Monday, February 23, 2015

A friend sent me one of my Top 10 most wanted NASCAR cards...and didn't even know it!

Because, of course, I've never actually put my Top 10 Most wanted NASCAR cards list to paper (or keyboard), I've kept it solely in my head.

So, it led to a pleasant surprise several days ago when I was the recipient of a Random Act of Kindness from a fellow Trading Card Database member, who sent me more than 75 NASCAR cards I needed, all from 1994 and 1995.

One of them happened to be this one, from 1994 VIP, of Wendell Scott, which ranked #7 on my Top 10 Most Wanted NASCAR cards! He didn't know that of course.
This was the last Wendell Scott card issued until 2010. I've written about Wendell Scott before, click his name in the "tags" at the bottom of the post to read my previous posts about him.

It gets better- of the cards he sent me, I was able to complete 1994 VIP, which makes it my first completion of 2015! It came almost a year to the day of my first completion of 2014. (That is actually a year ago today according to my records. I would go on to complete 19 more sets in 2014, it was a good year for cards)

He also sent me all of these--
Included in that group is my very first card of Charles Hardy, who only got a handful of cards issued in 1995 and 1996 while he was Bill Elliott's co-owner.

I was looking at these while I watched the Xfinity race (it's going to take me a while before I get used to that- I still call it the Busch series most of the time) and later on we saw a first time winner who was not a Cup driver- can't beat that!
1994 is my favorite year for NASCAR cards, and this is the most I've gotten from that season since 2010. 2/21/15 was a good day.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to Mark for the cards!


  1. I think some card collectors are also mind readers.

    1. I think so- it's amazing how generous so many are as well!

  2. Looking over your blog and saw this post, I am glad I could help and not knowing he was on the top 10 list. It makes me happy to help a fellow collector.

    Mark (avsbruins65)

    1. Still very much appreciated...thanks again!