Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Just because! (A mixture of everything)

While most of my posts about my biggest COMC order have covered various specific projects I've been working on, there were some cards I purchased just because...mostly because they were cheap, and I didn't have them. A few of them I purchased for the simple fact that they were the cheapest cards available in hockey...would have done that for NBA and NASCAR as well but I already had the cheapest cards available.

This post will be a mixture of NBA, NHL, NASCAR

...Struggling not to hum the "And the Rest" line from the Gilligan's Island theme...

When I found out in December of 2016 that father/son NBA duo Stan and Kevin Love were actually distant cousins, I had to get the first card shown here, as it shows both of them. While I was at it, I picked up Stan's 1972-73 Topps card, which completes my Topps flagship collection of his...a grand total of 2 cards. He only has one more from his playing career but it's a regional oddball promo and COMC has never even had one for sale, let alone currently available.
2015-16 Upper Deck Foil. Chosen for the picture.

 2007-08 Topps Chrome. Hill had been missing from my collection. This card has been waiting for me since November 2016.
2006-07 Topps Chrome 1996-97 Throwback. A 10 card partial parallel, this is my second. I fully expect to complete the series via COMC at some point in the not too distant future.
I just wanted to see what the blue holofoil looked like in person.

A player I needed for my collection. He actually got a card in the original Bread for Health set, a vintage oddball set not in my collection that I would love to add one day. He passed away at age 87 just three months after this card was issued.

 I thought this would complete my set but I'm still missing Galen Young.
Slowly working on getting all the Action Packed promos. Note that this car appears to be missing the spoiler.
 I had no idea this card, from 1994 Action Packed (perhaps my favorite NASCAR set) existed, until I saw it for sale on COMC. Not many cards depicting a Legends car. It is the only card she ever got.
I had the gold foil version so I had to get the red one too.
 Members Only parallel. Kicking myself for not joining the Topps club back in the day.

 I wanted an NHL refractor, so I bought the cheapest two on COMC.

 Green has always been my favorite color, and I didn't have any of the green parallels from 2011 Element. Now I've got two!
Completed 2013-14 Hoops! Interestingly, I purchased this card on COMC from someone I'm friends with on Facebook.

I really have no idea what this is but I HAD to have it!
I didn't have any of the hobby version of the 2007-08 Ultra set so I got the cheapest one.
This was the next to last card I added to the order, chosen because the Bullets jersey shown here is rare on cards, and I will probably use it for my impending Uniform History post.
Thought this was a neat photo.
This completes the 1996 SI for Kids set.

 Although the above two stickers use the exact same design, they are from two different years. Once again they combine two teams onto one card meaning I can't count this as a Nets card. The Hawks I can due the other sticker being the NBA logo.

 1994-95 Fleer European, my first card from the set.
 First card of Honka, I thought he had a funny name.
 Purchased because it was the cheapest NHL card on COMC.
My first eTopps card of any sort, although the Greg Oden card got posted first. This was the first card out of the COMC order, and coincidentally the last to be posted, and you are stuck with a picture instead of a scan because of that stinking holder Topps has it in. How I loathe them. The 2003 eTopps set was the only set Topps ever did for NASCAR, and I didn't know it existed until I saw it listed on the Trading Card Database. I had to get one. I wanted to get one that had been removed from the holder but Biffle was cheaper so I went that way. The cards, clearly, are printed with Refractor technology. It is not serially numbered. 

And now, finally, the largest COMC order I've ever made has now been fully documented on Cardboard History. It took me a lot longer than I expected...I began posting them in August, and it's now November 1st. My original plan was to post these daily while I was in Lake George, so I could keep the blog going while I was away from my scanner for 11 days. Instead, it took me into 4 months. That means I'm actually going to have to start writing posts again, as I wrote these all in August! I already have 15 cards waiting at COMC for the next order...I may not do such a breakdown like I did here, but then again...I might...because I sure did enjoy this whole process. 


  1. Great stuff and I love the variety. I love those Actio Packed NASCAR Cards for sure.

    1. Thanks! Want some? I've got a bunch of the 1993 and 94 set available.

  2. Love the variety! My favorites are the Denver Nuggets sticker and of course the Super Turkey.

  3. Also of note. Kevin Loves uncle is Mike Love of Beachboys fame

    1. Oh yeah. I was thrilled to find that out because I have long been a fan of the Beach Boys.

  4. Some thoughts:

    1) That is one garish uniform being sported by Stan Love - my NBA knowledge is lacking, but I can't believe that design ever made the court!

    2) I find it highly amusing that, in a sport formed by bootleggers and on a card with a car modeled after the original coupes that ran liquor, the driver's name is literally "Police."

    3) Never seen that Guthrie card before and, boy oh boy, is it a beaut. Not enough green cars in NASCAR history (although, the color is widely considered to be bad juju).

    1. The Wizards actually wear that design...sort a throwback as recently as last season. I like it, but I'm weird, LOL

      That would have been so cool...but her name is actually Folice.

      One of the cards that really saddens me about missing was the printing plate for Janet Guthrie's autograph from one of the Legends sets. It was on eBay at $15 but I couldn't afford it. Being a 1/1 I know I'll never get the chance to get that one now.

  5. Super Turkey!!!! Has to be a favorite for me :)
    Mike and Stan Love had a strong resemblance when they were young.

  6. Great post. So many good cards. The Raanta card is a great photo. I also like seeing the gals from auto racing get cards. NBA sticker cards are always fun. Didn't know there was a Fleer European set. The Upper Deck hockey impress me as always. Good stuff. Thanks.

  7. Cool Stuff. Stan Love Bullet! Super Cool Super Turkey I believe is from the Non-Sport "Zero Heroes" sticker set. I think it is in the hard to get insert set listed in the Database.