Monday, February 26, 2024

Black History Month Hockey Spotlight: Quinton Byfield

 Only one new addition to this Spotlight series this year, and that's Quinton Byfield, young star on the Los Angeles Kings. The second overall draft pick a couple of years ago, he suffered some injuries at the start of his career but has recovered now and become a key part of the Kings squad. I'm not a huge fan of the Kings so I have not spent a lot of time watching him play but he seems very good. 

I have 11 cards of him, of which 8 have been scanned, and I am going to post them all. 

This card is actually my newest addition, from 2021-22 Ice, and this card is much nicer in hand than it is in scans. It's die cut and sparkly. These inserts were one per blaster. 

2021-22 Parkhurst #329

2021-22 Topps Now #256. I believe this was my first card of him. 

2021-22 Upper Deck #488. I have not pulled too many of the big name Young Guns, but I was lucky enough to pull his from a pack myself. 

2021-22 Upper Deck Star Rookie Box Set. UD has brought back the Star Rookie sets over the past several years and I really enjoy them. For many of the players it's my first or second card of them. 

2022-23 MVP and...

2022-23 MVP Blue parallel from the factory set. Both cards #198.

2022-23 Topps #232

Hopefully by next year I'll both get some more and get some of them scanned. 

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