Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February 2017 Trade recap

February may be the smallest month of the year, but I managed to pull off two huge trades during it.

The first to arrive was my second with Trading Card Database member Sportzcommish in a matter of two weeks. This one was much larger, however, and the first trade I've completed using the Database's Alerts system. They installed that recently where you can set it to notify you when a card you are looking for is added to somebody's trade list, and I posted some that he wanted, so a large trade was made- almost 150 cards going in each direction!

Now, since he's mostly a football guy moving into basketball, and I'm the kind of guy who will accept literally anything in trade, most of what he sent me was football, but that's OK because I was able to add 43 new people to my collection in that trade, including some people that this non-football fan has actually heard of, namely Joe Greene and Vince Lombardi. I also got my first Joe Gibbs football card, which now moves him to the multi-sport section (I have about 40 cards of him from NASCAR). In total, I got 122 new cards in this one trade.

He did happen to have one NBA card I needed, too...believe it or not but I still have not completed this insert set!
Here are some of the football, one from each set I got cards from except for 1989 Pro Set which I forgot to scan.
 I actually had a bunch of these first two years' of 1000 Yards Club, so I now have some duplicates, Like I said, I will trade for anything!
 Various hood ornaments surround the trophy, very cool. My automotive reference book starts at 1940 so I don't know if they all come from Pontiac designs or not.

My mom actually knew Joe Namath back in the day. Maybe she will post the story in the comments.
But is he faster than lightning?
This last one, from 1990 Topps, is my favorite design as it utilizes green and yellow extensively. They are my two favorite colors, green always has been, yellow has joined it recently.

The second trade I received, just a day or two after the first one, was also on the Trading Card Database, with SaveDaKid, and was all NBA. I have not processed them into my collection yet so no scans but take a look at this slide of cards.
 Most of it is all 1990s goodness, though the trade does go up to the 2012-13 season as well. I added somebody who was nearly a One Hit Wonder (he only got one NBA card, but it had a parallel) and I completed the 1995-96 Fleer Flair Hardwood Leaders insert! That was a one-per-series 1 pack in 1995-96 Fleer flagship, the first NBA set ever to enter my collection, so any time I can complete an insert from that set is a big deal. I really want to build the Master Collection for that set. I've already completed the base and several of the inserts so it's not outside the realm of possibility. Unfortunately for me every single one of the cards in the trade was already scanned and posted to the Database, leaving me very little to do with my new additions...although eventually I will scan them for my own website and possible blog posts, but for now the majority of them will be put into the "Scan Later" boxes which is where I put all the cards already done to the Database....which I will scan when I finish scanning everything that isn't yet posted. Or sometimes I just feel like scanning some 1990s cards so I pull out some and do them anyway, lol. Even so, I'm always thrilled to get new cards, especially cards from the 1990s, so it was a great trade.

Thanks for the trades, and for reading!


  1. I'll be in your March recap as I've got a package headed your way this week!

    1. Thank you! Sometimes (if I am "with it" enough) I give blogger giftings their own post though :)

  2. Replies
    1. I figured you would, Mark. It's a cool design

  3. I like that there is an "alert" system for the cards you are looking for. That is a great idea.
    As for Joe Namath, that was a lifetime ago. They'd come to Peekskill for training and Reggie did all of his autobody repairs and some for other team members also. Namath came to the house often. One time my brother Glenn was too shy to ask for his autograph so I grabbed the football and marched on over to ask if he'd sign it...which he did.

    1. Don't forget the hot dog part of the story!

  4. That Namath has to be one of the best art cards out there.