Friday, February 3, 2017

The Devils made me do it

The lady is not impressed with my pun.
So when I posted that I was now a hockey fan and beginning to actively collect the cards on the Trading Card Database, my fellow member and hockey fan NJDevils sent me a welcome to the sport package. It was mostly all New Jersey Devils cards...naturally, based on his user name, right? He sent me a bunch...pretty much filled one of those $5 Priority Mail boxes. Here are some highlights.

 Three parallels!
 Great action shot.

Isn't there a blogosphere law that you must show the back of the 1993-94 Leaf cards? 

 Another great action shot
 yet more great action
umm...OK. I didn't know a hockey stick could be used to disrobe your opponent. But I still have a lot to learn.
 1992-93 and 1993-94 Ultra. I've always loved the early Ultra design, I've mentioned it several times in the past. In the NBA I prefer the 1992-93 set, but for NHL I think I like the gray border of the 1993-94 set better.

More great action...this looks like a comic book fight...all it needs are some sound affects....

See what I mean?

Some 1995-96 Metal. One of my favorite brands in the NBA appears in the NHL too, I am glad of that.

I think Denis Pederson here may be a rookie, but I'm not totally sure. The card gives you absolutely no clue, after all!

There were a couple of non-Devils cards too. Not too many, but a couple.
A handful 1990-91 Bowman and 2015-16 Upper Deck Series 1, of various teams. I chose just this one to scan.

I really appreciated the gift he sent me, and I really had fun writing this post. Hope you had fun reading it. Once I thought of the funny post title the jokes- corny as they may be- just kept coming to me.


  1. Okay this cracked me up. I LOVE the title! And what a grumpy woman! LOL

  2. Sometimes you just have to go with the obvious title, corny or not. I was waiting for your Devils themed post, and you didn't disappoint. Aaron Broten actually played for the Devils in the 80's, so you picked the right 'non-Devil' to scan!

    I love the blogosphere rule of scanning the back of all 93-94 Leaf cards, because they are glorious. The Whalers have tall whaling ships on the back of their cards. I honestly never noticed the Devils backs, but it looks like Atlantic City on the Semak card.

    Also, 92-93 Fleer Ultra (all sports) is in my top five all-time modern sets, along with 93-94 SP and 2003-04 Topps pristine hockey. (Not sure what the others would be...good idea for a post though!) I remember my friends at school collecting & trading 92-93 Ultra Basketball to try and get the Shaq rookie - naturally, we all got stuck with a lot of John Crotty and Chris Smith!

    One of these days I'll get a box or two of that, since I have that year's Ultra set in baseball and hockey.

    1. Thanks! I chose him to scan because I like the green and yellow combo. I don't have any of the Whalers yet but that sounds pretty cool. I'll have to go look them up on the Database. I have some 1992-93 Ultra available to trade. Not too many because I send a bunch to Tyler of Rekindling the Cardboard Flame though. Back in January and February of last year I did a series of posts counting down my 20 favorite NBA sets. It was not a popular series but was my favorite that I've written.