Monday, February 9, 2015

The Trading Card Database hits 1,000,000 cards scanned!

Yes, you read that right...1 million cards!

As most of you have probably gathered from my numerous references to it, I spent a lot of time on the Trading Card Database. I discovered the site in August of 2011 and used it as a checklist until October 2012, when I decided to enter my collection in and start contributing some of the card fronts I had previously scanned for my own personal website. (within a short time I decided to scan the backs of my cards as well, and I have been working ever since on catching up the backs to the fronts- I've got it down to 300 or so, it had been over 1000 at one point)

It has become my favorite website on the internet, (moreso even than my own website that I have maintained since 2004) and I always have at least one window open to the Database- usually more than one. (One for working, one for researching). There are all kinds of great features on the Database, some I am still discovering, even after spending so much time on there.

Some time late yesterday, the Database hit the 1 million scan mark. That is a MASSIVE accomplishment! The million scans cover everything- every sport and non-sport set is either posted or in the process of being posted to the Database. Literally, everything, dating back to the birth of trading cards in the 1870s. Baseball of course has the most cards posted, but that only makes sense because it has had the most cards issued over the years.

I don't know yet which card was #1000000, Admin will post that later. I do know that I was not the million-card poster. I only posted one scan yesterday (2006-07 Topps Turkey Red #226 Larry Bird- a card at one point I believed would be the last new NBA card I ever got, but that's another topic for another day).

The Database does tell you how much you've contributed though, and this is my contribution, from August 31st, 2011 through February 8th, 2015:
They even supply a color coded pie chart! (mmmmm, pie) I screencap it periodically, and that's what you are seeing now.

The errors number is off. They now allow me (and anyone else who qualifies) to correct the errors ourselves instead of having to send them a correction, and they don't update to our contributions chart. Everything else is accurate.

I've posted 33,759 different card fronts. I am #6 in all-time combined contributions to the Database. I had been #5 for a while but as life has gotten in the way I dropped out of the top 5. Since mid-November I've also been working more on my Tradelist, which, while still a feature the Database offers, does not add to my total of items contributed. (it has, though, brought me more than 600 new cards, so it's well worth the effort and the general lack of contributions for the past 3+ months)

I expect to finish typing in my NBA duplicates today, finally- I've been working on them since the second weekend of January- and will get back to what I enjoy the most, scanning and posting to the Database shortly. I was not able to post #1,000,000 - but I will try for #2 million :)

The Database averages over 1,000 new scans posted every day, so it will be here before we know it, I'm sure. This is their logo, which I lifted off their Facebook page.
As always, thanks for reading! Ok, back to work on the tradelist...


  1. I just got a big shock...the Database had a contest going where the winner (poster of card #1 million) got a $35 gift certificate to SportLots...and he donated it to me to help with the recovery of my flood-damaged cards. I am shocked and I can't put into words what that means to me...but I will be forever grateful!

  2. First off that's a shitload of cards.,also a ton of work put in by you. Very cool gesture by whoever was the winner. If I ever get dug out of the snow you will have more card on the way.

    1. haha, thanks! I saw on the Weather Channel that your entire area got some record setting snow...we got about 7 inches so not anything like you got.

      They posted that there were 1,035 different people who contributed card scans.