Saturday, September 3, 2016

A Prizm blaster...

My local Target finally stocked the Prizm set, and they only put out one blaster, which my brother got for me yesterday. It was a little disappointing but upon reflection it isn't too bad.

Each blaster of Prizm includes 24 cards, and for me exactly half of them were duplicates, including all three Prizm parallels which was the most disappointing...but I've already traded them for the remainder of the base cards I needed so it worked out pretty good in the end!

For me Prizm seems to be a Matt Kenseth set with some other drivers. Kenseth is my second least favorite driver currently in Cup, so of course I get lots of cards of him.
The Green Flag prizms are my favorite parallel in the set, so I am happy to get another, but it had to be Kenseth, of course.

The tire piece came in the same pack as the Kenseth.
It's SN25/75. It looks like they are doing the same as Press Pass did, hobby versions of relics show the driver and retail versions the car. I don't have a problem with that. More cards to chase and you all know by now that I love the car cards. This looks much better in person, by the way.

I got my first two die cut inserts in the same pack.

Raising the Flag is really nice- car shots, some of them older. This one is from 2011. I have since pulled a Kyle Busch from the same set from when he won the Championship last year.

Machinery is good as it's all car photos, but there's too much design and not enough photo. I think it would have worked better horizontal, something I rarely say.

I also got another Winner's Circle insert. Guess who?
And then, out of the last pack, I got a Prizm parallel from the Winner's Circle insert...guess who...again?

I also got 6 of the base cards I needed, as the hobby box only yielded 55 of of 100.

And that's the entirety of the blaster. It will probably be the only one I open...I have all the base cards I need coming to me in the mail, and I don't know if I'll want to spend money to chase the parallels and the guaranteed one per box hit (either an Autograph or relic). Also, I got the only one available at my local Target already. So I might not even have the opportunity. I'd like to get to Wal-Mart and try one from there as they have exclusive inserts as well, but our Wal-Mart is not good for cards and there is no guarantee they will ever stock them.

While I was there, they also put out the 15-card hanger pack, which has exclusive Red, White & Blue Prizms. I love them. I got two hangers, but only opened one when I made the scans for this post. Interestingly, I pulled the standard Prizms for all three of the RWB ones in my hobby box.

 My first Legend variation!
 It appears the Legend variation Prizm does not have the borders.
I like the Winner's Circle inserts. They are the most common. 
The second hanger gave me 10 new cards out of the 15 so it was the better of the two. Of course I managed to get ANOTHER Kenseth Prizm out of it. Oh well, at least it wasn't Clint Bowyer.

I still think this is a great debut set from Panini and I'm happy to know that I will be completing it shortly, and I really love the various Prizm parallels that look much nicer in hand than in scans.

The real reason for heading to Target though was because my phone got too full to play Simpsons Tapped Out my brother bought me a tablet!
 I have finally moved into the 21st century :)  And yes, that is a direct link to Cardboard History on my main screen on my phone! If any of you in the blogosphere play Tapped Out, let's be neighbors!


  1. Not a bad blaster break. One has to assume there will be more tire relic finds than autos in those.

    1. That's what I would bet on too. I was surprised to pull a numbered version

  2. Hey - hit me up on TSTO. I have room for neighbors if you need any: jedijeff1313. Send me a request.