Wednesday, August 30, 2023

This card post brought to you birds?

 As you know from previous posts, I'm mostly in a modeling mood right now. In fact, I completed 60 builds in the month of August, making it one of my very best months ever. However, I had to take a break from that for a few days. A family of cardinals built a nest right next to the door I go in and out for painting, and I didn't want to scare them into falling out, or have the parents peck my eyes out as a perceived threat. (I also dropped a full large can of paint on my toe and smashed it all up, but I'm able to hobble around). 

I decided I would let the birds do their thing and I would work on getting back up to date on my card listing. I hadn't written or typed anything since the first week of June, so that's several months worth. I didn't do a lot of card stuff in that time-I even got some blasters I didn't open specifically so I wouldn't get even further behind. I did get some stuff...but first, the bird's the word.

I did actually get them fly away on film, but it's a timelapse at 32x normal speed so hard to see. If I had known they were going to fly off so quickly I would have shot at a slower rate. They sat in the branches for more than 2 hours so I figured it would be a while. I was wrong.

Now, the cards:

I did a blaster of Upper Deck Series 3, aka Extended series, which I am still so glad they produce. My favorite card is the Dazzlers card- green has long been my favorite color, and it's blaster exclusive. Bonus, I pulled Arber Xhekaj, my second NHL card and third overall of him, making him the Letter Leader for X in my entire collection. The Brandt Clarke card is pretty cool's plastic and semi-translucent. 
Then I did a hobby box of 2023 Donruss. This is my favorite set of the year, because it's the only real NASCAR set. 
What's that relic on the Suarez card? 
It's Race Used Air! No, really, Panini forgot to actually put a relic into the card. I wish I could say that surprises me, but it's Panini. I have a new entry for my Error Gallery at least.
I took in two trades on the Trading Card Database. I have had my trading turned off for a while as I just didn't want to deal with all that for a bit, but I'll be turning it back on soon. 
I got three PIFs, and I'm so deep into modeling that I have no idea when the Craftsman cards arrived. I actually opened the team bag on the 27th of August so I am counting them as new for that day. They are actually a big deal- this mailer completes not only the base set but BOTH insert sets! I believe that I now have every possible card for the 1995-96 Craftsman release, aka a Master Set. 
My mom gave me a blaster of 2023-24 MVP, the first NHL set of the regular season! Interestingly enough, a Canadiens player was my first card of the season two years in a row. 
Finally, I bought a lot of NASCAR Hero Cards, which was mostly Bubba, William Byron and Daniel Suarez, but there were a couple of other random drivers in there too. 
I have almost nothing from the Gen6 era, and while I haven't checked yet, this purchase may very well have included my first Hero Card from 2015 through 2018, or at least a couple of those years. It's a gaping hole in my collection, and one of my favorite eras of cars too. Cards in the lot ranged from 1995 through 2022. 

I have no idea when I will get these all scanned, but photos will have to do for now. 

One last thing- I had a mishap with one of the photos, the camera flash reacted with the holofoil on some of the cards. It looks cool so here it is.


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    1. I thought so too. They have come around a few times since but not too often.

  2. Congrats on completing the Craftsman set - I had no idea there was a set devoted to tools.

    Love the baby cardinals!

    1. They actually issued 4 or 5 sets. This is my favorite, mostly because it's the only one I actually collected when it was new.

  3. I LIKE the result of that mishap! Really cool.

  4. Cardinals are one of my favorite birds. Mates interact with each other a lot differently than most birds, and it's always interesting/fun to see them do so.

    1. I was surprised to see the father bird also feeding and taking care of the babies. I didn't know they would do that.

  5. The birds were only here for such a short time...