Sunday, September 4, 2016

Made my first sale on COMC!

That was a lot faster than I expected!

As I mentioned a while back, I was sending in some cards to COMC to sell off some duplicates, and maybe transfer that money if they sold to getting a card from Panini Eminence, the only NBA set missing from my collection (some other sets have come out since then).

I sent the cards in back July and it took COMC some time to process them. That's OK. Being a first time submitter I didn't know how long it would take, and they eventually sent an estimate that they would be ready on September 26th. A ways off still. But they started being ready much sooner- the first four went live on August 31st. I didn't post about it because I figured I would wait and post when all 100 cards I sent were ready.

The second batch of 16 cards went live last night, 9/3/16.

I wake up this morning, and am surprised to see that 3 cards have already sold!! I put up a Steph Curry card and undercut the others by almost a full quarter, so I expected that to sell quickly, and it did. Surprisingly, the first card sold was actually the first card that went live, and it was a very common card- this one. (Well, not this exact one that I scanned, but a duplicate of it)
It sold for $0.50 and gave me my first profit- a whole quarter!

I'm shocked it happened so quickly, and I'm shocked which card it was that sold, considering this is just about the most common automotive set ever made. At one time I had almost two full sets.

The second card that sold I have not scanned my copy of yet, but it was 1994 Skybox DC Stars #23 Aquaman. The Steph Curry card was just his Donruss base card from this year, of which I had three copies. Considering how fast it sold I might consider sending my second copy to COMC in my next shipment.

There is one small thing I didn't forsee...the COMC account is in my mom's name. The first time we became familiar with the website is when she signed up to buy me a present. and we just kept using the same user name. So the cards are officially being sold on my mom's name. That's fine. there's a roughly 50% chance she purchased them for me in the first place, LOL.

To see my duplicates for sale, here is the link: I tried to make sure every card there was the cheapest one available. I have no idea where this will go, and if it will allow me to ever get one of those expensive cards I wouldn't pay for myself, but it will be fun to find out!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Hope so too, so I can get one of those Eminence cards!

  2. Congratulations, and I hope this is the first of many more!

    I'm not going to add to your sales just yet, as I don't collect basketball or NASCAR, but I'll keep an eye on things as they go along.

    1. Thanks! I did send in some non-sports and some other random sports cards but they either didn't put them up yet or in the case of the Non-sports they processed, they sold already!

  3. you may want to experiment with your seller settings once you get familiar with them. such as allowing offers, allowing cross-list on amazon/ebay etc.

    1. None of the cards I sent would probably be worth the extra time and effort for COMC. They are all my duplicates and I want to make them affordable so they are all going to be cheap. I don't plan to list anything for more than 75 cents, regardless of the set or player.