Saturday, November 22, 2014

Welcome to Cardboard History!

Welcome to Cardboard History! This is the very first blog post I've ever made, and I fully expect there to be a steep learning curve, but I wanted to create a website to talk about trading cards.

I chose the name because I am a big history buff, and for me, one of the main reasons for trading cards is to document the history of something- although this usually works better for sports cards, it can be true for non-sports cards as well.

Over the coming years I'll post about cards, including a planned documentary series on every set in my collection, and of course I'll do the standard things like mail days and box breaks, when I have them.

About me: I'm 30 years old and I've been a card collector for 26 of those years. I started at age 4 in 1988 and I've never stopped! I collect the NBA, NASCAR, and some non-sports, like History, Star Wars, DC Comics, vehicles, and whatever else interests me.

I'm OCD and a completest, I want to complete every base set ever. I know it'll never happen, but it keeps the hobby exciting for me. In those 26 years I've never sold a single card, but I have been known to trade duplicates or even on occasion give them away.

I am currently in a multi-year project of scanning my entire card collection, front and back, which I began in 2009. I am not even half way home yet. I spend a great deal of time posting my scans to the Trading Card Database. Eventually, once I figure out how to post a link on here, I will put up a link to my collection/wantlist/tradelist which I manage through the Database.

I love the hobby, and it's gotten me through some very rough times & health problems, and it's now time for me to give back some of the knowledge that I've acquired over the years- and if I post it on here, it'll help me to not forget, haha!
As always, thanks for reading!