Friday, March 20, 2015

Busting 4 packs of D&A Cardworld's NASCAR Hit Parade

I've said many times, and in many places, that I liked the hobby better before there were autograph and relic cards. I also love to get them, and I would miss them if they stopped being produced. Does this make me a hypocrite? I believe it does. So what? I love all cards...and I'll add them to my collection when I can, and Dave & Adam's Cardworld recently debuted a NASCAR pack in their Hit Parade series.

I got 4 of them, and it turned out that I ended up getting one of the nicest relics in my collection. Interestingly, I had previously pulled a parallel of the very same card, and the base version turned out to be much, much nicer.

I thought about showing them in order, but I MUST start with the best one.
Holy crap! That is an incredible piece, very clearly from the Coors Light Pole Award contingency. As you may recall, and could easily find by clicking the Michael Waltrip tag at the bottom of the post, I pulled the Gold parallel when I did a box of 2013 Showcase in November, and the piece on that is a single color of firesuit- off white in color. This is much, much nicer, and in this month I've gotten two of my best NASCAR cards. There is some dirt and scuffing in the sheet metal piece, (which is actually part of a decal) so I suspect it may have come off the car Michael wrecked in the 2013 Twin 125, or whatever they call it now.
Each Hit Parade pack gives you one of these 2007 Eclipse Hot Treads Jeff Gordon cards. I'm a big fan of Jeff's, but I wish they did not give you the same card in each pack. I don't need four of them. Maybe I can trade a couple of them.
Here are the autographs I got. They generally came relic/auto/relic/auto/relic/auto but I am posting the autographs first.
2011 Premium Signatures Joey Logano. This is a mirror foil card, which scans terribly. I won't miss these, Press Pass used the mirror foil for almost every insert since 2012. My second autograph of Joey Logano, both of which I got in 2015.
 2008 Press Pass Signings Casey Mears
2009 Press Pass Autograph Gold Brendan Gaughan
 2007 American Thunder Thunder Strokes Johnny Sauter. My 3rd auto of Sauter.
 2011 Fanfare Ricky Carmichael. Nice low serial number. My second auto of Ricky.
 2013 Legends Will Power. Hey, that's not a NASCAR driver! Will Power is my favorite Indy car driver, though, so I am still happy to have it.
 Two autographs from 2004 Wheels, I don't remember if they were exclusive to High Gear or were in both High Gear and American Thunder. This is my first Kasey Kahne autograph, and it's from his rookie season, so that is definitely a great pull! It's my second auto of Bobby Labonte.

2013 Redline Signatures Regan Smith. Regan is one of my favorite drivers so I am happy to pull his autograph, even though it's the 3rd or 4th I've gotten. First one in red ink, and only my 4th card from the entire set. Serial number is 14/99.

 2013 FanFare Parker Kligerman. He has a nice, large signature, and I did not open a lot of 2013 Fanfare.
2007 Legends Denny Hamlin. I'm not a huge Hamlin fan, but this is a nice card. Coincidentally, I pulled both Logano and Hamlin autographs from the 2015 Cup Chase box....which I purchased from Dave & Adam's, back in January. It is my second Hamlin autograph. Hamlin is not a Legend, yet, and should not have been included in this set. 
This was the last card out of the last Hit Parade pack, and it turned out to be my very first card of Eric McClure! He did not have a lot of cards issued, and off the top of my head, he only has "hits", no base cards. Eric McClure's father was one of the owners of Morgan-McClure Motorsports, which was my favorite team when I discovered the sport.
Now let's look at the relics. There are less relics because each of the four packs included the same Jeff Gordon card.
2006 Legends Bobby Allison sheet metal. An actual Legend in Legends!! WOW! The Sheet Metal Artifacts Gold is only a two card set (Benny Parsons is the other card) giving me some hope that I may actually be able to complete a relic set.
 2007 Legends JJ Yeley dual. Oddly enough this is the second Yeley dual relic I've pulled. There is NO WAY Yeley should have been in Legends. I like Yeley, but he's no more of a legend than I am.
 2011 Stealth Jeff Burton. That's a mighty small piece of sheet metal, The discoloration on the left side of the piece is actually some damage to the metal. Looks like it may have been taken from a wreck.
 2013 Ignite Martin Truex Jr.. Yellow with some stitching. This is not from a patch, so it must be from the small yellow stripes on the sides, by the sleeves.
 2012 Ignite Greg Biffle. I was sure this was a duplicate, but I can't find a previous scan of it, so I guess it's not. Sorry for the poor scan. I have to use a different scanner for the deep relics and it's past it's useful life- I'm just too cheap to replace it. I am actually doing pretty well on this set, and I've considered trying to complete it. It helps that my local Target has the 2012 Ignite blasters marked down to $12 often.

    2014 American Thunder Class A Uniform Paul Menard. This set got some negative press when it came out, but I liked it. I like the camo theme. For a Press Pass set it wasn't bad. (IE, no action photos) 
2013 Showcase Prized Pieces Matt Kenseth. Another nice sheet metal piece. I actually pulled this one before the Waltrip. This is my first NASCAR relic to include gray, I believe. I was surprised to see that the sheet metal is clearly from the #20 car, the Dollar General car. Kenseth only joined that team in 2013 and that's pretty fast for Press Pass to get the sheet metal into the card. (They were usally a year behind)
And that's what I got...anybody want to trade for one of those Jeff Gordon tire pieces? It's well worth the $30 per pack Dave and Adam's charges, and it seems to be a big success. I hope they do more...I'll be getting some if they do!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed.


  1. I like Will Power too, but why was he included in a NASCAR set? Or was it just a racing set with mostly NASCAR drivers?

    Overall those are very nice cards, I've been curious about the $10 packs, and they look good, but I think I'd be slightly disappointed since I don't collect too many drivers. If I did that would be a great deal. I think my favorite is the Metal of Honor card, though I agree, that piece is a bit small.

  2. Regan Smith's is the first red autograph I've seen; mostly I see blue or black. I am also curious as to why Will Power was in there (I like him just fine but I thought it was NASCAR pack). This is one of the best blogs you've posted.

  3. Press Pass included Indy and Drag drivers in Legends...and only in Legends. The majority of them were current drivers but a few actual legends were included.