Thursday, October 26, 2017

Serially Numbered Set Building through COMC- 2003-04 Bowman Signature

I have said many times I am a set builder at heart. Since the late 1990s, it has been a challenge to build a majority of sets that include SN cards...and some of them also have autographs and relics in the sets as well. Since that began in 1998-99, I've completed exactly 1 set that has a large SN portion.

I'm trying to change that, tackling some sets that have Serially Numbered cards...and in this case, autographs and relics- in the base set. I have only one parameter for this- I must have pulled the key cards from my box I opened. I can't/won't spend into the three digits for single cards, so you won't see me going after quite a few sets. (mostly). This one, from the amazing rookie class of 2003-04, I got very lucky on- my box gave me Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and LeBron James, and I was able to add Carmelo Anthony easily. Aside from LeBron, they are all Triple Threat cards- autograph/relic/SN. LeBron was UD exclusive so did not sign autographs for Topps.

I added 10 more to my collection in this wave of COMC ordering...I expect to complete this set in 2018. Some of the cards I was missing were not available on COMC at this time or I would have had more than 10.

I added two that were auto/jersey
6 that are autograph only. Three of them were also people missing from my collection, so that worked out nicely!

 Only my second card of him. Both are SN.
 Tommy Smith, to my recollection, never played an NBA game, but this is my second autograph of him.
 My first card of Ime Udoka
 My first of Eric Chenowith. Check out that terrible airbrushing!
My first card of Paccelis Morlende.

and finally two of the rookies in the set who did not sign autograph for Topps.

Looking at my records while getting this post ready, I realize I am actually missing LeBron. That's bad. It'll probably keep me from completing the base set. I do have at least one of the parallels of LeBron.

I now have 87 of 118 cards in the set, or 73.7% according to the Trading Card Database.


  1. As someone who is also working on a number of serial numbered sets, I can really appreciate/understand what your talking about! At least with a set like this, a lot of these guys didn't do too much, so their cards can now be gotten relatively cheap. That LeBron though...

    1. Yeah that LeBron is probably going to prevent me from completing this set ever. Frustrating. The next two posts are also going to be in the same theme.