Thursday, May 6, 2021

Some vintage post cards for places I've been

 A couple weeks back I discovered a dealer on Ebay with a rare Racing Champions car I needed, so I quickly added it to my cart. I decided to check and see what else the dealer may have had, and it turns out they were mostly a post card dealer. Naturally, I checked to see if there were any that were relevant to places I've been and not surprisingly, there was. 

this image of the Brooklyn Bridge looking at the Manhattan skyline goes nicely with the trip my brother and I took just two months ago, see here: A driving tour of Manhattan although this card was actually taken from the Brooklyn side of the bridge, which I haven't seen...yet. 

The second was one I'm much more familiar with since I've seen it from the exact same angle the photo was taken from. In June 2019, we went to the FASNY Firefighting museum, in Hudson, NY. Located on the grounds of the Firefighter's Home, the entrance to the museum still passes under this very arch.

I didn't post it when I did my recap of that trip, (link above) but here is my image of the very same arch:

You can even see the same building in my picture. 

Here it is from the way out. Not sure when the post card is from (it's pre-1960s, no zip code in the company info on the back) but the gate looks very much the same today. 

The dealer, who is from Canada, also happened to have a set of 6 automotive stamps issued by Canada in 1994, so I got them too. My stamp collection is not something I add to often. I enjoy it, but it just doesn't outrank my other hobbies for the most part. I don't remember the last time I bought any stamps....I mostly add to the collection by chance, when I get some on something mailed to me.

It felt like it took forever to get to me, but it all arrived in under 2 weeks from ordering to in-hand. I was really waiting for them so I guess that played a role in why it seemed like so long, because it was really pretty quick. 

Glad to add them all to my collection, and I never would have come across them if a friend had not sent me a link to that rare car. 


  1. You lead off and end the post with "rare Racing Champions car", but you don't show it? I'm not the biggest die-cast card collector... but I enjoy seeing them in blog posts from time to time. I love seeing vintage post cards and stamps as well. The Brooklyn Bridge is gorgeous... and so is the Ottawa streetcar.

    1. I haven't photographed it yet! I didn't want to wait to post because I don't know when I will get the photography set up back out.

  2. And continuing the Automotive theme, have I got a post for you - coming soon!