Monday, May 23, 2016

NASCAR Encyclopedia: Billy Abernathy

Welcome to the start of a new series! Before I really begin, an introduction:

I realize this isn't a concept that is entirely new, but, to be fair to me, I had this concept long before I knew what a blog was, not knowing that other people were doing something similar with baseball.

My original concept was to create an album on my website and post a scan of a card of each person in my collection, for both the NBA and NASCAR. and then in the caption write up their stats, but I never finished it for two reasons: I have to pay for my website, and I'm trying to limit the amount of duplication, and I began with my NBA collection and realized I needed to do a lot more scanning before I could really do it properly- when I put it on the backburner I was less than 1/3rd of the way through scanning my NBA collection. I stopped working on it in 2013.

Now, I'm resurrecting that idea but I'm going to improve on it, here on Cardboard History. I'm also going to begin with NASCAR, which would have been the logical choice to begin with as my entire NASCAR collection is scanned, at least the card fronts, but logical choices doesn't always enter my thought process.

I'm going to go alphabetically, except on the occasions where I add someone new to my collection and I've passed their point in the alphabetical order, in which case they will be moved to next in line. By my calculations I am missing only 33 people who have ever gotten a card in a NASCAR set.
For drivers I plan to give career stats up to the time of writing, for car owners, crew chiefs, and other people who have received cards, that's not as easy to come up with that information, so I'll attempt to provide the length of their career.

Eventually I plan to follow with an NBA Encyclopedia, but that won't be for several years as more scanning is required, much more. To be included, each person MUST have a card by themselves, they cannot share it with another person, only appear on a team card, etc. They must have their own card.

And now, let's begin, with the first person alphabetically to receive a NASCAR card, Billy Abernathy!

Billy Abernathy
Born: 2/16/1948
Home: Stony Point, North Carolina
Cards produced, according to the Trading Card Database: 2
Cards in my collection: 1
NASCAR Career: 1963-?

1994 Wheels Team Sets The Bandit's Last Ride Gold #4
Abernathy's only two cards produced were the regular and gold foil parallel of the Harry Gant team set issued by Wheels in 1994. Abernathy was Gant's front tire changer at the time of this card's issue. This is the Gold parallel. I do not know if he is still involved with the sport.


  1. I love this concept and look forward to the next one! Front tire changer, talk about an obscure cardboard subject!

    1. Thanks! There are a lot of people who got cards that aren't drivers...if I was running NASCAR cards every crew member would get a card.

  2. Nice concept, I first saw card # 2 and decided to go back and see your concept for this tasking. Now to go look at your listing of the NASCAR person cards needed. Nice read.