Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Racing Champions Cards

I discovered that COMC actually has Racing Champions cards a while back, and I picked up a few I needed this time.
 1989 Davey Allison
 1990 Dale Earnhardt
 1990 Rusty Wallace. This car/card caused quite a stink in 1990. RC issued it with the proper Miller Genuine Draft sponsorship but people with nothing better to do with their life whined about it so they censored all the beer sponsored cards after that.
In 1994 and 1995 Racing Champions and Maxx worked together to issue the To the Maxx series. There were five series of cars (all using the Chrome technology) and one series of Trucks, which were printed on clear plastic with a pinkish sheen. Unfortunately...the truck cards have gotten sticky over the years, as did the 1995 Crown Chrome set using the same technology. They are some of the few cards I actually store in plastic, this was scanned through the penny sleeve it arrived in.

Just because it's cool, here's the back of the card. Skinner would win the 1995 Truck Championship.


  1. Can't get a much better trio of Racing Champions cards!

  2. I didn't realize that Racing Champions had *ever* issued anything with beer sponsorship. I was just starting into NASCAR in 1990, and at whatever point I started buying die casts, any alcohol- or tobacco-sponsored cars had no sponsor decals because they were considered toys and one can't be putting "Miller Beer" on a toy.

    I like the "kneeling next to the car" shots... Nicely old school

    1. That was the only one that went national distribution, but there were some done as promos later on. It is not a common issue.

      One of the 1997 Stock Rods was issued with the Miller logos but was recalled and reissued censored. I have the recalled version but not the censored one! Kind of weird how that turned out.

      I forgot to mention, I have a sealed copy of the Miller car in my stash, and I had debated opening it to get the card out. I already have a loose copy of the car from one of the Sears sets. I'm glad I waited.

  3. Great cards. I've never seen them before. I'll definitely keep an eye out for some, especially Rusty who was my guy. Thanks.