Monday, June 27, 2016

COMC Bonanza Part 3: New Sets & People

Here is the third part of the COMC Bonanza, which highlights the new sets and people I added to my collection with this order.

As I talked about recently, all the main sets for the NBA and NASCAR are now in my collection, but there are still some non-sports and peripheral sets that I am lacking for my collection.

The first cards I purchased as part of this Spring Cleaning sale were three 1975 Donruss Truckin' cards, which actually came from The Shlabotnik Report, which is where I learned about the sale in the first place! I had wanted some cards from this set for a while, and it's only a 44 card set so completing it is not something that's outside the realm of possibility- some day.

This one is a bit of an oddball- and also fairly rare. It's pretty large, too- it's a Carvel Disk from 1975-76!
It's round, and the back is blank. I remember reading about these back in the day in Beckett but I had never seen one before. As I recall these are not actually licensed by the NBA, which is why it says only Detroit, not Detroit Pistons. Either way, I counted it as part of my collection, despite the fact that it's not truly a card or fully licensed.

This one doesn't look too unusual or special, does it?
Until you turn it over, and it's in Portuguese!
More on these two cards in a future post.  Two I say, there's one that's even more visually different not shown!

I could have shown this one with the relics and autos etc. but chose to show it here, because it's the first from the set and the person in my collection.
In 2014 Panini issued a country music set but they packed it poorly- it was hobby only and about $100 for about 20 cards. I passed on it, especially as it didn't have most of my favorites. It seems like it was a failure because they did not do any more music sets. What a shock, when you price it that high for very few cards in return, it's almost likely they wanted it to fail. I have been listening to country music almost exclusively since 2006. The scan doesn't really show it well (it's set too far back) But the large purple stripe with white thread border is raised over the white and brown that border it (and all the stripes on the left).

I worked on getting as many NASCAR people missing from my collection as I could. There were about 30, and I have it down to 17 now. There were simply no cards available of the others on COMC when I was making my purchases.
Here they are, in no real order:

 Always happy to add a Busch North card to my collection.

 Check out the letting on the tire! I'm not sure where it comes from on the tire, but it's pretty cool. I am seriously considering trying to chase this relic set- I have quite a few already and they don't seem to sell for very much.
 Even the parallels are pretty cheap. This is Timmy Hill, which is not really easy to read on the card.
John King won the Daytona race and then disappeared. What's up with that?

 A trio of NASCAR's Rookie of the Year winners, these three cards will allow me to do a post I've wanted to do since I began the blog. Stay tuned! All three of these guys have no other cards that this one and it's only parallel.
 Another Busch North card, always a good thing.

 A trio of crew members who only ever got these one cards (and parallels)

And now with all the above I am down to - I think- only 17 people who have gotten NASCAR cards that are not in my collection. Now that I've completed the sets missing from my collection, this will be my main goal. 

I only got one new NBA player, but he was historically significant. 
 Sim Bhullar, although born in Canada, was the first NBA player ever of Indian descent. He only got into three games, and only scored 2 points, but that counts.

The list of NBA people missing from my collection is over 400 so it will be much harder to track them all down.

Only one more post in this series...


  1. The Danilovic card, was that meant for distribution in the U.S. or did they make a mistake? Cool card to have though.

    1. Stay tuned for a post dedicated specifically to the international cards!

  2. I don't think I've seen an insert of the Country cards until now. Not a fan of Rodney, but still a nice card. I'm looking for a few but no intention of working on the set. I'd love to see more sets dedicated to music.

    I'm going to start my COMC posts tonight. Nothing as diverse as yours though. I like those Truckin' cards. Nice post.

    1. Thanks! I would like to get a few more from the set myself, but I've never heard of half the people in the set, and some of them in it I don't care for. I would not have been happy if I had purchased a box of these and gotten Florida-Georgia Line cards, LOL

  3. Thanks for the shout out and thanks for buying my Truckin' cards!

    I've noticed one particular hole in your NASCAR collection... I haven't seen a single Miss Winston card! Beth Bruce was always my favorite, but Renee White was no slouch either.

    That Carvel disc is fantastic! That deserves a link to a commercial featuring Tom Carvel talking about "Fudgie The Whale":

  4. Thank you for posting about the sale! I would not have known about it otherwise. I do have both Miss Winstons you mention as well as the lady who started the program (her name slips my mind right now) and two of the Miss Sprint Cups that got cards :)

  5. Love the red, white and blue van. Great card.