Friday, June 2, 2017

May 2017 Trade Recap

It wasn't as many trades as April, but I still pulled off a couple.

First came from Trading Card Database member GoSkins16-0, and was broken up into 2 parts- cards from 2012-13 and a big batch of 1994-95 Flair. 39 cards worth of the latter set!

The two main highlights with this Pat Durham card above, and the only card Chris Childs got in his rookie season, which you have already seen on Nothing but Nets. Durham is one of those rare players, he got only two NBA cards, in 1994-95 Fleer and this card, I now have both!

There were even a couple of the USA Basketball subset, which were short printed to a degree.
Here's another base card, just because I felt like scanning it. You know I favor pinstripe jerseys.

From 2012-13, a season I consider important as it was the season I got back into the NBA- and the last season before Panini started to ditch real cards and just go super high end.
I got a bunch of 2012-13 Panini, my second favorite set of the season, which brings me to one card short, Anthony Davis's rookie card.
I got the last veteran card I needed for Prestige. This set is important as my first cards in my collection of Steph Curry and Kevin Durant came from this set, two of my five favorite players in the NBA today. Lots of other players, too, but those are the big ones. All I have left to chase now are short printed Rookies and second year players that Panini decided to call rookies.
I also got two cards from Past & Present but I didn't get them scanned in time.
Most of what I got, though, were Rookies and 2nd year but labeled as Rookie cards from Panini Marquee. 35 of them to be exact, and one of the retired players included in the set to boot. That year they issued the RC and not really but called RC anyway cards in 5 different styles, in various stages of rareness. (The rarest, of which came one per box and none in this trade, was leather)
Here's an example of each that came in the trade.
 Swirlorama (my favorite style)
 Die Cut

As you can see from the cards shown, there is some star power present too. Damian Lillard won Rookie of the Year that year, and Isaiah Thomas, the 60th and final pick of the 2011 draft, has since become a superstar with the Celtics. I got TWO of his!

With the PETG plastic cards, they are printed on white plastic card stock but the Rookie word is clear. Very hard to pull a good scan off of.

What's unusual about the Marquee set is that each class of RC or not quite but still called RC are part of the base set, making it the largest set Panini has ever produced for the NBA. The Biyombo card shown here is card #500, for example. The set is 540 cards long, but only has 100 true base cards, unfortunately. Instead of this wasted space on giving multiple cards to people, they should have given all 450 players in the league a card instead.

I got another PWE from Sean Norris, including more Marvel cards and some cards from the Superman III movie set. I know it's a terrible movie, but if I don't have to pay for the cards, I will take them! Although not my first cards from the set, it is the first I've scanned.
 Most of what I got was from Punisher War Journal, but also one card from 1994 Marvel Masterpieces.
 And here's the scan from Superman III.
These are all in really good condition, despite the black borders on front and the red on the back. No chipping on any of the 4 cards I got. Rarity for a 34 year old card.


  1. Superman III card is definitely in awesome shape given the age. Just so you know, you should get a small odds and sods PWE from me, should get it next week if it didn't arrive already.

    1. Thank you! Nothing yet but you know how that international mail can be. Thanks again!