Sunday, June 25, 2017

NASCAR Special Paint Scheme of the Month: 2009 Jeff Gordon National Guard

Today is the Sears Point Infineon Sonoma Raceway race, the first of two road course races on the Cup schedule. It's also one of my favorite races of the year, but unfortunately I've slept through the race more often than I've seen schedule varies and when it makes me miss this race, is very annoying. This year I've been able to see every lap, which I'm quite happy about. Even if it's looking like, with 4 laps to go, the winner will not be a favorite driver of mine. I don't care, I love this track and am always happy to see it.

I thought I would take a look at a special paint scheme from the all-time best road racer in NASCAR history, Jeff Gordon. I chose to show the last special paint scheme to appear on a card, although Jeff drove many more after this one- Press Pass couldn't be bothered to show any of them.

Jeff did not have a good track record at Texas, but he finally broke through and won in this car, after trying since 1997 when the track opened. It was the final track Jeff needed to have won at every Cup track he drove on, although he did miss Kentucky which was added after this track at the end of his career.

I am a big fan of Jeff, and am not happy that he retired. He led the very first lap of NASCAR racing I ever saw- it happened to be his first lap led as well, by the time he retired he would rank (I believe) 6th in all-time laps led. Maybe higher.

2009 Wheels Main Event is not a set I like- one of my all-time least favorite sets in fact- but it shows this car the best. It also appears on the Unleashed insert from 2009 Press Pass, but much smaller. However, that card does not crop off the nose and tail of the card.

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  1. When you say "all-time best road racer" I assume you're only talking about full timers, I'd put my money on Dan Gurney otherwise.

    1. Dan had only 5 wins, Jeff has the most all-time with 9. I will say Dan Gurney is the all-time best "road course ringer"!

  2. I am glad at least that he is a part-time broadcaster.

  3. I enjoy NASCAR cards that show the cars. They are of course a huge part of the sport and always enjoy tracking them down for drivers/sponsors I like. Great post.