Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hockey from the Clubhouse

A few days ago Adam from Cardboard Clubhouse sent me a message asking for my address, because he had some hockey cards to send me...I was more than happy to add some more to my collection, and here they are...
The majority of the cards were from 2015-16 Upper Deck, so I put them into a canvas.
Note that they aren't in numerical order, just the order I scanned them in. There were a couple more but I had them already. The Karri Ramo card is the first of him in my collection.

There was one card each from these sets:
 1993-94 Donruss
 2011-12 Upper Deck. Coincidentally maybe 20 minutes before the mail arrived I was talking to my mom about how the Coyotes had dumped Doan after more than 20 years with the organization.
and 2015-16 SP Authentic, which is my first card from this set!

There were also two 2014-15 MVP cards but I forgot to scan them. Duh!

But the big highlight here for me...

WHA cards! My first, second and third Cincinnati Stingers cards in my collection, in fact! My 2nd-4th WHA cards also, I had a Whalers card from this set previously, which I think I showed on the blog when it arrived. Too cool. It's not every day I get to add a new team to my collection, and it's even rarer when it's for a team in a league that folded before I was born. The WHA is the hockey version of the ABA, which I've always had a definite fondness for, so there's little surprise that I find these cards thrilling to add to my collection.

Thank you Adam!


  1. You're welcome! Glad my hockey dupes were able to go to a good home.

    1. They certainly did! They will be part of my collection forever now. Thanks again!

  2. Awesome cards Billy! Great package from Adam.

  3. Awesome mail day! I love the old WHA cards. That 77-78 set is loads of fun and surprisingly affordable if you ever decide to try and track it down. There is a special Gordie Howe card that starts the set off (celebrating his 1000th goal) and Bobby Hull is in there too.

    1. Thanks! The WHA is definitely something I hope to get more into my collection over time...and I just took a look at this set listing on COMC, definitely a set I could increase for not much output on my part.

  4. You have very generous friends!

  5. I don't follow hockey at all, but I love the Stingers logo. One of these days I'm gonna buy a Stingers t-shirt.

    JT, The Writer's Journey