Saturday, February 24, 2024

Black History Month Hockey Updates

 I have not been writing or scanning much lately, but I have not been inactive in the hobby. I spent most of January working on my Excel stuff, and I got that finished- finally- and for the first time ever I now know exactly what I have in my collection...for everything and everyone. How cool is that? It was a lot of work and left me more than a little burned out, but I just have to maintain it now going forward, which I will make sure I do. 

Feeling like writing, the first priority had to be my annual series where I spotlight Black NHL players in my collection. In previous years I've written about PK Subban, Jarome Iginla, Anthony Duclair, Ryan Reaves and K'Andre Miller. Here is a look at how my collections of them expanded in the past year. One thing to note...I had numbers for each of them that were provisional. I considered the numbers correct to the best of my knowledge at the time, but now I am 100% sure that the numbers are correct. Provided I didn't make any mistakes. 

I only added two cards of P.K. Subban to bring my totals to 47 cards. I actually had the number correctly listed for him last year. Of the 47 cards in my collection, 39 have been scanned, and only one of the two I added have been scanned to date:

His base card from 2022-23 O-Pee-Chee, #297. 

Next is Jarome Iginla, who like P.K. only saw me add 2 new cards during the year, bringing his total to 44, of which only 26 are scanned. And just like P.K., I've only scanned one of the two. 

From 2023 National Hockey Card Day. 

Anthony Duclair only had one new card added since last year, bringing my total to 19. I did not get it scanned yet. it's his base card from 2021-22 Upper Deck. 

Ryan Reaves also got two cards added, bringing my total of him up to 11. I only got one of them scanned, but it's a great one:

His Super Script level 2 Parallel from 2022-23 MVP, SN 17/25. I do not yet have any cards of him with the Wild or the Maple Leafs. 

Finally, we have K'Andre Miller, who I had 4 cards of last year, and now have 5. I only added one, and it's not scanned yet, from Topps Now. 

When I began this series three years ago I didn't foresee the slowdown in new card additions that was in my future, but this is certainly not the kind of update that is very encouraging. Maybe next year will be better. 


  1. A. Congratulations on getting your collection inventoried. I'd love to do that one day... but doubt it'll ever happen. If I can end up adding my different player and teams collections to TCDB one day, I'll be happy.

    B. I opened up a lot of 94/95 SP packs... in hopes of pulling Sergei Samsonov rookies. I'd penny sleeve each of them up and put them into Card Savers. Wish I had done that for all of the Iginla rookies I pulled.

    1. It was a lot of work to document everything. I started in 1998 and finished in 2024. Slow and steady...very slow