch TV or movies)

This last card was the "big ticket" item that I splurged on. I really debated it, it was the most expensive card I got in this order. I went back and forth if I wanted to spend the $15 for this one card or pick up 15 more $1 cards. (simplifying the numbers, but you get the idea). In the end I decided to go for it.
A sheet metal piece from 1997 ActionVision! These were pretty rare, and it's SN to 375. Ernie Irvan has always been "my driver" since I discovered the sport, and this is my first relic of his. It's also a sheet metal relic, which is my favorite kind of relic, and it's now the second oldest relic in my collection, after a piece of Ken Schrader's tire from 1996. And it's also very much neon, which I love!
In the end, I am VERY glad I got it, because I would really have regretted it if I hadn't. I even broke out scanner #2, which I almost never use anymore, because it's the only one that can handle neons.
It looks even better in person, and it's now one of my favorite cards of his. Buying it was the right choice.

Up next: New sets and people added to my collection


  1. Too bad the only girl in the Flock family wasn't on the card with her brothers, especially since she also raced. I am glad they included the hero who saved that person.

  2. I absolutely love your NASCAR content - where else on the blogosphere can I find mentions of the Flock family and Jerry Nadeau? Nowhere, that's where.

    1. Thanks! I've been neglecting NASCAR a little bit lately but it's still on my mind...this COMC order was more NASCAR than anything else so the final two posts in the series will slant more towards NASCAR as well