Sunday, September 10, 2023

A major milestone as a consolation

 This past weekend was my favorite day of the year, the Adirondack Nationals....and I wasn't there. I had a setback with my foot injury that I mentioned in the previous post, and knew I couldn't do the walking, even though it's my favorite day of the year, as noted. 

That hurt, both figuratively and literally, and I decided I needed a pick me I went through the boxes of cards that I had been getting but stashing away for the winter, when it was too cold to work on models. I didn't even want to stress my foot out so I didn't even go down and work on the stuff indoors. 

One of the boxes that I had set aside was a purchase of NASCAR cards. It was advertised as about 800 cards, but I'm not sure it was that many...unfortunately there were a lot of duplicates, up to 4 or 5 copies of some of the cards. I ended up with 279 new cards, which is more than I expected when I was first going through them. 

This card, an insert from 2017 Donruss, was the milestone, is NASCAR card #40,000. I began collecting NASCAR cards on Christmas Day 1992, and have been celebrating my 30th anniversary of watching the sport for the last year and a half, lol. So it's fitting that I hit a major milestone in an anniversary year. 

Interesting that it's David Pearson as well. Card #1 was Richard Petty, the only two drivers to reach 100 career wins. 

I have started scanning again but a photo will do for now...I have not scanned the card yet but I expect to by the end of the night. 

Since I keep track of my Milestone cards, I know that it takes me on average 7 years to reach the major milestones in NASCAR, so there will still be a while before I hit 50 thousand. By that point, I fully expect NHL to overtake NASCAR in the collection size. The largest NASCAR set of the year is only 200 cards, and the NHL has 4 or more sets a year with that number, several sets with more than double that number. There are simply more cards that exist so it's pretty much inevitable.

Of course, all this is presuming I counted correctly, which is probably not true...but I treat it light it is. 

Thanks for reading.


  1. It stinks that we couldn't get to the Nationals, but at least you had good luck with your cards.