Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Some new Non-Sports Additions

I don't like to do a lot of "Hey look at my new stuff" posts...I like to put more effort into it, make it more interesting to read, and not look like bragging. That isn't me...I am always grateful for any cards I can get.

But I have not been in much of a writing mood lately. (Have you seen the last time I updated my other blogs?!) . All kinds of stuff has been going on, most of it not good...Honestly, I am still reeling from my remote hard drive dying, that really messed up everything I was doing. Constant health issues are taking a toll on me as well. Part of the reason I won't be going to the National, even though I have been looking forward to it for about 3 years now, when I found out it was going to be in the next state away. I've only gotten one good night's sleep in the last week because my scumbag neighbor is constantly making the house vibrate with their "music".  On Monday I only got 3 hours sleep. And this happens every day.

But I have still added some new cards to my collection, mostly non-sports. I visited my favorite local non-sports dealer for the first time since February last Sunday (Sunday before last now). You've already seen one thing I got from the dealer, now here's the rest. As usual, I spent a lot more money than I planned to....but I kept it under $100, although if I got everything he had that I wanted it would probably go into the 4 digits. I am mostly just hoping it doesn't sell out before I can save up enough to get everything. Anyway, I am going to show you most of the cards I got from this latest trip, and I'm going to break them down by subject.

I got 7 new holograms, which is the most I've added to my collection in about 18 years. (when 1997-98 SPx came out, the last hologram based NBA set) I LOVE holograms and will always go for them if I can. I have dreams of completing the hologram sets from the DC and Marvel issues of the 1990s....again, someday. I consider holograms the best "hit" in the history of the hobby...better than autographs, relics, SN cards (which I also love), etc. To me, the holograms were the glory days of my youth, so there's the cool factor and the nostalgia factor.

I thought about titling this post Hologramarama! but decided against it because I had more non-holograms to show than holograms.


History is my favorite subject, I am always reading something related to history. So I naturally go for history cards when I can get my hands on them. I added three new history sets to my collection and one of which I didn't even know existed before I got it.

1957 Topps Planes is a set I've been trying to add to my collection for years. I have bid on them on ebay multiple times, and I keep losing. He brought in a lot of them- probably about 100 cards- but I didn't see them until I had picked out everything else, so I only got two. I love blimps- I would ride in the Goodyear Blimp if I ever got the opportunity, and this is the very first blimp card in my collection! The Aerocycle is actually my first card from the set, and I have to say, that seems like a really poor idea. Which is probably why it didn't take off (pun intended). Both are blue backs. The set was made with both red and blue backs, and the blues are more common. I don't know why there are two versions.
1954 Bowman Power for Peace is another new set for me. It's the only card he had from the set, and now I have it. It's normally large Bowman size, which means it's taller but not as wide as modern cards, making it a little hard to store.
1958 Card-O Planes, Trains and Ships was the set I was not aware of before I found it. As you can see, it's in really poor shape, but I don't care. I don't normally accept ripped cards in my collection, but I couldn't pass it up. (it was also free, due to condition...apparently nobody else wanted it.). The corners are rounded but I don't know if they were supposed to be, or if it is just wear/damage. It's only a 20 card set, but are numbered up to 30. Several numbers were never made. I didn't realize how common that was back in the day until I started getting older cards. When I was younger anything older than 1977's Star Wars seemed forever out of reach.

I also got a handful of 1956 Topps Flags of the World. I had two cards previously but both were trimmed. (I think whoever did it was trying to make them match standard size cards, which debuted the very next year, but failed miserably) These were not trimmed, and are in better shape to begin with. I got every one he had.




The Norway card is my favorite, for several reasons, which I hope to detail more of in a future post.

DC Comics
As I've mentioned several times, I grew up reading DC Comics. I had my first one read to me when I was 5 days old, and I've been with them ever since...until July 1st of this year, when my last new one arrived. The people running DC now have no idea what they are doing and have pretty much killed it. I never imagined a time I would not be getting DC Comics, but...that time is here. I've talked about this before. Luckily, there are older comics to chase, and older cards too. Including....Holograms!
The first one is from the gray bordered set from 1992 called simply DC Comics, while the next two are from the 1993 Cosmic Teams set, which has purple borders. They continued the numbering system for the holograms from one year to the next, though. The first ten are in the gray set, the last six in the Cosmic Teams set.
 Not a huge Lobo fan, but...holograms make everything better.
 Not one of Jon Bogdanove's better artistic pieces, kind of a surprising choice. You can really see the blue and red of his costume though in hand.
 DC Master Series Foil of Hawkman.
 Primal Force was a great book, unfortunately it got cancelled after only about one year, and the characters mostly never appeared again.

 A base card, an insert and a two-panel promo from Power Chrome Legends '95. I still think I have a complete set of these somewhere lost in storage, but the heat has affected them, so I will still pick up base cards when I find them cheap enough.
 An insert from 1996's Superman Holo Series. I now need only #H1 to complete the 4 card insert set!
I actually passed on a couple of other cards from this hologram set, not too often I pass up Holograms, but I wasn't sure if I had them already or not. I knew I didn't have this one. The Holograms were one per pack. The movie was not good, but at least it gave us holograms.

Marvel Comics
I never really got into Marvel. But I have more Marvel cards than DC...Marvel always did a better job with cards than DC did, and in fact, many years DC didn't bother to have cards at all. Marvel took a break from cards but is back in full force now. The largest selection of cards I got this trip are Marvel cards.

A hologram from 1991 Marvel Universe and one from X-Men Series 1, the latter gold. I don't know if they are all gold or if this is a parallel. My first hologram from each set. This Gambit one is the first hologram I found that day.

 Four cards from 1993 Marvel Masterpieces. I like this set because each card has two different color foils, and the colors are ones you don't see too often- light blue, green, purple, red all appear on these four cards. I got some of this set when it was new but not too many.

 Four Holofoil inserts from 1994 Marvel Masterpieces. These are really nice in hand. Very sparkly. I had Captain America previously so I now have half the set.

 Four inserts from 1994 Marvel Universe, my favorite Marvel set. I am actually closing in on completing it. I'm six cards short of the base set, two short on the Power Blast set (Punisher) and I think three short on the Suspended Animation insert, which were all printed on clear plastic and have all yellowed badly. I loved the cartoon these Suspended Animation cards were all based on by the way, although it's been about 20 years since I've seen an episode. Somewhere I have an actual cel from the cartoon I won in a contest circa 1993.

This one is from the 1995 X-Men Chrome set, it looks really cool in person so I got it. Much better than the scan. This is only my second card from the set- I have one other insert card, no idea where I got it as I know I didn't open any of this set.

There's one more Marvel card that needs the other scanner, but I don't feel like getting it out for one card so it'll have to wait for another post. 

Star Wars
I may have had my love for Star Wars pretty much killed by the horrible decisions they have made under the Disney regime, but there's still classic Star Wars to collect from the good times.

 Card #1 and three of the 6 embossed inserts from 1996's Star Wars Finest. I didn't realize the Solo kids got cards in that set, for some reason I didn't get any when it was new, and in fact I only had one card from the set before these. I need to hunt down the card for Jacen.
This is actually a post card advertising 1997's Star Wars Vehicles set. As my family can attest to, I've always loved the B-Wing so it was cool to see that it was chosen over the more popular and well known X-, Y- and A-Wings. The card is kind of flimsy so I'm surprised it's survived as well as it has for the past 19 years. The cards in the actual set are unfortunately mirror foil. Technically it's an ad and not a card but I counted it as a card- close enough for me.

Everything Else
I picked up some other random cards as well.
 A Canvas insert from the 1996 Amalgam set. For those who don't know, in 1995 DC and Marvel had a collaboration where the characters fought each other (I still have several ballots, including some never opened) and then, the year after, they collaborated again to make Amalgam, where the characters were merged with the other company to make new characters with traits of both companies. This character is very obviously a mix of Wonder Woman from DC and Storm from Marvel. They created a shared character named Access who was supposed to appear in both companies books, but he only appeared in one comic from each company and then they started fighting again.
This three-card panel advertised the comics AND the card set, and I don't think I have to tell you who were merged to make Dark Claw. It's the size of three full-size cards, but that doesn't really show up well on the blog.
The Fire Engines set is the largest automotive set in history, running 500 cards over 5 sets and two card publishers. This is a Prism insert from 1993's series 1, and depicts a 1938 American LaFrance owned by Denver, Colorado.

I have no real idea what this card is. I bought it thinking it was from Marvel,'s not. It is from something called "Cyberforce" and appears to be based on some independent comic. As a DC loyalist I have no real idea. It's clear plastic and kind of holographic, similar to 1995 Maxx Crown Chrome NASCAR set.

Last card for today is actually a NASCAR card, but it kind of fits in Non-Sport too. It's a postcard, postcard size, and was issued by Press Pass for Christmas 1995. It may have been a boxloader in 1996 Press Pass, I don't know. The Press Pass flagship was usually issued very early, and by the end of their run the flagship set was getting released around Thanksgiving of the year before. it feels like the 1995 set more than 1996 though, and has the same font as a 1995 copyright. Either way I had to have it!
As someone who loves NASCAR and Christmas, how could I not? Don't be too surprised if you see this one again come Christmas time.

And that's it for today. I'll try to get back to actual writing someday. You may be seeing some of the "Sets in my collection" series coming up again soon.  I have about 20 of them written and ready to go, and I am just not in the writing mood so I may have to move them out of the queue. They've been waiting since late 2015 when I got on a writing jag and did about 30 of them in one day, some of which have since been posted.


  1. That aerocopter looks like a heckuva invention. Nice card to commemorate it. As far as noisy neighbors go, I'd be calling the cops every night. There are noise ordinances. Certainly they handle the issue.

    1. Unfortunately for me I usually sleep during the day and stay up all night...I'm out of luck. I really do love the plane cards, and I need to get some more!

  2. The pre-Disney Star Wars were much better. I kind of like the name Hologramarama!

    1. And you have not even seen the bleak, depressing new movie! The name may make an appearance in the future...I have an idea

  3. I'm curious about that Aerocycle, it seems like a monumentally bad idea.... but it does seem to have been a real thing they were trying out, not just some concept that Topps decided to treat as if it were a real thing.

    I feel ya on the DC comics... I've generally been more of a Marvel guy than a DC guy, but they just keep having these major crossover events that change EVERYTHING (and it seems like they change EVERYTHING every other year), and I've had enough. I'm down to a couple of titles from smaller publishers, and the Big Two can just take a flying leap (to keep things somewhat family friendly).

    1. I never even thought to research the real thing. I would imagine if you lost your balance you got cut to ribbons. I used to read more than 50 books a month. I'm down to 3 now. At least it's much cheaper!

  4. I really dig the Flags of the World cards. I had to look them up on TCDB to see the rest.

    1. They are really cool. I've heard that the transitions on the backs aren't always accurate though. I don't know for sure as none of the ones I have looked at have come from a language I am familiar with, other than New Zealand

  5. The flag ones remind me of Sheldon's fun with flags.

    1. Ha! Flags used to be a very popular card topic from the late 1800s to the 1950s, then they mostly went away for some reason.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks! I've never seen a hologram that wasn't great 😃