Friday, February 13, 2015

19 years collecting the NBA

Valentine's day 2015 marks 19 years that I've been an NBA collector. it is also the one year mark since I hit 75,000 different cards. That was, truly, a coincidence. I normally know when things like anniversaries are coming up because I write everything down (I'd forget otherwise) but I saw a box online marked down more than half price, so I had to get it, and it arrived that day.

Valentine's day doesn't mean a whole lot to me, because, well...

But who needs romance when you have collections?
I'm very much like Comic Book Guy in real life. So what if I have not had a girlfriend in more than 20 years? I've got no time for that stuff when I have cards that need sorting.

Also, you don't meet many women when you are spending your entire life sorting cards.

or even:

On a serious topic, next year at this time I'll be planning for my 20th Anniversary of collecting the NBA. That's something worth celebrating. But HOW I should celebrate...Hmm...I'm open to suggestions. I've already completed 1995-96 Fleer, the first set I started with. (As I've shown before, this was my first NBA card) So that's out. I can thank my mom for giving me my first pack that Valentine's Day...I bet she had no idea what kind of monster she was creating...but I'm eternally thankful that she did!
I have no ideas as of yet, but I have 366 days to decide.

As always, thanks for reading. And, maybe, laughing a little!


  1. You could do a countdown of your twenty favorite sets.

    1. I like those wouldn't cost me any money, LOL.

  2. Wow. That Betty Page card is spectacular!

    1. It was one of the ones inserted into Non-Sports Update magazine. There were something like 14 different versions you could get, I ended up getting two somehow. I also have one without the set logo in the top left.

    2. Found this website with Page trading cards:

      Each $35 set comes with a sketch card. Kinda cool... but after seeing some sketches on eBay... it's obviously a hit or miss product (although the base set looks really cool).