Sunday, April 11, 2021

Jordan hits 1000

 I'm back to modeling mode, so not much card stuff going on right now. I'm still working on my monthly upload, closing in on the new "record" for longest time it took me to finish one of them, which is the 14th. Raining today so the whole day devoted to cards, though Doing the NBA by player, I got to Michael Jordan, and he hit the milestone I knew would be happening this month- 1000 different cards scanned. I only have two people in my collection in the 1000 card club, with Jeff Gordon being the other. However, I've scanned a higher percentage of Jordan cards, since he hit 1000 this month. Jeff Gordon is at only 732 cards scanned. 

I knew Jordan would hit 1000 this month because he got to 994 last month, and I scanned 21 of them in March. 

This turned out to be the 1000th card in the album, although not the 1000th in my collection. That is unknown. 

This is actually the Collector's Choice German insert, not the Rare Air set. Funny thing, I didn't even consider this a real card until very recently. I found it in my storage unit in a box full of toploaders, which basically is stuff I don't need, don't use and wouldn't bother me to never see again. 

If you want to see all 1015 Jordan cards currently scanned, here is his album: Michael Jordan collection


  1. 1015 Jordans is pretty darn impressive.

  2. Upper Deck certainly made a lot of cards of him, didn't they?

  3. Fantastic work Billy. That is way too many MJs but I applaud you for collecting and scanning them all!

  4. Funny thing is that I don't consider myself a particular Jordan fan. I actively rooted against him during his playing career (Knicks fan) and the fact that he got about double the amount of cards after he retired just made it worse. I do support his NASCAR team though.