Monday, September 12, 2022

Hiding in plain sight

Back a few years ago, I sorted out my cards that needed scans for the Trading Card Database, in an effort to prioritize them and get them posted. When I did the NASCAR cards, I set aside the Jeff Gordon cards that were already posted...and there were a lot of them since Jeff is one of the most popular drivers ever. 

I remember putting the cards already posted in a small white box, and I hadn't seen them since...or so I thought. I don't remember when I began to work on scanning the NASCAR cards that were already posted to the Database, but I think it was 2018. (I know I finished getting everything on the Database on Christmas Eve 2017, and I had finished NASCAR quite a while before that since I made it a priority.) I remembered putting them in that small box, and I've been looking for it for a while now. 

I've probably checked each small box twice, wondering where it could have gone off to...

Then, out of the blue this morning, I had an idea, to check the 5000 count box I have right next to me but rarely go in because I use it as the base for my built model display. After a significant amount of work to get into the boxes, I got to the bottom box...and there they were. 

I remembered putting them in the small box, but I had ZERO recollection of taking them out of the small box and putting them into the big box. I probably did this back in like 2015 or 2016, so it's been a while! 

I have no idea exactly how many cards it was, but the column at the bottom was full when I opened the box, and after I took the Jeff Gordon cards out, that's how it looks now. 

I have no idea how long it will take me to get them all scanned...may take quite a while, but there's no time limit. I do know that I have more cards of Jeff than any other person, over 1200 according to the Database, although they include stuff that shouldn't be included like multi-person cards, race scenes and more. I've got 766 scanned currently.  Every other card in that box needs scans too. I'm not yet close to being caught up, 

Thanks for reading.