Thursday, March 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday #1 - 1971-72 Topps #121 Gail Goodrich

Throwback Thursday is something that, while I have no idea where it came from, is fun, so I take part occasionally.

I have decided to post a (sometimes) random vintage card on Throwback Thursday. For the NBA, the cutoff will be 1985-86 or older. For non-sports, the cutoff will be 1984 or older. That's the year I was born so I am setting the breakline at my birthday...older than me is vintage, younger than me is not. NASCAR didn't get cards in the vintage era so they will not be included. I have some vintage hockey, baseball and football so they likely WILL be included.

I will try and show one vintage card every week, if I remember and if I have nothing better to post about that day.

Today I begin with the first vintage card I ever purchased, I believe, back in 1996, when I discovered the NBA. A small shop in Fishkill, New York had several vintage cards in the case, and I got three of them all around the same time, but unfortunately I didn't keep records yet at the time. I THINK this one was the first, but it may be the second or third. There's no way to know. However, this is the only one I've scanned of the three possibles so we're going to go with it being the first.

The 1971-72 Topps set is a bright one, and I eventually completed it. Goodrich played for the Lakers, Suns and Jazz,  and was a large part of the Lakers team that set the NBA record 33 consecutive wins, which still stands after more than 40 years. The Lakers retired his #25 and he was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1996. The reason I chose this card as my (possible) first vintage card? Because it was there, and I could afford it. (I was 12 at the time I added it to my collection!)

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for next week's Throwback Thursday!


  1. Love this card,,, Love this set. Goodrich was a hell of a player. Kicked ass in college too.

    1. Me too...this was a great set. One of my favorites from the 1970s.