Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hot Off the Scanner Tray Week 18

(I normally post these only on Sundays, but I was not able to this week...so here it is on Tuesday!)

Hard to believe it will be May by the time I post this. 2016 is just flying by!

After I pulled a patch from 2015-16 Threads, I was asked on Facebook what it sells for. I truly couldn't care less (It will be in my collection forever) but I did take a look on Ebay...and saw this one for sale. Amazingly, I got it for roughly $10!
Picked up three Star cards locally. I don't like to buy loose Star cards not in team bag form, but I will if I come across them...
this one is my first card of Wallace Bryant. He only ever got two.
Remember when Phone Cards were a "thing", before the rise of cell phones?
This is a $10 phone card from 1997 Racing IQ, a set that was always hard to find. It's SN3720 on the back...one of the earliest examples of SN in NASCAR. It's never been scratched off, and never will be.
A local dealer had two Star Rubies from 1996-97 Skybox in his boxes. Now I have two (more) Star Rubies in my collection. I now have both Ruben Nembhard cards ever made in my collection- the base card and the Star Ruby are it. He's not a guy I know a whole lot about, but Wikipedia says he is still playing in Venezuela. Good for him....lots of players who don't make it in the NBA find long career overseas and it sounds like he is one of them. I was a huge Jazz fan in 1996-97, (up through the Stockton & Malone era's end) but I can't say I remember seeing him play. It may be that I didn't, or it may be I just don't remember. 1996 was 20 years ago, after all.

I really love Tobacco era cards. .
I got 11 more I could not fit onto the page, and three duplicates. They range in age from 1913 to 1939, although the card from 1913 did not make it onto this scan. They have all been cropped and posted to the Database. I will have some retroactive additions I need to make to the Sets in my Collection project! I got my first 4 Cricket cards. That's a sport I know almost nothing about.

Here is a cool card from 2009-10 Topps...
 Marc Gasol, subject of the card, is being guarded by Pau Gasol, his older brother- and the player he was traded for!

I finished the round of card cases on 4/28, and then sorted them, and began typing them in on 4/29. There probably won't be a HOST next week because it usually takes me a week to type them in, and when I'm working on the typing, I don't scan anything until I finish. The typing them in part is one of my favorite things to do so while it is a lot of work it's highly enjoyable- although this round is mostly made up of a handful of sets so it isn't as fun as it is when it's all kinds of various sets with no real rhyme or reason- and the next batch looks like be much of the same. That's not to say it's not very, very fun.
 You can really tell when I took the time to do both years of Topps Heritage!


  1. The Gasol brothers one is cool.

  2. I love those British Tobacco cards too. They have such a wide variety of subjects and they're not all that rare, so they're affordable.

    1. Very true. All these combined cost less than a blaster!