Sunday, October 29, 2017

Serially Numbered Set Building: 2002-03 SPx

This is a set I know I can never complete. It has a Michael Jordan autograph/jersey card, and one for Kobe in the same Subset. I can't afford either of them.

What I can do, however, is go after the rookies. I probably can't complete them either, as I lack the Yao Ming autograph/jersey card, but none of the rest should be stoppers...and I was able to add 13 of them in this order from COMC, and I thought 14, accidentally buying a J.R. Bremer card I already had.

 UD was particularly bad with the autographs in this set. Many are obscured by the rest of the card, have glue seepage, or, like the Chris Jefferies card, both.

With these cards,  I now have 133 of 162 cards, bringing me to 82.1%. Not too bad, but like I said, actual completion is unlikely, just take a look at what remains on my wantlist:
Kareem, Kidd, Pierce, Garnett, Kobe, Jordan, Yao...probably all outside my price range. But I should be able to get the 4 veterans that aren't autographed jerseys, and I should be able to get the Salmons, Nene, Jay Williams and Tito Maddox at some point.

Only one more post left to fully document my largest COMC order ever!


  1. Now I will admit I don't follow basketball. Yet wow - NONE of those rookie names even slightly ring a bell. OK - Boozer. But that is it.

    1. The 2002-03 draft class was not the strongest, but it's an important one for me- it was the height of my collecting so all the players from it are always going to bring back some memory for me.
      Pat Burke was the first player in NBA history from Ireland. Jannero Pargo was still in the D-League a couple of years ago, and his brother was also in the NBA. Jamal Sampson is the nephew of 1983 #1 draft pick Ralph Sampson. Either Chris Jefferies or Jared Jeffries- both were drafter in 2002, and I always mix the two up- one of them is a professional fisherman now.